Albums people hate that you like

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by EchoStars24, Sep 21, 2018.

  1. EchoStars24

    EchoStars24 Well-Known Member Thread Starter

    West Hartford, CT
    I don’t mean stuff that was controversial like Self Portrait. I mean stuff that’s HATED like Lulu by Metallica and Lou Reed or Summer in Paradise by the Beach Boys
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  2. Moshe V

    Moshe V Forum Resident

    Bob Dylan - Saved
    Roxy Music - Flesh & Blood
    George Harrison - Dark Horse
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  3. TS582

    TS582 Forum Resident

    Central MA
    Ditto to Dark Horse.
  4. Diablo Griffin

    Diablo Griffin Synthpop, City Pop, and Rock Enthusiast

    United States
  5. Daniel Plainview

    Daniel Plainview God's Lonely Man

    Metallica - St Anger
  6. Hey Vinyl Man

    Hey Vinyl Man Forum Resident

    From Genesis to Revelation, and for a long time I'd have said Wild Life as well, but that one seems to have undergone something of a critical reconsideration.
  7. Chrome_Head

    Chrome_Head Forum Resident

    Los Angeles, CA.
    People seem to have a low opinion of Ride’s Carnival Of Light—I think it’s great.
  8. olegrayman

    olegrayman Forum Resident

    IL, USA
    I don’t know what others hate. Don’t really care. But I don’t expect there is much love for Jon Anderson – 3 Ships. Cheesy 80s production and all. I don’t want to say I love it. I used to have it on cassette back in the 80s, never cared to seek it on CD, but acquired on vinyl back in 2011 or so. I listen to it once a year around Christmas time.
  9. optoman

    optoman Forum Resident

    London. UK
    Tin Machine first album seems to be hated, perhaps because it doesn’t sound like a Bowie album.
    Also, there is a Brazilian band I love called Meta Meta. Not sure if people hate them but whenever I play it to people they seem indifferent. Shame because they are great.
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  10. Black Magic Woman

    Black Magic Woman Sorry for my english

    Katy Perry’s song? :D
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  11. Greenalishi

    Greenalishi Forum Resident

    San Francisco
    Love Meta Meta, hate Tin Machine. Reeves just doesn't catch me with his playing. Meta Meta are awesome. Heard them on the radio and got both their cds at Aomeba. Peerless stuff. Awesome.
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  12. Hoover Factory

    Hoover Factory Forum Resident

    Spokane, WA
    Goodbye Cruel World - Elvis Costello
  13. BlueSpeedway

    BlueSpeedway overground | underground

    London, England
    - Lou Reed: Metal Machine Music (1975)

    - Lou Reed / Metallica: Lulu (2011)

    - Lou Reed: The Raven (2003)

    - John Cale: Caribbean Sunset (1984)

    - The Fall: Are You Are Missing Winner (2001)

    - The Stranglers: The Gospel According to the Meninblack (1981)

    - Pere Ubu: Song of the Bailing Man (1982)

    - Wings Wild Life (1971)

    - Iggy Pop: Blah Blah Blah (1986)

    - Neu! 2 (1973)
  14. Dondy

    Dondy Forumaniac

    Eric Clapton - Behind the Sun (1985). Contains few REALLY good songs and the Phil Collins production is mostly bearable to OK, IMHO (contrary to "August" the next year). The outtakes were cool, too.
    EC ahoy!
  15. bvb1123

    bvb1123 Rock and Roll Martian

    Cincinnati Ohio
    Ramones - Pleasent Dreams
    R.E.M. - Up
    Neil Young & The Shocking Pinks - Everybody's Rockin'
  16. Zoot Marimba

    Zoot Marimba And I’m The Critic Of The Group

    Pleasant Dreams is awesome!
  17. Xabby

    Xabby Forum Resident

    Galicia (Spain)

    It is not hate exactly. It's a little valued album that I love.
  18. bvb1123

    bvb1123 Rock and Roll Martian

    Cincinnati Ohio
    Yeah. It's a vastly underrated album.
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  19. Sternodox

    Sternodox SubGenius Pope of Arkansas

    Everything Yoko Ono has ever recorded. I'm captivated by her voice, her boldness, her Lennon-influened (of course) take on rock 'n roll, and how she tosses so many ideas around that beautifully reflect her unique and fearless visual art that she creates a whole that is a wonder to behold. I love Yoko!
  20. Etienne Hanratty

    Etienne Hanratty Forum Resident

    Now Ain’t The Time For Your Tears: Wendy James.

    Panned at the time and dismissed by it’s (co) writer, Elvis Costello, but it’s actually my favourite album of his songs.
  21. Buddy>Elvis

    Buddy>Elvis Forum Resident

    New Zealand
    Stone Roses Second Coming.
    +1 to Tin Machine
  22. Harry Hotspur

    Harry Hotspur Forum Resident

    London England
    Really like this one too. Great for early morning first cup of coffee listening, and the ending, Opposites, is sublime, up in the Beatles/Abbey Road category.
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  23. Zach Johnson

    Zach Johnson Forum Resident

    Toronto, Ontario
    St. Anger and Lulu. I like nasty sounding music, and those both fit the description.
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  24. rodentdog

    rodentdog Forum Resident

    Shades is one of my favorite songs. Iggy really sells it...A good pair of shades, means everything.
    Gotta love that!!!
  25. Old Zorki II

    Old Zorki II Heavy Horses Operator

    Tampa, FL
    Mott "Shouting and Pointing".
    I am probably the only person on a planet who likes this record.
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