Albums recorded in QSound?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Progger58, Dec 30, 2017.

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  1. Progger58

    Progger58 Forum Resident Thread Starter

    I know only two:

    - Roger Waters - Amused to Death
    - Sting - The Soul Cages

    Are there others worth knowing on vinyl?

  2. Jerry

    Jerry Grateful Gort Staff

    New England
    Isn't there a Michael Jackson album also? Maybe HIStory?
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  3. One_L

    One_L Forum Resident

    Lower Left Coast
    I'm pretty sure Rick Wright's Broken China was mixed in QSound.
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  4. Progger58

    Progger58 Forum Resident Thread Starter

    I like this album a lot.
    A pity it doesn't exist on vinyl.
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  5. I'm not sure about HIStory, but I know we can add Dangerous to the list...
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  6. Orthogonian Blues

    Orthogonian Blues Forum Resident

    London, UK
    Also mixed in Q sound (but eventually released with a different mix) - Guns N' Roses' Use Your Illusion albums.
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  7. Sevoflurane

    Sevoflurane Forum Resident

    Pink Floyd’s Pulse?
  8. Thrillsville

    Thrillsville Forum Resident

    Port Coquitlam, BC
    Julian Lennon - Help Yourself
    Madonna - The Immaculate Collection (partly)
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  9. vinylontubes

    vinylontubes Forum Resident

    Katy, TX
  10. aphexj

    aphexj Sound mind & body

    ^ Madonna's is a compilation with some songs remixed with QSound stereo effects

    QSound processing for music was a proprietary multi-channel stereo effect, and I believe in some cases you STILL have to pay a licensing fee any time you reissue the mixes from any master tape printed with it

    Something like it was used for those terrible 'ping-pong' reverb effects on the Rolling Stones Flashpoint but I think that was a competitor effect (Roland Surround Stereo or something like that, long extinct)
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  11. jhm

    jhm Forum Resident

    The San Diego '69 concert from the OOP box set "Stages" was mixed in QSound (I believe).
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  12. moomaloo

    moomaloo All-round good egg

    The Final Cut was one of the first (and probably the best)
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  13. PTgraphics

    PTgraphics Senior Member

    Although it’s on the list I don’t think The Storm album is in Q Sound. I have it. Great album but doesn’t mention Q Sound anywhere.
  14. aphexj

    aphexj Sound mind & body

    Not QSound, really, but another binaural system called 'Holophonics' using Zuccarelli's binaural dummy head mic was used — and also used on Roger's follow-up album The Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking and even on the live radio performance session he recorded on that tour (Roger can be heard introducing "Ringo the dummy head" mic and demonstrates its capabilities)
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  15. HGN2001

    HGN2001 Mystery picture member

    Not an album but several Wilson Phillips CD singles were mixed with QSound:

    - "You're In Love" (SBK K2-19729)
    - "The Dream Is Still Alive" (SBK K2-19736)
  16. HGN2001

    HGN2001 Mystery picture member

    I'm not so sure of the accuracy of that list. I own two iterations of The Corrs FORGIVEN, NOT FORGOTTEN (US and Japan) and neither have any reference to QSound, nor do the albums sound the way QSound albums sound.
  17. PaulKTF

    PaulKTF Senior Member

    Thank god they didn't release them in QSound!

    I like Michael Jackson's Dangerous album but the QSound mixing makes it a real strain on the ears- it sounds very harsh (which I guess was the intention, but...)
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  18. daltieri

    daltieri The 80`s kick ass

    Mexico City
    I own the original pressing of Soul Cages with Q sound.
    Can some one please give me an example on a song or a musical passage in that album in which the Q sound is very obvious
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  19. Keith V

    Keith V Forum Resident

    Jersey City, NJ
    I’m not sure if this is Q sound but during a break in Mad About You, the bass slide pans to one side. I would suspect that was to show off the Q Sound.
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  20. munjeet

    munjeet Forum Resident

    The intent to use QSound left an imprint all over the final released mix, too. Not sure if it was for the better, as opposed to what could’ve been otherwise. It’s likely that we’ll never get to know what alternatives existed there.
  21. c-eling

    c-eling Fruit Juice Everywhere

  22. daltieri

    daltieri The 80`s kick ass

    Mexico City
    Thanks Keith. Will Check it out
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  23. aphexj

    aphexj Sound mind & body

    Trent Reznor said he wanted to mix parts of NIN's Broken EP in QSound, but they couldn't get the effect they wanted (plus it was too expensive) so instead they used more extreme phase incoherency on some elements of the mixes to make them stand out oddly. This is why the liner notes of that record come with a warning not to play it in mono devices (the snare drum may disappear when you do)
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  24. whoompley

    whoompley Forum Resident

    Chapel Hill, NC
    The spot just after the band drops out of "Mad About You" features a bass note that sounds like it happens far to the left and slightly behind you. It's at about 1:10 into the song.
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  25. c-eling

    c-eling Fruit Juice Everywhere

    Not Q-Sound, but something similar which worked quite well for
    Deep-Forest-S/T, 1992 : 3D Roland Sound Space (RSS)
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