Alice Coltrane Appreciation Thread

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Avery Keen-Garde, Sep 12, 2006.

  1. sberger

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    I know, which is why it was weird that I didn't see the notice on this thread. It just got buried. Happens. Indication of how popular the forums have become in the 15 years I've been here.
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    You can always "watch" the thread (at the top of the thread in the right hand corner) and receive notices when there are updates here -- I'm not exactly sure how that works, but even if you get a notice every time there's a message, this thread isn't active non-stop -- sometimes weeks will go by without any posts.
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    I am watching the thread, but don't recall getting updates like I do for other threads that I watch. Will look into it.

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    The 'watch thread' feature has some bugs.
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    You're right, but I did get notified for your post.
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    If you leave a Hoffman tab open but don't notice any new notifications, and then close it without reading then, you'll stop getting notified. And when you happen to notice and then catch up, you'll start receiving them again. Basically, you have to read the most recent page ot the notification system gets confused.
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    IDK, it seems like you have to write something or "like" a post to make sure that the system will notify you of a new post in the thread. Just reading may not do it. But maybe an open tab is causing problems for me.
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    The first page I check here at is this one:

    This will show all Watched Threads with new content since your last visit. It helps me keep up.
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    An old dog learns new tricks. Thanks.
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    So, this being a bootleg it's been allowed on the main bit torrent site. For free! Yeah!
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  12. neruda

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    Los Angeles
    First Alice Coltrane CDs on Impulse vs. later '90s remastered CDs: can anyone comment on sound quality?

    For example, Journey in Satchidananda (MCAD-33119) 1990 CD vs. the 1997 version (IMPD-228) mastered by Erick Labson.

    For the Impulse material, I've only heard the Erick Labson remasterings. They sound pretty good to me, but from time to time I see the older CDs out there, and I've wondered ...

    edit: as I've investigated her Impulse albums, it looks like many of them were not released in CD format until the Labson era. Journey in Satchidananda certainly got an early release, though, and I could've sworn I've seen a late '80s / early '90s A Monatic Trio out in the wild. But there's no entry on Discogs for the earlier CD release of A Monastic Trio.

    Nevertheless, I'm still interested to hear any thoughts on sound quality for the few albums where it's possible to compare.
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  13. conjotter

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    I just picked up “Universal Consciousness” on CD. 2002 Impulse label, Verve Music Group. 24 bit.

    Sounds great. The CD comes in a cardboard gatefold with a fabric sleeve with a full size (folded) paper sheet of the original liner notes.

    Brand new for $8 Canadian. That’s about $5 US.
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  14. Simon A

    Simon A Arrr!

    I've always prefered 80's CD releases over Labson's later masterings. I find his to be too bright for my taste. Obviously, if the only alternative is a Labson mastering, then I get it and learne to enjoy it for what it is.
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  15. craigobau

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    London, England
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  16. albertop

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    Re Ptah, The El Daoud, what's the best digital version available?
    From what I can read on Discogs, it seems there's only an Erick Labson's remaster from 1996, which was later reissued a few times.
    Am I missing any better digital release? Thanks.
  17. Crush87

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    New York
    Finally got a hold of Vinyl Me Please Journey and it is indeed a phenomenal press

    Not sure they nailed the album art — glossy and colors seem a bit off. Anyone with originals attest?
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  18. Crush87

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    New York
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  19. Fischman

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    Cool thread.
    I discovered Alice about a year ago and have been swallowing up her work ever since. Those three albums from '70-'71 are all time classics!
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  20. Simon A

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  21. Electric

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    Vancouver, CANADA
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  25. Stuggy

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    I was just looking through the Real Gone Music site when I saw they were selling a 2cd of the Complete Warners years. Hadn't come across it before definitely Eternity and forgetting a title before Eternity on disc 1.
    Didn't read through the earlier part of the thread and saw that this page starts last year so not sure if it has been discussed.

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