Alice Cooper: From The Inside (Album) Song by Song Thread

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by RickStark79, Feb 2, 2011.

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  1. mestreech

    mestreech Forum Resident

    strange song
  2. ringosshed

    ringosshed Forum Resident

    san diego
    Doesn't sound like an Alice song at all. This could be an Elton John cast off.
  3. filper

    filper Forum Resident

    'Jackknife Johnny' fits the feel of the album.

    A burned out war vet with issues.
  4. RickStark79

    RickStark79 Forum Resident Thread Starter

    It's not like we did something wrong
    We just burned down the church
    While the choir within sang religious songs
    And it's not like we thought we was right
    We just played with the wheels of a passenger train
    That cracked on the tracks one night

    It's not like we ain't on the ball
    We just talk to our shrinks
    Huh they talk to their shrinks
    No wonder we're up the wall
    We're not stupid or dumb
    We're the lunatic fringe who rusted the hinge
    On Uncle Sam's daughters and sons

    Good old boys and girls
    Congregating waiting in another world
    With roller coaster brains
    Imagine playing with trains

    Good old boys and girls
    Congregating waiting in some other world
    We're all crazy we're all crazy we're all crazy
    Lizzy Borden took an axe and gave her mother forty whacks

    And don't think we're trying to be bad
    All the innocent crime seemed alright at the time
    Not necessarily mad not necessarily mad
    We watch every day for the bus
    And the driver would say
    "That's where lunatics stay"
    I wonder if he's talking about us

    It's not like we're vicious or gone
    We just dug up the graves where your relatives lay
    In old forest lawn
    And it's not like we don't know the score
    We're the fragile elite they dragged off the street
    I guess they just couldn't take us no more

    Good old boys and girls
    Congregating waiting in another world
    With roller coaster brains
    Imagine digging up graves

    Good old boys and girls
    Congregating waiting in some other world
    We're all crazy we're all crazy we're all crazy we're all crazy
    We're all crazy we're all crazy we're all crazy we're all crazy
    We're all crazy
  5. muzik_guy

    muzik_guy Forum Resident

    Huntsville, AL
    One of my favorites from the album. Love the strings, demented backing vocals & theatricality of the whole thing. As much as I love early Cooper, this album is my all-time favorite.
  6. mestreech

    mestreech Forum Resident

    great song
  7. coffeecupman

    coffeecupman Forum Resident

    Caterham, UK
    Figures I would get here at the end :)

    Oh well, I really love this record, so I'll put my 2 cents in anyway.

    It's the album that really hooked me on the Coop. What I can't believe is how PERSONAL the album is. This is stuff people just aren't open about. That they're not comfortable with sharing. He just puts it right out there. Even if it's not his own experience, it's still incredibly insightful and really effective at getting the concepts across. It's an album you have to commit to in order to make, and at no small degree of personal cost. Most people just don't want to sing songs about "yeah, I was really a mess, in a legitimately scary way".

    I grew up in Canada and moved to Texas, so the first line of the first track just totally hit home(s) for me, and the album never lets up.

    I can't think of a better addiction song than From the Inside. It combines the partying with the confusion with the acceptance. I've seen songs do one or two of those, but I can't recall all three in the same song. "At first we laughed about it..." Brilliant. He doesn't even have to write in that later it wasn't funny. It's implied.

    The Quiet Room is the one that really hit me though. I think "the quiet room knows more about me than my wife" is one of the coldest lyrics in the history of music. That is just a DARK thought. It's the kind of thing most people would be afraid to sing because it would put them on the outs with their real-life wives :) But Coop goes there. He knows it's a big concept, too, because the end of that line is where the biggest vocal emphasis is in that song. The gentle vocals on how nice it is in the quiet room are real creepers if you're willing to let him take you there emotionally.

    I mean, that's the thing with the Coop, isn't it? He practically invented macabre rock. Or at least the macabre rock opera. You just can't get those concepts anywhere but on his records.

    Nurse Rozetta - Fabulous music, and I love the twisted sleazy vocal delivery on it. "She's so creative with a bar of soap" made me laugh out loud the first time, and I still can't hear it without smiling. I have to admit though, I think the "suddenly twice my size, pants wet inside" is clunky and could have been replaced by something better. I do appreciate the lack of censorship though, without which a lot of this album wouldn't have been possible. So you know, whatever.

    Millie and Billie. Magic. You've got to love how they feel that God is on their side. "God made love crazy so we wouldn't feel alone. He was thinking of us". I think that's the great line for me. That's a great connect for the audience, too, because most people do think love is crazy, and there are lots of films about criminals/misfits who are in more intense love than regular people achieve. Think Bonnie and Clyde, or Benny and Joon. It's just all a very clever play on contrasting concepts.

    Serious - Great musical use of the pace on this one. The "again and again" really operatically conveys the sense of loss of control.

    How Are You Gonna See Me Now - Another example of how this album draws attention to concepts that people mostly don't think about regarding addiction and mental health. Stuff you don't think about unless you've been there, or at least close. Very few artists can write a song like this that the everyman can relate to.

    For Veronica's sake - Some great guitar crunch in this song. Again, why wouldn't someone think about their dog when they're down and out? Who is more in need of the unconditional support that a pet gives than someone who is paranoid about all the humans in his life? I never would have thought of that. Classic. Reminds me in a different way of That Was The Day My Dead Pet Returned To Save My Life, another track that could only have come from Alice.

    We're all crazy is a killer closing track, although it probably could have been a little shorter. I love the concept of how close "normal" people are to crossing the line. The rationalizing is really creepy because it's probably how it goes on in heads of people that cross the line.

    In closing, just one of the strongest albums I own where you just want to play it start to finish. Opens strong, finishes strong, rocks hard, takes you places no other album takes you, and TAKES RISKS doing so. A very courageous album from a real rock original that we would all be worse off without.

    And yeah, absolutely. This is definitely an Audio Fidelity dream album for me. And why stop at CD? Finish strong and give us From The Inside and Billion Dollar Babies on SACD and/or vinyl!

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  8. filper

    filper Forum Resident

    I hope the folks at AF are reading this... :righton:
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