Alice Cooper's "Easy Action", "Killer" and "Welcome to my Nightmare" on Rhino coming 1/23/18! *

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  1. Scala20

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    If anyone is having problems with ‘noisy vinyl’ or ‘crackles and pops’ on these Cooper releases try giving them 5 or 6 sprays of vinyl cleaner before you play them. Then gently wipe dry with a record cloth and leave it to fully dry for 30 mins before playing right through. You’ll hear a bit of noise on first play but that is just the needle cleaning the traces of residue from the vinyl. Play again and It’ll be silent. The crackles/pops are definitely static build up and a wet clean fixes the problem, and definitely reduces or eliminates the ‘noise’.

    (Sorry if this is already common knowledge and I’m stating the obvious!)
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  2. Haggis Wampovich

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    Three Rivers, USA

    Just a PSA here... I received my corrected release of Killer today from Bullmoose.

    Haven’t played it yet, but it’s a nice sturdy gatefold with the foldout calendar. Vinyl
    Is a translucent deep red with black swatches mixed in.

    Get ‘em while you can!
  3. Dodgytc

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    Los Angeles
    Please pay it ASAP !
    I just picked up Easy Action from Amoeba in LA today, this is the first time I have seen it there, and I go every week, so it would be safe to assume these are the fixed copies.
    Nope, it plays Killer!
    I know its not a popular album, but if anybody manages to get a corrected copy I would love to know.

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  4. Sax-son

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    Three Rivers, CA
    I received my "corrected" copies of both Killer and Easy Action. Both sound great with no problems. I love the first (5) Alice Cooper albums and I wanted clean copies of them. All sound good and are priced very reasonably.
  5. Haggis Wampovich

    Haggis Wampovich Forum Haggis

    Three Rivers, USA
    It’s the correct pressing!
  6. steviebee

    steviebee Always playing Ese and The Vooduu People

    London, England
    Exactly what I do, on any noisy LP :wave:
    Works a treat.
    Erm....only I don't leave for 30 minutes...maybe I should :shh:
  7. mpayan

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    Is it the 7/20/2018 release or january 2018 release?
  8. tinnox

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    I picked up Easy Action gold vinyl this week and it’s the corrected version
  9. Electric Sydney

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    Scarsdale, NY
    I know Barnes and Noble originally offered them, and didn’t after the mis-presses, and are now offering them again. I’ll bet that any of their copies are correct (hopefully).
  10. tinnox

    tinnox Senior Member

    Just picked up from my local
    Alice Cooper:
    Killer red and black swirl vinyl (correct pressing)
    Zipper Catches Skin clear and black swirl vinyl
    Flush The Fashion green swirl vinyl
    DaDa orange swirl vinyl
    Easy Action gold vinyl (correct pressing), picked up last week

    Like A Virgin white vinyl
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  11. Electric Sydney

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    Scarsdale, NY
    What the heck band is Madonna?
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  12. mpayan

    mpayan Forum Resident

    I wouldnt be too certain about that...

    I wrote them.

    The response:

    "Thank you for writing to us.

    We are actually also relying on what's showing on the website. The product details on do not show any information if the item "Killer (Vinyl LP)" is
    the July 2018 reissue release or the January 2018 reissue release. In this case, we are sorry to inform you that we cannot confirm if this is the item you're looking for."

    Anybody ordered Killer from Barnes and Noble?
  13. cmarti

    cmarti Forum Resident

    I got a copy from my local record store two days ago and it sounds great, it has the runout numbers scratched. Perhaps they used the same stampers they used for Easy Action? The record came a little warped but nothing crazy, it plays well and if I ever want to I can use my vinyl flat.
  14. tman53

    tman53 Vinyl is an Addiction

    I had a hard time finding the new pressing online. Bullmoose and a bunch of others were in-store only. I don't really have time to run to a bunch of places but I did find one online (finally) who would ship me a copy.

    I am not affiliated but Vintage Vinyl in Fords, NJ is where I found it if anyone is interested.
  15. Haggis Wampovich

    Haggis Wampovich Forum Haggis

    Three Rivers, USA
    I ordered mine online through bullmoose fyi
  16. tman53

    tman53 Vinyl is an Addiction

    When did you order? I checked their website yesterday and it was in-store only, no option to purchase online.
  17. Haggis Wampovich

    Haggis Wampovich Forum Haggis

    Three Rivers, USA
  18. Raysdeathmachine

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  19. CWillman

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    Okay, I have a question. I bought a copy of "Killer" a week ago that was the sole copy Amoeba had in stock, versus plenty of "Easy Action," which seemed odd. Then I looked again at the shrink-wrap and there is a "Start Your Ear Off Right" sticker in addition to the album-specific sticker. I found another copy at another store that is identical in every way except for the "Start Your Ear Off Right" sticker. So I bought it, thinking that when I open the first copy I bought, it is going to be one of the January misprints that somehow slipped through. What are the odds? Am I right in thinking that a sticker that promotes a beginning-of-2018 campaign is going to be one of the recalled copies? Because why would they stick that sticker on the repress? (Obviously I could open it and find out, but then I will be stuck with two copies, as I can't return the other.) Thanks for your advice..
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  20. mpayan

    mpayan Forum Resident

    I believe you may be correct. The Killer I purchased has the square sticker in the left upper corner and no start your ear off right sticker (it hasnt made it to me yet but the guy swears it is the 7/20/18 repress).

    Ill update you.

    As far as Killer being less in stock? Well, its one of the greatest r n r albums ever. Easy Action not so much. Even casual Alice fans would pick Killer. Kind of the defining moment imo.
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  21. mpayan

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    New "Killer" aint killer...

    My red and black corrected "Killer" came in couple of days ago.

    Cool looking enough. Sets the mood of the album. Unfortunately Im not impressed with the mastering. Fairly muffled. Sounds like one of those 4th mid 80s pressings from generations away. Well maybe not that bad, but not impressed.

    At the same time I was ordering this 2018 pressing mastered by (?) Cant recall the guys name, I also ordered the 2012 Chris Bellman mastered "Killer". I was so disappointed with the 2018 "Killer" that I was expecting that maybe the tapes had gone south.

    Well, I forgot momentarily that "CB" initials mean "good stuff to come".

    The 2012 sounds much much better. Not muffled, the drums are actually there, the cymbal crashes sound pretty natural and the separation is much better. Soundstage pretty darn good.


    If you want a fancy cool red and black colored "Killer" to spin and dont care much about sound? Get the 2012.

    If you want a much better sounding version? The Chris Bellman mastering all the way.

    Too bad the CB mastered lp isnt the cool red and black. Why is it always that way?/:

    Equipment used:

    Rega P-6
    Dynavector 20x2
    Warfedale Denton Speakers
    Yamaha A-S1100 amp

    Not the greatest system, but plenty to judge with.
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  22. DoctorCymbaline

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    New Jersey
    So check this out! I had contacted Dr. Rhino about possible replacements of Killer and Easy Action and he said they would be sent out whenever it was corrected. (keep in mind, this was around the time the faulty copies initially came out). I had bought Killer from Bullmoose who offered me a refund and send the product back. Time goes on and I had emailed Dr. Rhino about the replacements and he said he had sent mine out. Mail day came and I got a Killer AND Easy Action, no where in the emails did I mention buying that album but hey, I am not complaining! My copy of Killer had an FYE barcode sticker (I used to work there, I know exactly what they look like). And there is a SYEOR sticker. Oh boy, I ended up getting sent the faulty copy!!! I reached out to Dr. Rhino about this and hopefully another copy will be sent, I will gladly send the faulty one back.
  23. tman53

    tman53 Vinyl is an Addiction

    I agree with @mpayan. Killer not so killer. Disappointingly muddled. My original sounds better even with the crackles and pops.
  24. Porkpie

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  25. FourWalledWorld

    FourWalledWorld Forum Resident

    Plus, according to Bull Moose, we're getting Lace and Whiskey (on brown), From the Inside (green) and Goes to Hell (orange) as part of the Rocktober series this year.
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