All 45 seasons of SNL coming to Peacock Streaming

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by David Fischer, Sep 25, 2020.

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  2. AKA

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    I have a feeling most the episodes will be hacked to bits. There were some episodes on Hulu that were less than 20 minutes long.
  3. David Fischer

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    Pittsburgh, PA
    It appears it won't be hacked from how I interpreted it. As per the article:

    It marks the first time in years that the entire library has been available on a mainstream streaming platform, and it’s a crucial cornerstone for Peacock. Saturday Night Live’s catalog used to be available to stream in the early 2010s, but that was before the streaming wars kicked off. Yahoo! later briefly hosted the back catalog (alongside behind-the-scenes and unaired sketches cut for time), and here was a short-lived SNL app. Still, trying to stream every season using one of the bigger streaming platforms has become a difficult affair. Hulu currently hosts blocks of seasons (the first through the fifth, and then seasons 30 through 45), but a lot of it isn’t available, including Saturday Night Live’s ‘80s run.

    Now that NBCUniversal has its own streaming service, owning the catalog to one of its most popular, longest-standing shows is pivotal. Saturday Night Live coming to Peacock in its entirety is something that NBCUniversal teased earlier this year, but not all seasons were available at launch. SNL is an important collection for Peacock to have. It could help drive more users, including those who get Peacock for free as part of their cable package or those signing up for Peacock for an additional fee.
  4. David Fischer

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    Some other articles have not confirmed either way if the musical performances will part of available content from each SNL season. Hopefully they will do it right with each episode in its entirety
  5. AKA

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    Let’s hope, but the gargantuan cost of music licensing makes me doubtful. I’d love to be wrong.
  6. altaeria

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    Why the heck is licensing still an issue for SNL reruns in this day and age??? Wouldn't any additional exposure only benefit all those old acts??? It's not like they're selling CDs anymore anyway. If I watch a 1985 episode with the entire Power Station segment intact, exactly how would this hurt their label's ability to profit?? I argue that it will actually prompt viewers to go and buy the songs on itunes or whatever.
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    It's not the dollars and cents involved in compensating the artist, it's the principle involved...of the rights holder being a dick.
    "What, their media conglomerate gets to make money on something? Not if we can use our media conglomerate's lawyers to cease and desist it-!"
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    I think they are afraid of the public finding out that Tony Thompson was "play-synching" to the record.
  9. Myke

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    Happy for others. I already have the Belushi / Aykroyd years on DVD, all I'll ever need.
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  10. guy incognito

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    I believe this is officially known as the Matthew Katz Postulate.
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  11. modrevolve

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    I mean..they don’t even pay for the rights to the coffee talk them..its changed on the nbc not holding my breath but would love to see it..
  12. AKA

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    And this sketch isn’t the same without the Van Halen song.

  13. Vidiot

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    I plan on watching just the Jean Doumanian season over and over again, on auto-repeat.
  14. stereoptic

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    Is there someone there to take your pulse? :)

    "Hi, I'm Charles Rocket, the replacement for Chevy Chase"
  15. agentalbert

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    Great sketch, one of my favorites as a kid. But it just isn't the same without the original music. I don't get the reticence of rights holders on this. Why don't they take the attitude of "you want to give our music free advertising? Great!". I mean all that could happen from someone seeing that is decide they have to pick up VH II.
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  16. pocofan

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    You could put all the good skits together and make one good show.
  17. Bring on the Marty Short/Guest/Shearer season pls
  18. Zeroninety

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    Did she let Eddie Murphy on the air enough that season to make a show's worth of good sketches?
  19. Vidiot

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    "I'm not a... very strong swimmer."
  20. kwadguy

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    It doesn't matter what you'd like. To run the music segments--any segment with music, in fact, not just the live segments--the sync rights need to be secured. Those are held by the publisher of the song (not necessarily the band/artist, and not the label), and the publisher can demand any amount they want for those rights, and can refuse them outright. The same would apply to any segment that uses pre-recorded music, with respect to the master rights to that music. The label that owns the master can demand any amount they want, and can refuse permission outright. So in the case of a segment using pre-recorded music, you have both master rights and sync rights, and you need both.

    I find it hard/impossible to believe that SNL hasn't pre-negotiated those sync rights over the past 10 or so years. So recent episodes should be entirely cleared. But for older episodes, they may still be an issue.
  21. SoundAdvice

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    If the Sinead incident is gone due licensing, there are other off limit moments like Michael Che's news desk about "dead naming" Caitlyn Jenner that NBC promised never to re-air. TV rebroadcast had a crude edit. Martin Lawrence did a SNL monologue that can't be re-aired/streamed.

    Google search can give you all the nitty gritty details and even fan sourced video.

    It'd be cool if they dug up some more of the unbroadcast/rehearsal sketches and performances. Some artists got their 2nd song cancelled when other sketches went too long, Fiona Apple 1999 being one example and REM did a 3rd song that wasn't broadcast in 1994. They kept the footage as some got out on the SNL DVDs dedicated to noteworthy cast members and a couple frequent guests.
  22. Vidiot

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    That is 100% right. We worked on American Dreams from 2002-2005, and I can recall talking to one of their producers about the number of 1950s and 1960s songs in each episode. I asked if they had paid for the music rights for syndication and home video, and he kind of exasperatedly said, "Hey I'm just trying to get through the day. We're always overbudget every week as it is, so it's a constant fight just to get the song's network rights for a couple of airings!" So it was an insurmountable problem even 10-15 years ago.

    I've pointed out to people that, even with the hundreds of millions of dollars Johnny Carson had, they couldn't afford to clear all the music for their reruns and show clips, so a lot of the bumper music and Doc Severinsen numbers have been cut out of the show now. You figure if it's even just $2000-$3000 per show, and they play 10 songs in an hour (even short excerpts), it adds up very quickly when you multiply it times hundreds of episodes.

    I seem to recall if it's a live performance on something like Ed Sullivan or a similar variety show, the record label doesn't have to be paid, but the publishing rights do. And if the band lip-syncs to the record, then the record label and the publishing company has to be paid. Sometimes one says no and the other says yes; sometimes the artist has a say and the label and publisher agree but the artist vetoes it. Sometimes there's a big additional payment if you see the performers' faces. It's a messy business.
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  23. Claus LH

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    Being a cynic about such things, I'll believe it when I hear from someone who has seen them that they actually leave the shows un-censored...

    Among other things, are we really getting:
    Eddie Murphy's gay fitness instructor: "Hi, I'm Miles...Miles Long.."?
    Richard Pryor and Chevy Chase doing the word association....?
    The Miller Beer ad: "Now comes work time..."
    Chevy Chase doing "Thank Heaven for Little Girls"?

    If so, someone in 2020 will prove themselves to be acting like adults and see this for what it is: not only TV history, but some of the funniest comedy ever to show up on the boob tube.
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  24. majorlance

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    There was at least one positive that year: The first & only US network appearance of Captain Beefheart (as far as I know) on the 11/22/80 show.
  25. majorlance

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    Never thought I'd say this, but I find that a lot of SNL from this era hasn't aged well. More nostalgic value than comic value. YMMV, of course.
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