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All Things Mötley Crüe

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Boswell, Oct 21, 2015.

  1. Boswell

    Boswell Forum Resident Thread Starter

    They're not talked about here much & they're coming up on their end of the year farewell show & they're a classic band.
    Carrying on from a thread about the 30 Yr Anniversary of SHOUT AT THE DEVIL

    But Motley needs to document their early tours, all of them. Same message to Van Halen, Judas Priest in the 1970's, Metallica, Megadeth. Hell, King Diamond was supposed to be working on two DVD sets several years ago, one for Mercyful Fate and one for his solo career. Where is this stuff? Okay, I'm out!!

    There is barely any Motley footage from the classic years & very few professionally recorded shows. But there is some & I'll give some details & links here soon.
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  2. Boswell

    Boswell Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Don't Like Motley Crue? You're not alone. and you might think they just sound like a version of Poison or Warrant but they had many types of heavy rock songs.

    This is a great tune that a lot of Motley's Hard Rock & Metal fans DON'T like. That's usually a good sign :) It's off their 1981 debut TOO FAST FOR LOVE & this is from the 1982 Elektra remix/release. A real cool, moody one called STARRY EYES

  3. driverdrummer

    driverdrummer Forum Resident

    Irmo, SC
    I love Come On and Dance off of Too Fast for Love, especially Vince Neil's shrieks at the end. Oddly enough, I imagine Melissa McCarthy lipsyncing to it:shh:. My favorite Crue Album is Theatre of Pain. I love Tommy Lee's "Clap" drum on most of the tracks.(Keep Your Eye on the Money Clap Clap)
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  4. SizzleVonSizzleton

    SizzleVonSizzleton The Last Yeti

    Motley Crue were the first band I really got heavily into, around 1983 or 1984. I bought a cassette of Shout At The Devil from a buddy who's was hiding it from his parents because they were really religious. Also bought Bark At The Moon and Love At First Sting from him. Went back and bought the cassette of Too Fast For Love, which I still have.

    I love most of the stuff they've done, don't really dislike many songs at all (Brandon, I'm looking at you!!). I really love the Saints Of Los Angeles album, which isn't a well liked Crue album to my knowledge though I saw my buddy Clanceman praise it today.

    Love the MC 94 album though it's a different band. Would pay a ton to hear the follow up album with Corabi singing on it.

    And yeah, I'd pay a lot to see DVD's of the early tours. I have some bootleg DVD's but they're usually one cam fan shots with non pro audio so a pro shot with good, but NOT re-recorded!!!, audio would be a dream.

    I fully believe they deserve to be in the rock and roll hall of fame.

    Frankie died just the other night.....
  5. nightstand68

    nightstand68 Forum Resident

    I personally can't stand Vince Neil but I like the self titled album from '94 with John Corabi doing the vocals. A much better vocalist than the helium breathed Vince, IMO.
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  6. Boswell

    Boswell Forum Resident Thread Starter

    What I like about Vince's singing is that it is very poppy in a way. He has a voice like a Gwen Stefani, er something. Very clean & fresh, especially on that first record & on tunes like Starry Eyes above.
    Motley were my 'in' to music obsession. I listen to drastically different music, largely, nowadays, but the classic Crue albums hold up.
    As I say, they are a Grade A, B-level band :)
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  7. GodShifter

    GodShifter Forum Member

    Dallas, TX, USA
    I loved the first two records and saw them on their "Shout at the Devil" tour and thought they were great. After that, I lost interest but have liked certain songs from various albums (but not many). I did, however, dig the self titled album with Corabi quite a bit. That's an overlooked album, IMO.

    LEONPROFF Forum Resident

    In the last 24 hours I had listened to TFFL, SATD and Girls, Girls, Girls. Usually I don't listen to an artist twice in a week. I think they are under-rated by the music community in general and have more to offer than a lot of people give them credit for.
  9. Canadacrowe

    Canadacrowe Forum Resident

    Ottawa, Canada
    I was a huge fan in my teenage years, especially those first three albums as they were a lot of pre-sports warm-up soundtrack. I saw them twice in their prime, I guess a Theater of Pain Show and a Girls, Girls, Girls. With the final shows announced, decided to take my kids to see a show. Admittedly I was more curious to see Alice Cooper, who I thought was great and would not be topped by the headliner.

    I was expecting a Crue gongshow, especially after seeing some youtube clips, but they far exceeded my expectations. Sure, the show is way over the top, but you realize they've been at this for decades and know how to pace and put on an entertaining show. Plus, they seem like pretty nice guys who were humbled by the audience reaction and thankful that they've been able to do this for so long. Overall, they are a nostalgia band for me, but Shout is still a great album for that time period.
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  10. Clanceman

    Clanceman Forum Resident

    Portland, Or
    I friggin love Motley Crue intensely!!!

    They shook my skull the first time I saw them at the US Festival.

    They are my top 5-6 band of all time. Love them deeply. Been typing a bunch in the SATD 30th thread, someone posted that there was a thread here, so I just wanted to support.

    Damnit, I'm gonna go play "Theatre" from my Damned box right now!

    Can't wait to see em here in Portland and for like the 25th-30th (lost count here) time when I fly down for the Final Show on NYE.

    I'll be a bawling mess on both nights! So grateful for this band.
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  11. SizzleVonSizzleton

    SizzleVonSizzleton The Last Yeti

    Besides the Corabi album, what post Shout songs do you like?
  12. ModernDayWarrior

    ModernDayWarrior Forum Resident

    Rahway, NJ, USA
    I love the first 3 albums. I think TOP gets panned sometimes but I think there are some great deep cuts on there. I was hoping they would have done Keep Your Eye On The Money on this final tour because that's one of my favorite Cruel songs.

    MC94 is one of my favorite albums by them also. I'm curious to hear some of Mick Mars solo stuff when the Crue is done. He's supposedly working with Corabi. Mick says he loves the MC94 album when Eddie Trunk interviewed him a while back.
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  13. flako

    flako Forum Resident

    New York City, USA
    I really got into them during high school in the early 90s, dangerous hard rocking stuff with an attitude, more so than Guns N Roses. Along with most hard rock/heavy metal of that time, they became victims of the grunge era. Hadn't they signed a $100 million contract with a label right before the collapse?
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  14. Holy Diver

    Holy Diver Forum Resident

    Killer song!
  15. Boswell

    Boswell Forum Resident Thread Starter

    I think the only two Crue albums that are legitimately good are the first two & then all the others are spotty. Still, a subpar Motley record is better than much of the drek of their peers. Girls, Girls, Girls is a bit of a train wreck but it has some dark, violent, classic stuff. I remember owning that & Poison's 1st album as a kid in 1987 & Girlsx3 was almost scary in comparison!
  16. GodShifter

    GodShifter Forum Member

    Dallas, TX, USA
    A very short list.

    Off the top of my head: "Wide Side" and "Dr. Feelgood". Stuff like "Kick Start My Heart", "Same Ol Situation", and "Girls Girls Girls" leaves cold.
  17. Vinyl Fan 1973

    Vinyl Fan 1973 "They're like soup, they're like....nothing bad"

    For Crue I've always loved the underdog songs. The lost gems such as:

    On with the show
    Stick to your guns
    Toast of the town
    Knock em dead kid
    Louder than hell
    Use it or lose it
    Save our souls
    Sinners & saints
    Dancing on glass
    You're all I need

    Huge Crue fan here, words will not do in describing how much this band means to me.
  18. SizzleVonSizzleton

    SizzleVonSizzleton The Last Yeti

    I only really fell in love with this song when I got the Uncensored VHS tape back in the day. It plays at the end I believe, the video being the inside of a tour bus with a lady sitting in the front window. Funny, I just learned to play the chords of this song on guitar today. Great tune, one of my favorite Crue songs.

    My favorite Crue song of all time.

    Great deep cut, maybe the best song on Theatre Of Pain.

    I like this song but it never really sat right with me being the follow up ballad to Home Sweet Home. It was probably too real to my 16 year old self.
  19. Vinyl Fan 1973

    Vinyl Fan 1973 "They're like soup, they're like....nothing bad"

    You're speaking my language :righton:

    If Danger is your all time fave Crue song, then you know where it's at. I bought the 45 single back in the day of Smoking in the boys room, and this was before Theatre came out, so I didn't know what to expect. Once I got to the B side and Use it or lose it came screeching out of my speakers, I never played side A again.

    The Crue's greatest strength, for me, is their deep cuts. I ignored the singles and just soaked up the other tracks.
  20. Boswell

    Boswell Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Wow, you guys know the score!
    I too am a deep cut Cruehead.
    I agree that Motley's deep cuts make them great. They're hits are undeniably good.
    Many of their peers only had strong singles but I always thought that Motley was more interesting because of all their other great tunes. They could do a show of just b-sides & deep cuts & it would be soooooo good. Unfortunately, Vince Neil does not remember many of these tunes.

    If you guys like old Motley check out this webpage
  21. Vinyl Fan 1973

    Vinyl Fan 1973 "They're like soup, they're like....nothing bad"

    You rock man! :righton:
  22. SizzleVonSizzleton

    SizzleVonSizzleton The Last Yeti

    Seeing stuff like that makes me curse myself for not keeping my stacks of Circus and Hit Parader magazines!:realmad:
  23. bartels76

    bartels76 Forum Hall Of Fame

    I love Motley Crue. Their hits were all really stellar. Does anyone else hate the mix of TOP and GGG? Shout sounds good and of course Dr.Feelgood but those middle two sound terrible. I think Motley talks about those albums being mixed on cocaine in The Dirt.
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  24. thxphotog

    thxphotog Camera Nerd Cycling Nerd Guitar Nerd Dietary Nerd

    Los Angeles, CA
    Great list. Danger is incredible.
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  25. Curveboy

    Curveboy Forum Resident

    New York City
    My Crue feelings; They have always been a "C" level band for me. They just weren't good enough, but still managed to have some good material. Most of their career is pretty spotty; while I love songs like Primal Scream and Kickstart My Heart, I can't stand Girls Girls Girls or Dr. Feelgood.

    I was a fan of Shout At The Devil, and went back and got Too Fast For Love which is also very, very good. But then they lost it for me, becoming too slick and fake. I do enjoy the Corabi album, Generation Swine and I think New Tattoo was pretty underrated.
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