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  1. Here it is on YouTube:

  2. Tuck1977

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    I played that song earlier today and thought it sounded good. If these guys did not not sound like Allman Bros I would be disappointed, somebody has to do the job. It’s a worthy job too.
  3. Here’s another song - Amazon says album release is 6-28-19,

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  4. BeatleBruceMayer

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    September 16-17 EPCOT Food and Wine Festival, but those are three 30 minute sets each night
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  5. Found this Of Duane Betts playing one of dad’s songs and it is SWEET!

  6. In addition to their new, original songs from their upcoming album, they also play some classic Allman Brothers songs in concert.

    I also see they are opening for John Fogerty on some dates and doing some in Europe.
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  7. Christian Hill

    Christian Hill It's all in the mind

    Dhani, Sean, Zak & James are warming up.
  8. They're not bad, but the vocals are not that strong, I think. Hard to sing on a level like Gregg did, of course.

    I will give them a chance, with their new album as well as seeing them live sometime hopefully.
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  9. pool_of_tears

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    Eastern Iowa
    This ain’t teeny bopper crap, dude!

  10. Can’t remember - did Derek Trucks (his Uncle was ABB Butch Trucks) - Ever catch any gruff?

    He turned out to be very LEGIT!
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  11. Maltman

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    Vancouver Canada
    I'm just saying, a famous name will open a lot of doors, dude!
  12. walrus

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    Minneapolis, MN
    It'll be interesting to see whether the band name helps them, or winds up being an albatross. Of course no one can sing on Gregg's level, but they're also kind of inviting the comparisons/connections directly by going for broke with the name. That name will get them more attention initially, but also perhaps set (potentially) unrealistic expectations at the same time. (They could've alternately chose a clever name referencing an Allmans song or something, thus making the ABB connection without being as blatant about it).

    I'm listening to the two pre-release tracks...they're pretty decent musically, but the vocals aren't that impressive. If I was their producer/manager I'd have tried to get them to draft another singing member to share lead vocal duties, kinda like Noah Hunt in Kenny Wayne Shepherd's band or Mike Mattison in Derek Trucks/Tedeschi-Trucks Band. I think most legacy Allmans fans who come in are used to vocal duties being spread around and it wouldn't have been a big deal. Oh well.
  13. Skydog71

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    yes, but if you don't have the goods the door doesn't stay open. These boys knocked the door off the hinges...if you are expecting the Allman Brothers Band... they are not...but who is...they are just a damn good band who gives a nod to the past.
  14. Tuck1977

    Tuck1977 Forum Resident

    I am a little drunk. I typed out a bunch of stuff, then thought better of it.
    I want to like these guys but I am finding it a struggle.
    I’m willing to keep digging in though, I don’t give up easy.
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  15. Maltman

    Maltman Somewhat grumpy, but harmless old man.

    Vancouver Canada
    True enough. Love your avatar.
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  16. Nick Drake fan

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    New Orleans
    I caught their live show just a couple of months ago here in New Orleans and I was genuinely impressed. Really enjoyed the show. Their originals are legit imo. Because of the lineage thing they could so easily be dismissed as a gimmick band but are far from it. Go see them.
  17. Tuck1977

    Tuck1977 Forum Resident

    Johnny Stachela sounds great
  18. Just found the entire album is now on Spotify - very, very first impression after one listen - love the apparently Betts led songs for their more guitar orientation and more comfortable vocals.

    Young Allman ‘s more R+B songs, more mediocre - when his vocals have more guitar heavy presence- those songs are better. Will be following these guys, for sure.

    There will only be one original Allman Brothers Band - nothing else comes close in that genre - BUT in 2019, to have new, original music this good - with legacy roots, to boot, is more than one can expect!
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  19. Tuck1977

    Tuck1977 Forum Resident

    Any band that throws ABB covers into their set and does it well deserves respect.
  20. Matthew Tate

    Matthew Tate Forum Resident

    Richmond, Virginia
    new album is fantastic
  21. ARK

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    Charlton, MA, USA
    No. He was wowing people legitimately by age 11.
  22. Endymion

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    I got the album today and listened to it twice. It's a really nice old school southern rock album.
    There are maybe one or two weaker songs but nothing really bad.
    Enjoyed the album from start to finish.

    In a few days the guys will be on tour here in Germany but unfortunately the closest show will be 100 km from here and it's on a tuesday.
    I'd love to see them but I think it's a bit too much trouble to get there.
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  23. Daryl M

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    London, Ontario
    Still waiting on to ship me a copy! :rolleyes:
  24. Further

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    Ontario, Canada
    Thanks for the thread and a taste of the new songs.

    I've been keeping my eye on these guys for a bit (even before this band) but have been reluctant to go all in. Like a few others here, it's hard to get past some of the obvious comparisons, which they come by naturally.

    However, hearing a few of the new album tracks posted in this thread have swayed me. I think the key here is to take them for what they are - themselves and nobody else. They obviously respect and honour their families, their heritage and the paths blazed before them by the irreplaceable Allman Brothers Band. That can't be a bad thing.

    It's hard to escape the bloodline here and I respect the fact that they're not trying to. They are taking what they've learned and been inspired by and adding their own thing into the mix to make it their own, just like countless musicians before them.

    The fact that they seem to take a solid stance on going completely analog from the recording to the record also tells me a lot about where they're coming from both personally and with the music and for that, they will get my support.

    I'm off to order the album right now.
  25. Further

    Further Forum Resident

    Ontario, Canada
    Does anyone know if this will be released on LP?

    All that seems to be available right now is the CD but surely, with the decision to make the entire process analog, a record release is forthcoming? Seems strange if it's not.
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