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    Can the Jones- You're A Lady... it's unlistenable. Can Micky's- Oh Someone & Easy On You, for the same reason you're not using Mikes first 3 FNB albums. Released in 1971, and they were their own entity. I would add It's Amazing To Me (Starship) and dig out a few Dolenz tracks that were left unreleased- Wing Walker & I Hate Rock & Roll.

    Also from the real Tantamount, I'd add "Highway 99 with Melange", because it incorporates abstract edits, much like the Head soundtrack. Besides that song sounds like it could be from the Present sessions, with Nez humor ala- Never Tell A Woman Yes.

    Poor Pete, still left out. ;)
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    Question for you, Michelle...what software/printing setup/materials do you use for your mini lps? They look GREAT! :righton:

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    Well, poor Peter gave us nothin' to work with.:laugh:

    I'm pretty set on using the MGM singles, I have copies in good condition, they fit the mold for collecting them onto an album (actually, there's a Japanese disc, too). I would have really liked to use the non-FNB tracks from Nevada Fighter, but thought against breaking up the trilogy. It's not too far off the grid to think some of those late 1971 Micky singles could have been held for inclusion on a Monkees album in progress. Funny point about You're A Lady, I actually find Rubberene the dredge of the bunch. Who Was It is cool, You're A Lady is decent, IMO. Easy On You, not a fan, but gonna use all of them -- most albums have filler, anyway. Actually considered digging into The Monkees vault to add tracks to this release, like Changes did. Unfortunately, nothin' (except novelty track) would work. I'm going to work the Highway segment into the album, as a matter of fact, as you suggested with snips of Davy's and Micky's tracks: Da Da Da......"who was it?".......Da Da Da..........."oh, Jesus!"........Da Da Da........"who was it?"........Da Da Da......."oh, mary!". Something like that. Thought it'd be cool. Thanks for the input.:righton:
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    Your mini LPs are awesome! I'd love to know what materials you're using for these. I want to get into doing some of these myself.
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    When's the "Theme for Tress" ever going to be on CD?
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    These are the albums that I would have assembled given the material recorded at the time for all of the albums through The Birds, The Bees & The Monkees.

    It has to stop there for me since some of the stuff recorded during the Head era I think will show up on the Instant Replay deluxe edition if that ever gets released (I think Andrew said somewhere that the Head set was only to include the movie-related songs even though other material was recorded during that timeframe).

    Monkees -- I'll pretend that the sessions ran late and that they didn't finish until Sept '66:

    All the King's Horses
    Saturday's Child
    I Wanna Be Free (Fast Version)
    Tomorrow's Gonna Be Another Day
    Papa Gene's Blues
    Take A Giant Step

    Last Train To Clarksville
    So Goes Love
    Of You
    Words (First recorded version)
    Mr. Webster (Early version)
    Sweet Young Thing

    More of the Monkees (if 7 songs can't fit each side, then 2 songs would have been released as 45s only):

    When Love Comes Knockin' (at Your Door)
    Mary, Mary
    Hold On Girl (Early version)
    Apples, Peaches, Bananas and Pears
    Your Auntie Grizelda
    (I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone

    Look Out (Here Comes Tomorrow)
    The Kind of Girl I Could Love
    Kicking Stones
    I'll Spend My Life With You (First Recorded Version)
    Sometime in the Morning
    I Don't Think You Know Me (Second Recorded Version)
    I'm a Believer


    You Told Me
    All Of Your Toys
    Forget that Girl
    You Just May Be The One
    Shades of Gray
    A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You

    The Girl I Knew Somewhere
    For Pete's Sake
    Sunny Girlfriend
    No Time
    Early Morning Blues and Greens
    Randy Scouse Git

    Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones:

    She Hangs Out
    The Door Into Summer
    Love Is Only Sleeping
    Cuddly Toy
    Goin' Down

    Hard to Believe
    What Am I Doin' Hangin' Round?
    Pleasant Valley Sunday
    Daily Nightly
    Don't Call On Me
    Star Collector

    The Birds, the Bees & the Monkees (double album):

    Dream World
    Auntie's Municipal Court
    Prithee (Do Not Ask for Love) --Peter sung version
    Tapioca Tundra
    Daydream Believer
    Nine Times Blue

    I'll Be Back Up On My Feet
    The Poster
    Tear the Top Right Off My Head (Micky sung)
    Do I Have To Do This All Over Again
    War Games (version 2 on BB&M box)
    Carlisle Wheeling
    Seeger's Theme

    Through the Looking Glass
    We Were Made for Each Other
    Come On In
    My Share of the Sidewalk
    While I Cry
    Zor and Zam

    Ceiling in My Room
    DW Washburn
    The Girl I Left Behind Me
    Magnolia Simms

    Some of the other songs I would release later on Instant Replay or b-sides.
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    Here's another alternate reality scenario for the Monkees. After Headquarters was kept from the #1 spot by Sgt. Pepper for most of it's run, the boys get ambitious, take their time and decide to go progressive. Here's the track list and cover:

    Porpoise Song
    Daily Nightly
    Tapioca Tundra
    Pleasant Valley Sunday
    As We Go Along
    Long Title: Do I Have To Do This All Over Again
    (I Prithee) Do Not Ask For Love
    The Door Into Summer
    Can You Dig It
    Love Is Only Sleeping
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    Even though it's filled with stellar songs, I never loved More Of The Monkees for several reasons: the title, the cover, the Kirshner liner notes, Auntie Grizelda, The Day We Fall In Love. So, some minor surgery, I axe Grizelda for the Peter version of I Don't Think You Know Me, swap The Day We Fall In Love for I'll Be Back Upon My Feet, new cover (with photo below, or something similar), change the title to She or The Monkees 2nd Album, and keep Donnie away from the typewriter. Presto, a playlist I now enjoy.:cheers:

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    I always wanted to see a complete Mike Nesmith CD collection. He's not my favorite monkee yet I always wanted to see him get some exclusive attention. Never understood the lack of singles for his work. Many of his songs would have been hits.
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    I Envsioned,one night in a dream a Monkees' Lp called "Face To Face" with the second "Face" in backward lettering,And the Guys looking at each other,Micky looking at Mike,and Davy looking at Peter..The tracklisting was,I recall,the following tracks: 1.Tapioca Tundra 2.Writing Wrongs 3.The Girl I Knew Somwhere 4.The Kind Of Girl I Could Love 5.Auntie's Municipal Court 6.Love Is Only Sleeping 7.Pillow Time 8.Sometime In the Morning 9.Take a Giant Step 10.Porpoise Song 11.As We Go Along 12.I'll Be Back Up On My Feet (BBM Version)13. The Poster 14 I'm Gonna Try 15.Dream World 16.I Wanna Be Free 17.She Hangs Out (45 Version) 18.She Hangs Out (P,A,C&J,Ltd. Version,natch!) 19.Peter Percival Patterson's Pet Pig Porky 20.Lady's Baby 21.Do I Have To Do This All Over Again? 22.Your Auntie Grizelda 23.Words and,finally,24.Opening Annoncement...In short,a side each Monkee! Nifty,Huh?
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    No more burritos after 9:00 p.m., Mr. Michael J. Boyce!
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    Nicely done, I chose to make the same changes.:righton:
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    If one keeps the LP format, I'd remove The Day We Fall In Love, Laugh and When Love Comes Knocking At Your Door and add Valleri, Davy's vocal version of (I Prithee) Do Not Ask For Love and Mike's version of I Don't Think You Know Me.
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    I put this re-imagining of Birds, Bees in the Barrelfull Thread but it's worth repeating because it is my current most-listened-to Monkees playlist. I see this double-album as the Monkees White Album and I can't help picturing a turn of the century circus poster when I hear some of these songs, haha. I even like Writing Wrongs now, 1st time in 25 years. :cheers:

    Side 1: Dream World, PO Box 9847, Tear The Top Right Off My Head, We Were Made For Each Other, Tapioca Tundra, Goin' Down
    Side 2: Party, Nine Times Blue, Auntie's Municipal Court, Come On In, Carlisle Wheeling, Daydream Believer
    Side 3: Valleri, DW Washburn, It's Nice To Be With You, Lady's Baby/Seeger's Theme, Writing Wrongs, I'm Gonna Try
    Side 4: Through The Looking Glass, Merry Go Round, The Poster, Magnolia Simms, War Games, Zor & Zam

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    My only problem with that lineup is that if you put the original Valleri on More Of The Monkees then you have to take the remake off of Birds and Bees. That screws up another album in my alternate Monkee universe.:angel: I do agree Valleri works very well on MOTM.
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    This my fantasy Birds and Bees album, I retitled it Alone Togther, because that's how I feel they started really recording this way and I always thought it was a way lame name. I redid the artwork a little because I always thought it looked kinda dorkey with the ship.
    My tracking goes like this :
    Auntie's Municipal Court /Nine Times Blue [Davy vocal]/Little Red Rider [acoustic version]/Come On In/Carlisle Wheeling [version 1] /Lady's Baby [version 2] / Ceiling In My Room/Seeger's Theme [acoustic] -All tracks are crossfadedinto one another on the first side , except for Seeger's theme
    side 2
    I'll Be Back Upon My Feet/ Tapioca Tundra - 1967stereo mix /P.O. Box 9847 / Magnolia Simms/ ALVIN-Daydream Believer /Zor and Zam/ Seeger's Theme [electric ]
    ALVIN goes right into the countdow free Daydream Believer , ala peter perciville/ pleasnat valley sunday.

    I think this is a much more mellow, mature sounding album
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    With the exception of Instant Replay which had a nice loose theme of lost love, I think it was a mistake to add older tracks to the mix post Pisces. I think each album as it could have been, had a distinctive feel. Birds is the Monkees at their most eclectic and most of the tracks have a nice eccentric "I Am The Walrus" vibe to them. Davy's early songwriting efforts with Steve Pitts are great little pop songs but quite different from his later work with Bill Chadwick. Many of the tracks from Present have a sophisticated flavor to them and the album could have been so much better if they stuck to that game plan. Changes to me (with Nesmith) would have been more whimsical with a distinct R & B edge, more rollicking and loose than it's 2 Tork-less predecessors. Fantasy albums, like Michelle's cover art are sometimes heads and shoulders above the real ones!
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    Too many cooks spoil the meal, or whatever. All the albums after Pisces sound thrown together because they were. There was no group vision and it very much shows. On the plus side, a lot of superior stuff was left in the vaults and that is why you can have so much fun "fixing" these albums.:angel:
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    At least,you didn't include the box containng an Employee of RCA (Behind a bunch of Flowers,Partly hidden) that caused BIG Headaches for them,by The Monkees! (Oh,Yeah,you did! I see him there!)
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    Is the title intentionally misspelled for a reason?
  21. alais71

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    LOL :eek:
    I didn't even notice it untill you said something! No, not intentional, just my ******* gene kickin' in: agree::goodie:
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    I'd figure if he took the time to get himself onto the cover, who was I to take him out ;)
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    :laugh:But,I believe the head of RCA put him in on his own suggestion,since he was one of the "Big Wigs" of the company! BTW,The Prez of RCA received a call from Lester Sill,asking to take him out because "The Guys wanted to be theirs only"and that included the cover..The Prez said,"No,leave it as is!" Sill said "OK,Boss!",and did so.
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    Yeah, I sort of remember reading about that story. I always thought the 'Big Wig" put his own picture and I always wonder two things. The first being I wondered if was a friend of Don Kirshner, and that was his way of busting on the boys. The other was, if he wasn't a friend of Donnie's , or the artist who put the sleve together...just how big were his kahoonas in trying to get away with such a thing :eek:
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    I can hear my father say, "Life's short, buy the shoes"

    I have been working on this for years, so I submit several works in progress from Monkees' fantasy land, hastened by the good earth's loss of David Thomas Jones:

    First, I would make minor changes to Pool It!

    I would remove Secret Heart (Brian Fairweather/Martin Page) 3:43, She’s Movin’ in with Rico (Andrew Howell) 3:19 and Counting on You (Alan Green) 3:47

    I would add MGB-GT (Peter Tork) 2:35, That Was Then, This is Now (Vance Brescia) 4:04 and Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere (Dick Eastman/Bobby Hart) 3:57

    Side One (20:35)
    Heart and Soul (Simon Byrne/Andrew Howell) 3:53
    Long Way Home (Dick Eastman/Bobby Hart) 3:49
    (I’d Go the) Whole Wide World (Eric Goulden) 2:55
    MGB-GT (Peter Tork) 2:35 non-LP B-side, technically recorded live in concert, so what?
    That Was Then, This is Now (Vance Brescia) 4:04 1986 A-side
    Every Step of the Way (Ian Hunter/Mark Clarke) 3:19

    Side Two (20:56)
    Don't Bring Me Down (Tom Teeley/Glenn Wyka) 3:37
    Gettin' In (Peter Tork) 3:01
    Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere (Dick Eastman/Bobby Hart) 3:57 should have been the next 1986 A-side
    (I'll) Love You Forever (David Jones) 3:20
    Midnight (? David) 4:27 does anyone know this songwriter’s first name?
    Since You Went Away (Michael Levine) 2:34

    And a bonus 1983 album; a precursor to Pool It!, grouping together the best of the post-Dolenz, Jones, Boyce and Hart/The Point studio sessions for Micky, Davy & Peter:

    Side One (18:15)
    It's Now (Peter Doyle) 4:00
    Love Light (John Brown/Gerald Brown) 2:58
    Can She Do It (Like She Dances) (Steve Duboff/Gerry Robinson) 3:42
    To Be or Not to Be (Terry Britten/Brian Robertson) 3:05
    How Do You Know? (Bobby Heatlie) 2:41
    I Truly Understand (Traditional) 1:49

    Side Two (19:08)
    Piston Power (Micky Dolenz) 2:18
    You Don't Have to Be a Country Boy (Tommy Boyce/Davy Jones) 2:32
    Alicia (Micky Dolenz) 4:15
    Rainbows (Chip Douglas) 2:55
    Beverly Hills (Micky Dolenz) 3:23
    Higher and Higher (Raynard Miner/Carl Smith/Gary Jackson/Billy Davis) 3:45

    If you want to be more creative, mix in Mike’s post Infinite Rider songs, collected on The Newer Stuff CD:
    Total Control (Michael Nesmith) 3:55
    Tanya (Michael Nesmith) 4:15
    I'll Remember You (Michael Nesmith) 3:55
    Eldorado to the Moon (Bill Martin) 2:49
    Formosa Diner (Michael Nesmith) 3:50
    Dreamer (Michael Nesmith) 4:45
    Tahiti Condo (Michael Nesmith) 3:54
    Chow Mein and Bowling (Bill Martin) 3:24

    Other songs to consider (and I am):
    Walkin' in the Sand (Michael Nesmith) 3:09, Rollin' (Michael Nesmith) 3:30, Dr. Duck's Super-Secret All-Purpose Sauce (Michael Nesmith), So in Love With You (David Jones) 3:25, Manchester Boy (David Jones) 2:16, Baby, You'll Soon Be Sixteen (Alan Green), Baby, Hold Out (David Jones/Andy Sears) 4:21, One Man Woman (Doug Trevor) 2:59, Wich Mama (Peter Tork), Tender is (Peter Tork), Hi Babe (Peter Tork), El Salvador (Nick Thorkleson), Good Looker (Riley Cummings)

    Next up is a 1994 album; the follow-up to Pool It! and precursor to Justus without Michael’s participation in the sessions. I used David's Incredible, Micky's Demoiselle, a couple of Peter's albums among other releases...:

    Side One (22:30)
    It’s the Season (Micky Dolenz) 2:47
    Easy Rider (Peter Tork) 3:35
    Make the Woman Love Me (Barry Mann/Cynthia Weil) 4:34
    Moonbeam Song (Harry Nilsson) 3:13
    Only Dreaming (Eric Goulden) 3:14
    Not That Bad (Micky Dolenz) 2:46
    Little Girl (Peter Tork) 2:31

    Side Two (23:47)
    Lonely Weekends (Micky Dolenz) 3:25
    Hangin' by a Thread (Jerry Goldsmith) 3:47
    Sea Change (Peter Tork) 4:02
    She Believes (John Stewart) 3:40
    Remember (Harry Nilsson) 3:17
    Tender is (Peter Tork) 3:20
    Manchester Boy (David Jones) 2:16

    Also, does anyone know who wrote Wasn't in the Cards (from the old Peter Tork Project days)?
    I emailed Peter last year and asked him who wrote this song, but received “no reply”. There, my one required Fabs reference for the thread. ;)

    Corrections? Thoughts? Marshmallows? :help::cry:

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