Alternate/Fantasy MONKEES albums

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by VeeFan64, Jul 19, 2009.

  1. mr_mjb1960

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    Ain't they,tho'? They BEAUTIFUL!! I'm in awe! To whoever who'd done these..My salute to you!:righton:
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    ....Keeping with the fantasy theme, I understand the Stereo version of this album is quite rare and has only been seen once up for auction. Not on Ebay but on Craig's list......and no I didn't purchase it....

    Would love our art experts to come up with the fantasy Colgems Greatest Hits album that was release in 1969 and their list of tracks that should have been released.

    Side 1

    1. (Theme from) The Monkees (TV version only)
    2. Last Train to Clarksville
    3. I Wanna Be Free
    4. Papa Gene's Blues
    5. I'm A Believer
    6. (I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone (mono version)
    7. Auntie Grizelda
    8. The Girl I knew Somewhere

    Side 2

    1. A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You (mono version with hand claps)
    2. Randy Scouse Git
    3. Cuddly Toy
    4. Words
    5. Pleasant Valley Sunday
    6. Daydream Believer
    7. Valleri
  3. sotet

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    The 33.3 "fake" cover is cool. I actually do like a lot of that "album" but I cannot sit thru the entire special, have to skip a lot of it.
  4. entropyfan

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    The debut LP, Headquarters, Pisces, and Head are fine as-is. Re-imagine them anyway you want, but they work as cohesive releases.

    More of the Monkees is pretty badly assembled, and regardless of WHAT you put on the later albums, they weren't going to sound like homogeneous group efforts.
  5. wayne66

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    I agree the entire special is pretty weak. That is why I wish the master tapes could be found. Then a proper cd could be released and the songs could be experienced in an audio only setting without the visual weirdness.
  6. wayne66

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    I agree the entire special is pretty weak. That is why I wish the master tapes could be found. Then a proper cd could be released and the songs could be experienced in an audio only setting without the visual weirdness.Similar to the Beatles Magical Mystery Tour special.
  7. wayne66

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    Sorry about the double post.
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    Hey thanks for the compliments everyone. The 33&1/3 cover & back slick is from almost three years ago. Unfortunately, I lost the original Photoshop documents during a computer transfer, so I can't go back and tighten them up. (There's one very gregarious typo on the back cover that I could just kick myself over, but no way to edit it now.)

    The Instant Replay cover I just did the other night. My Photoshop skills have come a long way in that time, but I'm the first to admit I don't hold a candle to the fine work of the artist who did the ones at the beginning of this thread (the Davy on the Great White Way one and others). Those are just amazing! Whoever did that Changes cover with Mike on it did a brilliant job too.

    Strangely, I absolutely love 33&1/3 (special and soundtrack). Just wrote a long elaborate review of it on my blog last week!
  9. Michelle66

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    Jason, thanks for the compliment! I really appreciate that!

    I also like your back cover to 33 1/3! Have you thought about doing a front cover too? (Finding decent, non-video capture shots might be a bit hard though...)
  10. Wade

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    Michelle66 did a better job on album covers than the original album designers--that's for sure!
  11. Jason Penick

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    Funny, I posted my 33&1/3 front cover to this thread but it got taken down. Did a gort do this or was there some kind of problem with the image itself? :confused:

    I can re-post it again if that's okay.
  12. StewMac

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  13. Michelle66

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    A couple of folks here have made some much appreciated comments on my "Davy!" cover (part of a so-called "Alternate Reality" project that features the Monkees).

    I've gone over the whole series in the "Missing Links" thread, so I won't rehash it here, but in the alternate reality, the Monkees didn't make a movie in 1968. Instead, each of them made a solo LP (ala the ones Kiss did in the late 70's), under the "Monkees Present" banner.

    Mike's solo LP was actually the easiest to compile, as it features all of his 1968 Nashville tunes, plus a couple of other countrified tracks from the same period.

    I also knew how I wanted the sleeve to look. But, getting the right picture to use has been a real problem (which is why I'm posting the info here.)

    Bascially, I need a high-res shot of him wearing his Nudie suit. It must be from the time *before* he grew his beard, and it should be full-figure.

    The ideal shot was used inside Rhino's "The Monkees Present" booklet, but the resolution was just too poor to be of use (as you can see from the pic).

    If anyone has the picture in question, I can offer them a finished mini-LP sleeve when I'm done (the back covers still need to be made).

    As for the picture, I *know* he wore the suit in the 33 1/3 special. I've been through the show and nothing is usable. He also has the suit on in the 1969 tour booklet, but those pics are all B&W. (He also is wearing it on the sleeve of a CD reissue - but he also has his beard, so no go.)

    Anyway... here it is:

    “The Monkees Present: Mike Nesmith's Neon Rodeo"

    Side 1:
    1. Good Clean Fun
    2. Nine Times Blue
    3. St. Matthew
    4. Propinquity (I’ve Just Begun To Care)
    5. Some Of Shelly’s Blues
    6. Listen To The Band
    Side 2:
    1. While I Cry
    2. Hollywood
    3. Don’t Wait For Me
    4. How Insensitive
    5. Carlisle Wheeling
    6. The Crippled Lion
    Produced by Michael Nesmith

    You'll notice this LP has a couple of tracks from "Instant Replay". Well, in the alternate reality, BBM doesn't use Magnolia Simms, and there was no "Head" soundtrack (which frees up "Circle Sky"). The alternate Instant Replay will probably feature this two tracks instead.

    The version of "Listen To The Band" here is the alt take from the Rhino "Monkees Present" CD.

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  14. BobT

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    Very cool! You should send that to Mike, he'd get a kick out of it, I think.
  15. Michelle66

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    Here's the latest (and most revolting) of my Alternate Reality sleeves...

    OK, this cover is disgusting. I admit it. I was all grossed out while I designed it, yet kept laughing at how merry the illustrated monkeys looked as they flung poo at each other.

    This LP really needs an explanation - both "real world" and also how this entry fits into my alternate reality project.

    The real world explanation is easy. After compiling all the various tracks onto different LPs, there were still roughly 20 songs (not counting remixes or alternate versions) unused.

    Most of the unused songs were ones cut from the alternate reality "Changes" LP, or ones from Davy's early '67 sessions with Jeff Barry.

    The story of the LP in the alternate reality is that while Colgems was winding down operations & compiling the "Barrel Full Of Monkees" greatest hits set, the production department discovered all the unused tracks and came up this LP strictly as an in-house joke.

    The art department then based the LP on the "Barrel Full" sleeve (which is what I actually did).

    Now, I don't believe that all of these songs are bad. I enjoy many of them. This LP is meant to be seen as a joke.

    What's on it? Here goes:

    Side 1
    1. 99 Pounds
    2. If I Learned To Play The Violin
    3. You're So Good To Me
    4. You Can't Tie A Mustang Down
    5. The Day We Fall In Love

    Side 2
    1. Tell Me Love
    2. All Alone In The Dark
    3. Acapulco Sun
    4. It's Got To Be Love
    5. Ticket On A Ferry Ride

    Side 3
    1. Ladies Aid Society
    2. Kicking Stones
    3. My Storybook Of You
    4. I Never Thought It Peculiar
    5. I Can't Get Her Off My Mind

    Side 4
    1. The Good Earth
    2. Rosemarie
    3. You're So Good
    4. Shake 'Em Up
    5. I Didn't You You Had It In You Sally, You're A Real Ball Of Fire

    Sides 1 & 2 were produced by Jeff Barry. Side 3 was produced by Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart. Side 4: tracks 2 & 4 were produced by Micky Dolenz. Track 3 was produced by Michael Nesmith. Track 5 was produced by Denny Randell.

    I hope you think it's funny. It's supposed to be!

    Finally, you might get indignant that some of your faves are here. But, I bet if you made a list of your five least-favorite Monkee tunes, at least one or two would be on this LP...

    (Incidentally, if you'd like to see all of these in higher resolution, check the sleeves out at my flickr page: )

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    Uhm, ok....
  17. VeeFan64

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    Haha, that's amazing! I have the actual barrel album and the cover looks pretty convincing.

    Great work!
  18. CellPhoneFred

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    That is so good, it is scary!

    I'd buy it!

    BRAVO! :righton:
  19. minerwerks

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    Holy crap, (pun not intended at first) that's pretty amusing!

    Those who haven't checked out the catalog number might want to. :D

    The pictures of all the mini sleeves look spectacular. :righton:
  20. VeeFan64

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    When I made a Mike Nesmith comp a while back, I made this cover for it. Of course I have no skills at this sort of thing, which makes it all the more funnier looking.

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  21. Michelle66

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    Minerwerks, you caught the catalog number joke! Good job! :righton:

    I'm glad many of you seem to see the humor in that sleeve.

    The idea for it came about after doing "Changes". The next album Colgems prepared for the Monkees was "Barrel Full" - with its Monkees/monkeys juxtaposition.

    In the real world, "Barrel Full" was a greatest hits collection, so it seemed that an alternate reality version needed to be a bit different.

    And what claim to fame are monkeys known for besides having fun in a barrel? Well....there ya go!

    (Besides, in all honesty, most of the leftover tracks are really not that good. Try sitting through those 20 songs as they were assembled and the name will start to seem quite apt...)
  22. Michelle66

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    Here's the recently-completed back cover of "Neon Rodeo".

    Hope it looks authentic enough...

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  23. misssunshine

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    holy cow!!! You have done an outstanding job here!!!!! Makes me wanna cry that I can't go buy this record. WOW! :goodie:
  24. BobT

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    WOW- where can I buy my copies?
    That looks tremendous!!:goodie:
  25. mr_mjb1960

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    Ah,THAT'S THE STUFF,MICHELLE! I love all your covers...Andrew should use 'em all! (As well as a "Monkees Present" card set.."Collect all 4!"..I LOVE IT!! Keep up the fantastic work!:righton::thumbsup:

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