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  1. readr

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    The Monkees - 20th Century Masters

    (Theme From) The Monkees (tv version)
    Last Train To Clarksville
    I Wanna Be Free
    Papa Gene's Blues
    I'm A Believer
    Mary, Mary
    (I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone
    All Of Your Toys
    A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You
    The Girl I Knew Somewhere
    You Just May Be The One
    Randy Scouse Git
    Shades Of Gray
    Pleasant Valley Sunday
    Cuddly Toy
    What Am I Doing Hangin' Round
    Daydream Believer
    Goin' Down
    Tapioca Tundra
    P.O. Box 9847
    Zor And Zam
    Porpoise Song
    As We Go Along
    You And I
    While I Cry
    Teardrop City
    Someday Man
    Mommy And Daddy
    Listen To The Band

    Would I buy it, no. But would newcomers take a look, maybe. There's so many of these types, I'm not sure we need another. But, if I had to introduce the group to someone who hasn't heard them, this would be a good retrospective. All the hits, key series tracks, and a few album gems. I like the Anthology better, but this covers most the bases.
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  2. Michelle66

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    "Monkee Soul"....."Plastic Soul"...."Rubber Monkees"...or other?

    Trying to come up with a title was really hard. The best title would have the same meter as "Rubber Soul", and getting a pun in there would be fantastic.

    The problem is there aren't too many words that rhyme with "Rubber"... Lessee:

    Wubber Soul - (Elmer Fudd's favorite Beatles LP....)
    Chubber Soul - (Dance music for Jenny Craig customers)
    Flubber Sole - (Fred MacMurray's creation to make basketball players jump higher)

    And, what about words that rhyme with "Soul"...

    Rubber Bowl - (something found at the Playboy mansion...? ;) )
    Rubber Foal - (a bouncy baby horse)
    Rubber Mole - (sold at joke shops everywhere)
    Rubber Pole - (sold at (adult) joke shops everywhere... ;) )

    That's about it. None of them are Monkee-related, so if any of you can think of something that works well, I'd love to hear your ideas.
  3. mr.schneider

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    N. Beechwood Dr.
    Paul McCartney mutters "Plastic Soul, man, Plastic Soul" during one of the Beatles sessions, so it fits perfectly.
  4. Wade

    Wade Well-Known Member

    Anywhere but here
    In trying to fit the mood of the US Rubber Soul, maybe these songs, possibly in another order:

    Look Out (Here Comes Tomorrow)
    Tomorrow's Gonna Be Another Day
    Just A Game
    Nine Times Blue
    Tear The Top Right Off My Head
    Midnight Train
    Early Morning Blues and Greens
    Sunny Girlfriend

    As We Go Along
    I Don't Think You Know Me (Peter Vocals)
    I Wanna Be Free
    The Door Into Summer
    Love Is Only Sleeping
    Seeger's Theme
    Do Not Ask For Love
    She'll Be There
    If I Ever Get to Saginaw

    Another idea, is Monkees' Soul as in Sooooouul, brotha' :laugh:

    Goin' Down
    Little Red Rider
    You're So Good
    Look Down
    Steam Engine

    You're So Good To Me
    I Love You Better
    She Hangs Out
  5. mr_mjb1960

    mr_mjb1960 I'm a Tarrytowner 'Til I die!

    Rubber Blubber?:laugh:
  6. minerwerks

    minerwerks Forum Resident

    Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers? :D
  7. VeeFan64

    VeeFan64 A 60s Music Kind of Guy Thread Starter

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    Rubber Ball (that would be the rare album featuring Bobby Vee backed by The Monkees). 8 million copies were made, all destroyed when Mike Nesmith burned them in a huge bonfire, along with his green and blue wool caps.
  8. Michelle66

    Michelle66 Forum Resident

    It's funny how the Monkees TV show was originally sponsored by Kellogg's, yet they never did a mail-in offer for special Monkees records. (Post did a tie-in when the show was shown on Saturday mornings, and Kellogg's would later do promotions with both the Banana Splits and Josie & The Pussycats.)

    In the alternate reality universe, Kellogg's did two Monkee promotions - each about 6 months apart (early and mid 1967).

    The earlier promotion (put together in late February), was one of the last things Donnie Kirshner compiled before his discharge. The promotion was to tie-in with the immenent release of "The Monkees' Third Album", so it features all Jeff Barry-produced tracks.

    It also features LOTS of Davy.

    In fact, it's ALL Davy..!

    This was because Davy was Kirshner's "boy", and Donnie wanted to make Davy the face of the group.

    Also, in terms of which Monkee pushed the most product out the doors, Davy beat all the others combined.

    So, Donnie K. presented Kellogg's with four tracks submitted for "Third Album" that didn't make the cut:

    The Monkees' EP (CKS-001)
    1. 99 Pounds
    2. You Can't Tie A Mustang Down
    3. If I Learned To Play The Violin
    4. The Day We Fall In Love
    Produced by Jeff Barry

    Needless to say, Donnie's favortism didn't sit well with anyone involved with the Monkees project.

    The three non-Davy Monkees were righteously PO'd and threatened to quit.

    Kellogg's had been promised songs that had appeared on the show. They (rightfully) felt that the four songs they were given were not of the highest quality. (One executive was even overheard shouting, "These fu**ing songs are more sickening sweet than the goddamn cereal!!!")

    Raybert was caught in the middle (yet again), and as far as Schneider and Rafelson were concerned, it was just one more crack in the ice under Donnie-boy's grand scheme.

    For the sleeve, Kellogg's art department used an extremely early publicity photo of the Monkees that showed them in a jail cell. While both Davy and Micky are smiling in the shot, Mike and Peter have sour expressions. The irony wasn't lost on Raybert, nor on the Monkees themselves. (It did however go straight over D.K.'s head...!)

    (The Monkees EP #2 to come later)

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  9. BobT

    BobT Resident Monkeeman

    That is funny!
    So, is the 2nd Kelloggs EP feature a picture of the group breaking out of something? With the fast version of "I Wanna Be Free"?
  10. minerwerks

    minerwerks Forum Resident

    More awesome work! And a good story to boot. :righton:
  11. Michelle66

    Michelle66 Forum Resident

    The second EP will feature these tracks:

    1. I Wanna Be Free (fast version)
    2. All The King's Horses
    3. No Time (not on the alt. Headquarters)
    4. I Don't Think You Know Me (Peter's vocal)
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  12. sotet

    sotet New Member

    Nice photoshop of fantasy Monkee what-if records, it inspires me to learn this program.
  13. Michelle66

    Michelle66 Forum Resident

    Another day...another goofy fake sleeve...

    ...and we pick up our story...:

    The Monkees' first EP proved to be a bonanza for Kellogg's. The executives were therefore chomping at the bit to get another promotion started. But this time they wanted more control over the final product.

    Nobody in Battle Creek was especially taken with the songs used on the first EP. They had been promised that the songs would have been from the show, so they felt short-changed when the tapes arrived from Kirshner.

    But, now that Kirshner was out, the much more accomodating Lester Sill promised a more balanced set of tunes the second time around.

    Sill went back to the first season episodes and found two tracks had been used on the show, but never released on record. He also found a quality outtake from the Headquarters sessions that Raybert had planned to use at least twice during the second season. He was also able to round out the set with a Tork-sung version of a song that had appeared on "More of the Monkees". (Sill was also happy that he'd be able to "spread the wealth" with the producers too, as each song had a different one.)

    Kellogg's was very satisfied with the choice of tracks, yet they were a bit puzzled by the photograph Raybert had sent over to use for the sleeve.

    Gone were the matching outfits. Gone was Mike's trademark wool hat. And, just what the heck was going on with Micky's hair?

    The photo - taken at the onset of the Monkees' US Summer tour - was a "new look" Monkees that would debut on the show come September.

    Once the shock of seeing the Monkees in their non-matching "hippy threads" waned, Kellogg's got excited when they realized they could now promote their new-look cereal packaging with the new-look Monkees.

    The promotion started to roll out during the final week of July. By mid-August it was at its peak, with "Puffa Puffa Rice" generating the most revenue for the company.

    The Monkees' Second EP (CKS-002)
    1. No Time
    2. All The King's Horses
    3. I Wanna Be Free (Fast Version)
    4. I Don't Think You Know Me (Sung by Peter)

    Produced by Douglas Farthing Hatlelid, Michael Nesmith, Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart, Carole King & Jeff Barry

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  14. Michelle66

    Michelle66 Forum Resident

    Last week, I borrowed Rubber Soul for the Monkees. Well, turnabout is fair play, so here's "Pisces, Libra, Gemini & Starr Ltd."

    Key tracks:

    - Salestaxman
    - Love Is Only Sleeping (Me Too!)
    - Peter Percival Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Pig [....OK, this one was bad!]
    - A Hard Daily Nightly
    - Starr Collector

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  15. JuanTCB

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    Michelle, that is awesome.
  16. VeeFan64

    VeeFan64 A 60s Music Kind of Guy Thread Starter

    Philadelphia, PA
    You have a knack for this stuff. Keep it up!
  17. Sunset Sam

    Sunset Sam Forum Resident

    Irvington, IN leave me speechless. WOW!!!!
  18. BobT

    BobT Resident Monkeeman

    Son of a gun, that is freakin' tremendous :goodie: :thumbsup: :goodie:
  19. Chip TRG

    Chip TRG Senior Member

    Wow.......just WOW!
  20. sotet

    sotet New Member

    Pretty cool, Michelle. I like that Monkees-Beatles knock-off quite a bit. :)
  21. Sammy Banderas

    Sammy Banderas Forum Resident

    San Diego, CA, USA
    You made my day with that "fab" piece of work, Michelle!!! Thanks for sharing your gift with all of us.:righton:
  22. semidetached

    semidetached Monkees Mixographist

    Bucks County, PA
    That one just blew me away.
  23. Michelle66

    Michelle66 Forum Resident

    I'm glad you guys seem to like the fabs/pre-fabs mashup!

    It's funny how it came about: last week, I was at a used record store and came across an old Beatle bootleg of BBC recordings. The front cover had "Beatles" written in the style of the Monkees' logo. The logo was too wild to pass up, so I got the record only for its cover!

    Of the three Monkees LPs that had the guitar logo on the cover, PAC&J seemed like the only one that would work - so PLG&S was the result.
  24. Michelle66

    Michelle66 Forum Resident

    Instant Replay (Alternate Reality)

    One thing that has always bugged me about "Instant Replay" is its name. It has always sounded like the name for a greatest hits collection (as in "play again").

    And, while the original cover is quite colorful, its three separate pictures of the Monkees (especially on the original Colgems LP) seemed rather haphazardly thrown in..

    I've always felt that this LP would have benefitted if its cover showed the post-Peter Monkees as a cohesive unit (even though they really weren't).

    So, that's the thinking that went on when this sleeve was designed. I used the same font as the original (pretty much), but also tried to do something that tied the picture together with the LP's title.

    Hope you like it!

    As for the songs, well, a few needed to be switched around. The original line-up for "The Birds, The Bees & The Monkees" contained "Through the Looking Glass", so it wasn't used here. "Don't Wait For Me" and "While I Cry" were used on Mike's solo LP, so those were cut as well.

    The tracks used instead are "Auntie's Municipal Court", "Magnolia Simms", and a vocals-up mix of the HEAD version of "Circle Sky". (Rumor has it that Rhino is supposed to be releasing an expanded BB&M set that will contain a 'clean' version of "Magnolia Simms". That mix is what I'd probably use here.)

    So, the track listing looks like this:

    Side One
    1. You And I [start this thing off with a bang!]
    2. Auntie's Municipal Court
    3. I Won't Be The Same Without Her
    4. Me Without You
    5. Just A Game
    6. Circle Sky

    Side Two
    1. Tear Drop City
    2. Don't Listen to Linda
    3. Magnolia Simms
    4. The Girl I Left Behind Me
    5. A Man Without A Dream
    6. Shorty Blackwell

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  25. StewMac

    StewMac Member

    The original Instant Replay is one of my favourite album covers of all time!

    This is interesting, but hard for me to accept..

    Great work tho (as always)!

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