Always up for something new: Roon 1.8

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by jmrife, Feb 2, 2021.

  1. jmrife

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    Wheat Ridge, CO
    Am I the only one here looking forward to Roon 1.8 next Monday? Four years into it, the only problems I have had with the Roon system have been user error. Looking forward to Monday.
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  2. Donivey

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    I, too, am looking forward to the update. Roon has been the best $500 (lifetime membership) I've spent in this hobby.
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  3. SKBubba

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  4. fish

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    NY, USA
    I believe it will let you filter or "Focus" on Streaming services now.

    I use it to filter bitrates but it will only do so with your local music.
    Id like to filter and see only high-bit rate titles from Tidal or Qobuz sometimes. Cant do that currently.
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  5. trickness

    trickness Gotta painful yellow headache

    Excited about this but with cautious expectations - hope it’s not a bugfest
  6. Blue Gecko

    Blue Gecko Peace

    I do use Roon and their updates seem to typically focus on obtaining new subscribers vs. established users with large music collections (IMO). I do like the new look and I hope they don't make Roon slower and more bloated. Roon use on an Android or iPhone tends to be slower and more quirky with each release. Support for NAS devices seems to be a continued afterthought by the developers (they suggest "better" storage devices). While pre-emphasis has been talked about, Roon has not provided a serious solution (I am now re-ripping pre-emphasis CDs and applying de-emphasis--A simple pre-emphasis tag/filter and DSP within Roon could have save me a lot of time).

    I don't mean to be overly negative, I just hope for more substance and less polish. A simple success story would be for Roon to consistently find the albums I own while searching by Artist--currently search results are often incomplete. Perhaps some thought to a redesign of their their database would help users with larger physical music collections.

    I guess I'm more supportive of usability vs. big and bloated for web sites and products (e.g., see Jakob Nielsen on Designing Web Usability). As an experienced user, I look at Roon as a tool to get to my music--not as an endpoint to explore the music industry.
  7. trickness

    trickness Gotta painful yellow headache

    Gotta agree. The main thing I'd love them to improve is metadata editing - it's completely arcane and painful to use, and I use it on nearly every title I import as their title lookup is really weak for everything but major label releases.
  8. Kray

    Kray Forum Resident

    Really excited about this release too...

    I was 1 week away from being able to buy the lifetime before they jacked the price up. It was $499 and I was contemplating, then without knowing the next week it jumped to $699 :mad: (after I decided to go ahead and get it for $499) So I then looked to move off Roon and got a Lumin U1 Mini, but really missed the UI and music discovery of Roon, so now I'm back... still using Lumin but going to build a pi2aes with Ropieee to compare.
  9. OC Zed

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    Costa Mesa, CA
    Does this mean streaming service playlists will now be searchable? Or is there a way to do that currently?
  10. K Knight

    K Knight Well-Known Member

    I have one month left in my roon subscription and had planned on leaving it. I found it really messy.

    What I did like about it was like I have playlists with 1400 songs on them and for me to play with it on Tidal, it only shuffled between the first 50 songs that it first loaded. Which then just repeats the same songs each time I accessed the playlist. Tidal shouldn't be doing this. But at least Roon doesn't do that and resolved that for me. It loads the whole list of songs and plays through all of it.

    Next week I think I will invest more time with Roon as I don't think I'm using it till its full capacity. I don't have multiple locations or fully understand the dsd side of things yet.

    As someone who studied HCI I did find the platform design a wee bit comber some. So looking forward to a new makeover.
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  11. Jaap74

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    Sydney, Australia
    I am a Lifetime subscriber and love Roon. I am hoping that part of the update includes the ability to play Atmos tracks from Tidal............
  12. Encore

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  13. ctbarker32

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    Kensington, MD
    Roon - 10 Things You Don't Know (Video)

    I have been using Roon for several years and have a lifetime subscription.

    When I meet fellow Audiophiles, I often ask whether they have tried various features in Roon. To my surprise, most have never used all the splendid features included with Roon. I am not sure why this is the case but it may be related to “discoverability” but there could be other factors.

    For a while now I have been contemplating making a YouTube video that reveals some of these features that many seem to miss.

    With today’s announcement about the next version of Roon, I am just in time with my video. Undoubtedly, I will have to follow up with another video once version 1.8 is released.

    My video is my contribution to the Roon community. I am sure many of the experts here will know most of the things I talk about, but you may pick up a tip or two.

  14. Dax_Frost

    Dax_Frost A Visual Loop

    Houston, Texas
    Thanks for doing this. I've only been using Roon for a very short time and I feel like I'm barely scratching the surface.
  15. brubacca

    brubacca Forum Resident

    I would love to hear this comparison. Been thinking about going with an established streamer. Ironically my Roon Rock was very unstable today.
  16. pscreed

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    Land of the Free
    I’m a Roon lifetime subscriber and a fan. But one of their biggest value props is the user experience side which is largely based on the quality of metadata sourced from third parties. And the quality of that data is really, really bad. Horrible. Anybody who is anything like me (“collector retentive”) has to be willing to just be ok with that as a Roon user. It’s a struggle sometimes. I went to play a set of Brandenburg Concertos on Roon not too long ago. This is the picture that came up on my screen for the composer (I an not making this up):

  17. Dillydipper

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    Central PA
    I don't know what the best feature of roon is: that it makes it easy for you, or that you can make it more complex if you're willing to work at it.

    My primary interest is isolating categories of music...and then shuffling between categories in an intelligent manner. Such as, a Christmas library that only comes up particular times of the year, and you can shuffle back-and-forth between shuffling different categories together (such as one pop, then one Christmas, than one pop, one Christmas, etc)(or one Favorites, then one deep cut, then one Favorites, then one deep help you stay focused on exploring your library without giving up the more-liked tracks in the process)(or, to add a category such as Western Swing to my regular shuffles, in case some clogger fan at the party doesn't want to be left out of the randomness).

    If I'm spending a lot of money on library software, I don't want to spend a day writing playlists just to make it sound random and personal at the same time, if there were an algorithm that could be tasked to do that for me.
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  18. elvisizer

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    San Jose
    do you mean for using the NAS to run roon? I run roon on a mac mini, but all my music is stored on a NAS mounted over NFS on the mac, never any issues with that. My nas is too old and slow (dual core Atom CPU) to run roon so I've never tried it
    this was a surprise to read- isn't this a pretty standard interface? you click on edit, then go to the edit album tab and type in whatever you want if neither Roon or the file already have the values you want to use. . . . Doesn't seem arcane or painful to me- are you doing the editing a different way maybe?
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  19. BayouTiger

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    New Orleans
    I run the Core on my QNAP NAS and mostly it’s fine though sometimes it take awhile to bring things up. A little baffling because the NAS is an i7 with 16GB and running little and the processor usage never spikes. I do think that the fact that I have many duplicate copies of nearly everything as my database points to both my primary and backup stores and I have ALAC, AAC, and MP3 (and sometimes FLAC) copies of nearly everything online which is silly I admit.
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  20. Archimago

    Archimago Forum Resident

    Agree, Roon is great.

    However, there is one main feature I'm looking for from Roon - REMOTE ACCESS.

    All else seems a bit like icing on the cake when such a feature would be a core function and literally be "liberating".
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  21. jmrife

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    Wheat Ridge, CO
    So far, nothing on any reviewing or beta testing posts have mentioned Atmos or Remote Access. Maybe, in a couple of years, when they release 2.0.

    By then, of course, Atmos may be old hat.
  22. jmrife

    jmrife Wife. Kids. Grandkids. Dog. Music. Thread Starter

    Wheat Ridge, CO
    Not impossible that problems will jump up, once the new software is in the wild. If so, I expect Roon will provide a quick fix. I guess I am an true fan boy, but I have been as happy with Roon as when I bought my first system in 1971.
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  23. trickness

    trickness Gotta painful yellow headache

    it’s painful when it’s more complex. Like when you have to combine multiple album sets, it’s just awkward and requires a lot of steps when you’re trying to correct information. Also sometimes it will arbitrarily show a performer that is completely different from the actual artist, and even though I go in and change the credits, change the album artist, manually enter the information, it will still show a different performer. I import dozens of records a month, many from bandcamp which are not in the Roon database, and I’m constantly having to make corrections and edit things. When it comes to making a simple change on one track that’s not hard, it’s more when you’re trying to get the correct version, or you have a CD or download that has multiple discs. It just bothers me that sometimes it doesn’t let me just change things that I want to change.
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  24. elvisizer

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    San Jose
    I guess the difference for me is for my obscure albums I just use the file metadata and don’t even have roon identify them. So no editing, no problems.
    I have at times done a bit of complex editing for box sets- sometimes roon will want to break those up into individual albums and I like to have them all as one entry instead.
    Anyway hopefully they’ll continue to improve in this area.
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  25. rockin_since_58

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