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Discussion in 'Coupons, Discounts & Sales' started by Jimmy Agates, Sep 20, 2018.

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    Me too, especially now that it's showing a $177 price tag.
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  3. Big Swifty

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    Japanese CD time....

    Robert Plant - Raising Sand (SHM-CD) $17.20

    Eric Clapton - Backtrackin' (2xSHM-CD) $21.56

    Beach Boys - Sunflower (SHM-CD) $18.59

    Bob Seger - Against The Wind (SHM-CD) $14.67

    Stravinsky - Petrouchka/Le Chant Du (SHM-CD) $13.68

    Beethoven - Symphonies 5 & 6 (SHM-CD) $9.44

    Santana - Caravanserai (Blu-spec) $22.06

    Journey - Escape (Blu-spec) $16.78

    Maxwell - Maxwell's Urban Hang Suite (Blu-spec) $18.43

    U2 - Songs Of Innocence (2CD) $15.83

    I'd like to thank Amazon for their continued patronage of the Japanese formats and their complete inability to recognise and price them correctly.
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  9. Big Swifty

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    More various Japanese CDs....

    Bob Dylan - Nashville Skyline $11.12

    Bob Dylan - Street Legal $10.41

    Elvis Presley - Today (2CD) $17.41

    Nina Simone - Here Comes The Sun $13.25

    Franz Ferdinand - Franz Ferdinand $17.18

    Mott The Hoople - The Hoople $12.59

    Beck, Bogert & Appice - Beck, Bogert & Appice $11.84

    The Isley Brothers - Live It Up $12.90
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  10. Jimmy Agates

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    I'll second that. Picked up many great Japanese titles cheaper than I could get them anywhere else in the world via AmazonAU and their strange pricing policy!!
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    Sydney Australia
    I haven't been able to find this particular pricing policy (Dutch auction style) described anywhere else, so I suspect it may be a quirk (“bug”?) unique to Amazon AU.

    There may be other explanations for the policy, such as boosting raw unit sales numbers (a common business unit KPI, while sacrificing profit), encouraging sticky customers who regularly check prices or even just clearing out the last few copies of stock (which unfortunately does not explain the last copy price skyrocketing).
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    Sydney, Australia
  13. Cousin It

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    Sydney, Australia
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    Sydney Australia
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    Following on from the chat on Sunday about the general uselessness of Amazon Au for pre-orders, has anyone ever had a pre-order with JBs and, if so, are they better? They have the 4 CD Elvis in Nashville box up for pre-order and it's about $20 cheaper than Amazon. Normally I wouldn't bother and just wait for release day, or better still a 20% off day, but there seems to be a trend this year of having much smaller runs of many physical box sets...
  16. Frightwig

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    I would guess that JB is far more reliable than Amazon because they at least hold accounts with the Australian offices of the big 4 record labels, including for Elvis - Sony Music Australia. If you wanted to be doubly sure that you won't miss out - I would actually call up Sony to double check that stock will be available on release date. I cannot name a single preorder I've made with Amazon Australia that has been fulfilled on release date.
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  17. croquetlawns

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    I've pre-ordered with JBs so we'll see how they go! I assume they can't be worse than Amazon Au...
  18. Aussie pressing

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    JB is usually pretty good with pre-orders, but with the Covid restrictions and delays they might not get stock on time.
    I'm fairly sure that the major record labels have worked out that they need to use proper courier companies (DHL etc) to ship stock to Australia, but then again we are such a small market, they might not care if Australian stores get stock on time or not.
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  19. Aussie pressing

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    Those shelves are great. I have three of them. I actually mounted them upside down, with the wider foot on top, so I can store all my large box sets up there. It's worked out really good. I've fixed the top to the wall.
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  20. Munger74

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    Can’t speak to how efficient they are with pre orders but the packaging is really well done. I just received Johnny Diesel debut album from them and it was top notch in protecting vinyl. I would imagine that would be the same with cds.
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    I’ve got 8 of ‘em!

    I haven’t needed to fix any of mine to the wall.
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    Welcome to the greatest thread on the forum. :wave:

    The deep trawling by the professional team of amazon fishers yields many many treasures :righton:

    It pays to just have this thread permanently open so you dont miss anything good

    as yes you have to be quick :agree:
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    Japanese CD roundup time....

    Alan Parsons Project - Tales Of Mystery And Imagination (SHM-CD) $17.64

    Miles Davis - Cookin' With The Miles Davis Quintet (SHM-CD) $17.24

    Poison - Open Up Say Aah (SHM-CD) $11.53

    Smokey Robinson & The Miracles - Definitive Collection (SHM-CD) $13.42

    Accept - Blood Of Nations (SHM-CD) $15.86

    Drake - If You're Reading This It's Too Late $18.98

    Yes - Fragile $15.45

    Metallica - Garage Inc $13.05

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