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    Ok so maybe "disparity" makes it sound worse than it is, but have other Canadians noticed that (recently) simply don't have preorders for a lot of music products that are available on

    I know that the preorder usually lags behind the listing by a few days or couple of weeks, maybe because Amazon needs to project what the exchange rate will be on release day in order to set a good price? I'd imagine that a company as large as Amazon engages in currency hedging anyway, and/or they'll just adjust the price to reflect a more accurate FX'ed price closer to the release day. In other words, currency adjustment is not new for them.

    Or maybe I just happen to be looking at the bad examples:

    (Edit: I just notice that SH Forum automatically redirects to on which no equivalent exists, so you'll need to copy and paste the URL)

    All of these are somewhat big releases by well-known artists, but as soon as you change the domain to ".ca" the Canadian counterpart does not exist. It's been that way for at least a couple of weeks.

    What I do notice is that the higher cost versions of the same releases (i.e. CD boxsets, 2 or 3 LP vinyl sets) are listed on So are they simply foregoing the lower value stuff in the Canadian market? It seems counter-intuitive to forego the lighter and cheaper (therefore, less risky) formats.

    Just wondering if anyone else has noticed this...
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