Amazon Multi-Format vs Blu-ray?

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by php111, Nov 30, 2015.

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  1. php111

    php111 Well-Known Member Thread Starter

    Yes, I did a Google search first and I seen a discussion on Amazon. The person who responded to the OP and as far as I could see the OP was confused as well. Honestly, I do agree because I am also confused.

    So, for a short answer when buying movies from Amazon, what is the difference between Multi-Format and Blu-ray?
  2. Brother_Rael

    Brother_Rael Senior Member

    Looks like they're incorporating a regular DVD and a Blu-ray disc in the one pack?
  3. lv70smusic

    lv70smusic Senior Member

    San Francisco, CA
    Yes, I think that's all it means. Perhaps even a digital download as well.
  4. Brother_Rael

    Brother_Rael Senior Member

    These packs have been around for a while in the shops.

    Sometimes just the BR and a download, other times, all three. I got the 2010 Star Trek this way. BR disc plus a download copy.
  5. Galley

    Galley Forum Resident

    I just noticed that as well. I assume it's a BD & DVD combo pack, possibly with a Digital Copy.
  6. You know what cleared it up for me ? When a simple Blu ray title on links to the format in question.
    That's when I blew it off as just another Amazon Product Page Short Bus mistake.
    Right there alongside reviews on the page for other versions, and their other foul ups we've learned to ignore.

    It just means Blu ray. Because that's all I've ever received when ordering one of these.

    Another way to cross check...enter your BD choice by UPC code, and see if this Multi Bambooey comes up !
  7. In fact...I just Lightning Deal for the Twilight Zone Complete Series linked to this Multi thing earlier today. See ? Nothing different, just the same boxed set everybody else gets.
  8. jkauff

    jkauff Senior Member

    Akron, OH
    The other posts here have answered your original question, but here's a note of caution.

    Don't ignore the Multi-Format packages just because you don't need the DVD or the download. For example, the new 50th anniversary My Fair Lady Blu-ray is a Multi-Format package. If you try to buy just the Blu-ray, you'll find it's the older, unrestored version from several years ago.

    I've seen this a couple of times now--the new releases are only available as Multi-Format.
  9. So you think I'm going to receive 24 DVDs along with the 24 Blu rays ? I don't think so. And there's no download either. I just checked.
  10. It does happen sometimes. Didn't Criterion do that with the Blind Swordsman series?
  11. I can guarantee you my Twilight Zone box will have 24 discs, no more, no less. See what UPC 014381807158 gets you at Amazon. Then try it elsewhere.
  12. php111

    php111 Well-Known Member Thread Starter

    I don't understand this between the Multi-Format vs Blu-ray? I assume the Multi-Format does not include any Blu-ray discs?
  13. It's BS I'm telling you. Read my posts. I'm not lying.
  14. php111

    php111 Well-Known Member Thread Starter

    I did not say it was BS. I read your replies once briefly and just now went back to read them fully and I understand from reading the Multi-Format is the same and no difference.
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  15. Right. Not only did the TZ box arrive as the BDs only, but because this thread was on my mind, ALL such mistakes are now jumping out at me !!!:laugh:
  16. ferdinandhudson

    ferdinandhudson Forum Resident

    Multi-Format is what Amazon refers to as combo-packs (ie BD+DVD, BD+download, BD+DVD+download, etc).
    In the case of the Twilight Zone BD-set it is just one case of many where Amazon's product details are frakked up. I entered a correction a few days ago with a reference link to Image's website (their parent company, to be precise) and this correction appears to have been processed at this point as the Multi-Format entry has been removed.
  17. Raylinds

    Raylinds Resident Lake Surfer

    I like buying the multi-format and giving away the DVD to friends or family.
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