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Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussions' started by John B Good, Oct 16, 2019.

  1. John B Good

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    NS, Canada
    I advance ordered 3 cds from Amazon with an Oct 4 date release date specified. The order was eligible and identified as free shipping because it totalled over $37.00 That date passed. I check the orders and am seeing that they are not coming directly from Amazon at all, but from 2 (well known and reliable, I should say) 3rd parties - import-cds and nagiry. And all three are said to be in stock, for several days now, and on sale, but with the usual shipping charge that applies when they are not from Amazon.

    And I am told about all three "You purchased this item on Sep 30 2019" and "Not yet shipped"

    What gives?
  2. misteranderson

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    englewood, nj
    What gives? It's Amazon! They suck, and they don't care, 'cos they don't have to.
  3. Pizza

    Pizza With extra pepperoni

    Did you take a screen shot? I do that sometimes to make sure it wasn’t me because like you I’ve gotten things from third party sellers that I’d swear I ordered from Amazon. I’ve been unhappy with Amazon over a couple things and decided to drop Prime. So far so good.
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  4. John B Good

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    NS, Canada
    When I order something from Amazon that comes from Amazon rather than a 3rd party seller, I can expect tracking info.

    In this case I don't know what to expect. Right now, I don't have a clue why the cds haven't been shipped. :(

    I have taken a screen shot of some of this transaction but I may have to do more in the future....
  5. Popmartijn

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    The Netherlands
    What did they say when you contacted them?
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    MARTHY Forum Resident

    You should be able to go into your "Orders" and print out an invoice that should show all the details. You may have thought you were purchasing from Amazon, but maybe you are mistaken.
    The original invoice should show all the order details, including shipping.
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  7. Dillydipper

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    Central PA
    Did they actually have the product in stock when you ordered?
    Are these other retailers in Canada, or the U.S, or even on the continent?
    Do they have a posted policy in case there's a reason you have not gotten an order you made in September?
    Is there any reason you think Amazon will come to your defense on behalf of you ordering it on their site, and they don't want to lost affiliation with Amazon?
  8. John B Good

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    NS, Canada
    Well, it was a long time, but the cds eventually arrived.

    On 28 Oct I decided I had better get in touch with Amazon. I looked up an email from Amazon Canada which had provided a phone number for calling about problems.

    To my surprise I was actually talking with a live Amazon person within a minute. But after about 18 minutes I was finally informed that it would seem I was calling about a Canadian order and that was why the (very) helpful clerk could not find out anything about my problem. After that I just about gave up! Figured I'd need to find the Canadian Phone number.

    But before I got back to that, on 3 Nov I received an email saying something about "We now have delivery date(s) for the order you placed on September 30, 2019"

    Several more emails and then a message saying 2 of the disks would be delivered between Nov 4-6. They actually came on the 5th. And the third one arrived the next day.

    So, all’s well that ends well.
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