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  1. mpayan

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    You want to know the weird part? I do have a Prime account.
  2. Efus

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    Jackson, NJ, USA
    Yep, they're giving the pigs what they want, fast, cheap and in good enough condition.
    And business is good.....

    But there's something folks here don't mention, not every Amazon customer buys vinyl.
    It's harder for Amazon to damage things like cellphone cases, toilet paper and rubber dildos that are properly packaged than it is a piece of vinyl not properly protected by the manufacturer.
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  3. Diorama

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    This is strange!
  4. Arnold Grove

    Arnold Grove Senior Member

    Are you speaking from first-hand knowledge about the items that I highlighted in BOLD type above? OR are you making an assumption? ... ;)
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  5. Galley

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    I recently purchased several of those Complete Album Collection boxed sets. Each was shipped separately in a large padded envelope. Incredibly, none were damaged.
  6. Nephrodoc

    Nephrodoc Forum Resident

    I have only had one vinyl album that was loosely packed in a large box with those air pollows, it arrived undamaged. All my other vinyl has shipped secured in a cardboard envelope packed within a larger box. I have been pleased with them, so far. I’m a prime member, but not sure that makes a difference.
  7. rjp

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    remember when amazon was pushing 'prime' as the greatest thing 'ever'.......coincidentally they began raising free shipping prices at exactly the same time...first to $35....then to $45.......after they got their quota of 'prime' subscribers the free shipping miraculously went back down to $25.

    amazon prime might just be the biggest rip-off on the planet. $100 a shipping? that is a whole hell of a lot of shipping.

    as for packaging.......i agree 100%.......over sized envelopes, CD cases that come apart or open and the discs slide all over the place etc etc etc.

    amazon is just TOO big.........send it back, we'll send you another one, we don't care, we'll just sell more.
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  8. hamicle

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    Dundee, Scotland
    Without wishing to be an Amazon apologist, you get Prime video and music streaming included in the £7.99/mth fee, or at least you do here.
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  9. Opeth

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    I constantly have issues with amazon and amazon uk not packaging things correctly. I keep buying and I keep making them pay for it when it happens. I always give feedback on how to prevent this stupidity. They seem happy to pay for it so who am I to argue ?
  10. Robber Soul

    Robber Soul Forum Resident

    Only the bottom left corner was somewhat bent. Nothing major and certainly not worth the hassle of sending it back. I did however send them a little note in the "packaging feedback" section about it.
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  11. I've been using Amazon since the 1990s and have been a Prime user since Amazon first started that shipping program.

    I also order hundreds of CDs each year, though not exclusively from Amazon.

    In my extensive experience, CDs rarely arrive anymore without some crack in the jewelcase. If you want pristine cases, Amazon is definitely not your retailer of choice in 2017.

    Amazon used to package CDs very well, but that hasn't been true for several years.
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  12. misteranderson

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    englewood, nj
    Last year my wife ordered the Bowie At The Beeb 4 LP set from Amazon, and whoever they subcontracted it to just took the shrinkwrapped set, slapped a label on, and let it go. Of course the box was ruined by the time it got to me. It took a couple more attempts with Amazon before she gave up and got it from Barnes & Noble, who did it right the first time.

    Amazon's too big, and they don't care. They don't have to.
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  13. chromium

    chromium Well-Known Member

    Same here, ordered the Dylan 35th anniversary concert vinyl box and it arrived just like that. Box in original shrink wrap with the Amazon label stuck on. Of course all 4 corners of the box were crumpled. Never even bothered to open it, called customer support and they were very apologethic and told me to send it back for a full refund.
    They sent me a link with two documents, one was a return address label and the other one was a slip I was supposed to.... put in a box along with the item.

    I was feeling kinda flippant and called them again, asking for instructions, I was supposed to put the slip and the Dylan box back in a box and return it to them ?
    What box ? It came without a box ! I was told they would ring me back, which they did. Explained the whole thing again, got a lot of apologies etc, and told them I had no box to return everything and wasn't about to go out and buy a box.

    I must come across rather petty right now, but I thought it was disgraceful they would just send something fragile and not cheap without any kind of box or protection. In the end they told me to just stick the new label over the old label and send the item back without a box.

    Like somebody else said, they just don't care.
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  14. EddieMann

    EddieMann I used to be a king...

    Geneva, IL. USA.
    4) When an item is returned damaged, it gets resold as a damaged item. So the loss they incur is less than we would think, if at all. They have it figured out to the penny.
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  15. mpayan

    mpayan Forum Resident

    Not petty at all. Just know who youre dealing with. An ugly giant monster of a company.
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  16. Diorama

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    I buy vinyl through Amazon but not from Amazon directly.
  17. InStepWithTheStars

    InStepWithTheStars It's a miracle, let it alter you

    Maybe I'm just paranoid because I live in really ****ty neighborhoods, but my bigger concern would be theft. Anybody can see what it is, anybody who has heard David Bowie's name (which is virtually everybody on earth since January of 2016) knows it would probably be worth something. And they can say that it was just damaged and it probably was. Post office, neighbors, anyone.

    Damage to these super expensive things sucks, but I would immediately stop using a service if they did not attempt to conceal the item in any way. That to me is way more upsetting than damage.
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  18. bmh5879

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    New Jersey
    I think I am done with Amazon. The last 3 times I've ordered single LP's they've all arrived in a 20"x14"x6" boxes with some brown paper thrown. Just ridiculous. 2 of 3 arrived damaged. I just returned them and purchased elsewhere.
  19. Nephrodoc

    Nephrodoc Forum Resident

    My Beatles vinyl box set was packaged very well. It came in the manufactures shipping cardboard box secured within a larger box.
  20. rjp

    rjp Senior Member

    got 2 CD's in the mail yesterday form amazon, both digipaks thank god.

    packaged in an envelope that was 13" x 10"....the CD's were sliding everywhere, had they been jewel cases there is no way they would have survived.

    terrible terrible packaging, and getting worse, not better.
  21. paulmock

    paulmock Forum Resident

    Hollywood, CA
    Just received an envelope containing 2 Johnny Mathis CD's I ordered. For what must be the 3rd or 4th time in recent history the envelope had been partially ripped open enough to check out the contents. Whoever did it was thankfully not a fan of my ordered music and let the package continue on to be delivered.
    Boxes are never tampered with. It is just the cheap, padded envelopes that are seemingly always ripped open for "inspection". BTW, the jewel case on one of the CD's does have 2 small cracks in it. No big deal.

    I called and reported it to an Amazon rep who took it very seriously, but admitted it was almost impossible to trace this type of package tampering. I strongly retorted with "Then don't send anything out in a non-tamper proof package!"

    Just passing this on. Oddly enough, thankfully I do not have any issues with any other delivery service as far as tampering or stolen merchandise is concerned.
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  22. MYKE

    MYKE Analog Upstairs, Digital Downstairs

    It's Sunday, so it must've been Amazon Flex ? He's right, could've been anywhere along the line. I haven't experienced that myself, yet.
    Hell, I was surprised to have received a brand new album yesterday, in an actual mailer !!! :yikes:

  23. Amazon does have a tamper-proof package, but it offers virtually no padding. It's not particularly designed for CDs.
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  24. Malina

    Malina Forum Resident

    Almost every time it's cracked cases with Amazon. I switched to They're a lot cheaper and I wait until I have enough to ship in a box. They actually know how to pack a package.
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  25. Cliffamuford

    Cliffamuford Active Member

    Wish I would have known about this problem with Amazon sooner. Just received an order of 15 Zappa CDs in 4 separate thin yellow envelopes crammed into my mailbox. Of course 9 of the 15 had cracked jewel cases - surprised any survived at all. I had assumed they would have put that many CDs in a box of some sort. What is the logic in their methods?
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