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  1. I'll say this for ImportCDs and Deepdiscount in recent years. If you order several CDs at once, they package them in a snug box almost perfectly sized to hold CDs and will usually arrive in mint condition. Their packaging for LPs and large box sets are more suspect.
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  2. MYKE

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    Pressed corrugated with adhesive sides. What do people that need to return an item do ? They must come up with their own packaging, because you have to destroy the pressed wings, in order to get to your purchase.
  3. murphywmm

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    Sometimes Amazon sending the wrong item works out quite nicely.
    I ordered "29" by Ryan Adams on vinyl and got "Abbey Road" instead. I didn't have Abbey Road on vinyl until now and I paid half the price that it is currently going for on Luckily the Ryan Adams LP is still in stock for the same price so I placed another order, let's see what I get this time. :p

    By the way, the last two shipments I've received from Amazon have been in a different (and more appropriate) type of mailer. They must have gotten tired of me sending back items that were damaged due to their poor packaging. These are a bit different than the "frustration free packaging" ones but they seem to work quite nicely, the records arrived in perfect condition.
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    I wonder why they don’t use the white plastic recyclable bubble mailers for everything? If you cut around the shipping label, it can be recycled with grocery bags.
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  5. murphywmm

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    One thing I've learned about Amazon.... don't order more than 3 LP's in the same order. Two of them will be packaged properly, the third will be thrown on top with no protection and end up looking like this:

  6. Dave

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    Ouch, that looks painful. :sigh:
  7. George McClellan

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    Complaining right now to Amazon... 3 out of 5 CD's I just ordered had broken/mauled jewel cases. I don't mind replacing them with my own cases but they really need to send in better packaging...
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