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  1. George McClellan

    George McClellan Forum Resident

    Fall River, MA
    I just ordered a book from Amazon. It was well packaged but damaged on the spine so I sent it back. The replacement came in an oversized box where it was free to move around inside and it was undamaged. You always roll the dice with Amazon. This is why I prefer to pick my own copy off the shelf at an actual store but Amazon prices are hard to resist. I actually have better luck with third party sellers, especially with CDs.
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  2. rjp

    rjp Senior Member

    received 2 CD's yesterday from amazon. loosely packaged in an over sized envelope.

    one of the jewel cases was completely destroyed, the other was perfect........i can't figure it out, unless it was all broken up before it shipped.
  3. Zach_

    Zach_ Forum Resident

    I ordered an LP from Amazon this month, and it arrived in a quality corrugated LP mailer, packed inside a second box. I generally have zero issues with Amazon packaging for any product I receive. It might be the region or warehouse that services me that contributes to that though.
  4. jason202

    jason202 Forum Resident

    Washington, D.C.
    Just got another record from Amazon that was packaged in a poly bag, and it's going right back to them. Corners dinged, and a big bend in the jacket. I'm so sick of this.

    After the last time I complained, the next record I ordered was, presumably out of spite, triple boxed and came in a huge 3x3' outer box with about 50 of those inflatable plastic air pillows surrounding it.
  5. Galley

    Galley Forum Resident

    My last two deliveries were in paper packaging. One was an unpadded mailer, but the BD inside was inside a plastic bag. The other was a CD in a padded mailer.
  6. Tjazz

    Tjazz Music is my Mistress

    I just got an LP from Amazon that was in a poly bag. Opened it and the corners were dinged and bent. Then I looked at the description of my order.

    Condition: Used - Acceptable - Missing shrink-wrap, activation codes for bonus online content may be missing or expired. Large cosmetic damage on item case.

    Guess there's nothing to complain about. :laugh: The LP was $5.25. It came SEALED. Maybe they wanted it to look damaged.
  7. rjp

    rjp Senior Member

    the new huey lewis CD arrived in and 8 x 12 unpadded envelope.

    if it would have been in a jewel case it would have been in a million pieces, being a didgpak, it was actually fine.

    why does amazon do these things, they have to have hundreds of thousands, literally, of those nice small padded envelopes to put single CD's.
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  8. jason202

    jason202 Forum Resident

    Washington, D.C.
    You may have bought a record that was returned after being shipped the same way!

    Though I've never successfully found one, on occasion I've searched Amazon Warehouse Deals for damaged copies of records that I've returned.
  9. Zimbad

    Zimbad Forum Resident

    I ordered an LP of Black Sabbath 13 from Amazon and received it today without any packaging. The shipping label was placed directly on the record. It had a huge crease and bend on the corner showing the edge of the record. Shocking----Not! This is unbelievable. I definitely need to send this back. The packaging is beyond pathetic.
  10. John B Good

    John B Good Forum Hall Of Fame

    NS, Canada
    Amazon packaging has become incredibly diverse. I had a small dvd arrive in a box 4" high and 20" long a few weeks ago.
  11. jason202

    jason202 Forum Resident

    Washington, D.C.
    Not really a packaging issue, but I ordered an album that was clearly marked as vinyl, and they sent me the CD. We'll see if the replacement is correct.
  12. rolli

    rolli Forum Resident

    Ordered a couple Tone Poets... historically each record would come packaged separately in an lp mailer and then packed inside another box... never an issue. This last shipment the records did not come separately packaged and were placed in the shipping box with some of those oversized inflated pouches in the box for “padding”... so now there is a bent corner on one, some how the other record was not affected.

    Not sure if this is the new way they’re shipping or what... just a little disappointed, but I’m not going to return the record with the bent corner (the record itself is fine)... at least this time.
  13. Dillydipper

    Dillydipper Sultan Of Snark

    Central PA
    This one wasn't Amazon, but it really takes the cake.

    CPAP machine needs occasional supplies, so the medical supplies people call me up once about every three months. I''ve probably got enough supplies to last my lifetime, except for filters: there's a little inch-by-inch-and-a-half one almost like fiberglas (which it isn't), that gets blackened after about 2 months, and it was never supplied with the hose, mask, mask harness and mask insert package they'll bill your insurance company for about $150 for. Also, a thicker, quarter-inch foam filter that sits on top of that. Until now, been washing and wringing-out that one filter every couple of months, setting it out to dry. I'd I had to order extra filters one year, and they sent about 25 of 'em...but no foam filter.

    This year, they call me up, not an robo-call this time, and I carp about that one little foam filter, and that's all I need. Well, it came. There it was, stuffed in the mailbox, a flat, square plastic baggie, about one-by-two-feet, stretched-out!
    So, bewildered I flatten it out, then cut into it...and this little teeny, inch-by-inch-and-a-half foam filter comes out, wrapped in a 3-inch pack.
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  14. Electric

    Electric The Medium is the Massage

    You'd think Amazon could get it together with their packaging after so many years and surely very many complaints. I've noticed they're tightening up in other areas like no free shipping when under order, or bumping up to a faster speed w/o charge or refunding import fees on request. When are they going to tighten up their losses when it comes to needless damage due to absurdly inadequate packaging?
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  15. jason202

    jason202 Forum Resident

    Washington, D.C.
    Aaaaaaaand they replaced the CD they incorrectly sent me with... another CD. I have very little faith in Amazon anymore.
  16. A standard size UPS truck just brought me my Amazon order of one pack of 4" x 4" Post It Notes. :laugh:
  17. E.Baba

    E.Baba Forum Resident

    You all amaze me with your persistence.

    Quality is not the name of the game.
  18. Many of us are disappointed by Amazon today only because we remember when their service was markedly better. The Amazon of today doesn't resemble the Amazon of 2008.

    Once Amazon achieved a complete monopoly over Internet retail, they chose convenience over quality.
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  19. E.Baba

    E.Baba Forum Resident

    We did not have that experience.
    After anticipating the arrival of Amazon.AU for some time they soon Geoblocked us from every other Amazon worldwide in an attempt to force us to use the 2nd rate AU.
    Didn't like that.
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  20. Antenociticus

    Antenociticus Forum Resident

    Three deliveries from Amazon in the last week, three very different outcomes:
    1. A box set from shipped to the USA. Box was handed off to USPS who delivered it to wrong address - this happens frequently, the lady who lives there called me. She told me, "The packaging is in very rough shape" She wasn't kidding: one end of the box was totally trashed - only a couple of threads of the black Amazon tape kept the contents inside. Thankfully the box set was in its own outer cardboard sleeve. This is a frequent occurence with Amazon in Europe. I suspect that they use automated packing which takes no account of the weight of the contents.
    2. A much smaller box set from a third party sorefront via Very fast shipping in excellent packaging: two padded envelopes, one folded over inside the other.
    3. A single CD from packed in an oversize plastic thinly padded envelope - remarkably the CD case survived. According to the Amazon website "It was handed directly to a resident" by their delivery agent. Not true, I found it on the front lawn....
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  21. Electric

    Electric The Medium is the Massage

  22. KazJY

    KazJY Well-Known Member

    Chicago Burbs
    Just venting here. Finally rec'd Zappa's Halloween box set and Hot Rats sessions box set. The shipping box is immaculate and there's even shipping air-packs inside. I pull out the box sets, the Halloween box looks like someone licked it (some bubbly streaky mark on the cellophane), both boxes are caved in / creased to some extent like someone leaned on them, and all 4 corners on the hot rats box were dented in some way.

    This had to have happened before it made it into the shipping box. To boot, it was delivered via Amazon Prime, not UPS, USPS, etc...

    I opened up an amazon credit card to get the $100 gift card which is great, but bums me out that the stuff was damaged. I did fill out the return form online, but there wasn't an "exchange" option.

    Not sure it's worth it. I'd gladly pay more for someone to really pack well.

    To be fair, if it wasn't $160 worth of box sets, I wouldn't care, but man.
  23. rjh_54

    rjh_54 Well-Known Member

    CT, USA
    I've ordered things that arrived with boxes in great shape but damaged product inside. Amazon is so cheap, they're probably sending damaged product out and hoping the customer won't complain or ask for a refund/exchange. It's disgusting.

    To those of you complaining about Amazon's own delivery service, what are you doing to fix your situations, and how did Amazon respond? I'm curious because it seems like their delivery service is the only one that I've ever had an issue with in all my years of online shopping.

    I canceled my Prime back in November and demanded a refund for my unused benefits because I constantly had issues with Amazon's delivery service not delivering my packages to my apartment and Amazon not taking any sort of responsibility for it. I do miss Amazon a bit, but the way their customer service has been, on top of their horrible packaging practices NOW coupled with their awful delivery service? I'd rather buy my stuff elsewhere and pay a few bucks for shipping if necessary (although most companies now offer free sometimes two day shipping after a certain dollar amount anyway).
  24. KazJY

    KazJY Well-Known Member

    Chicago Burbs
    I have had good luck with their delivery service being timely, etc. for the most part. No issues there really. I DID get an LP with a big footprint on the mailer once too which required an exchange. And once the guy delivered something to my garage / side entrance and I didn't know where he left it until the photo of the delivery showed up in my email: "ah, that's my SIDE door!" But knock on wood, everything's been good with delivery for the most part. The packing (even of damaged stuff) and handling (possibly by the drivers, but usually going through USPS) has been the issue.

    I saw a Wal-mart delivery guy in the neighborhood awhile back climbing up the pile of packages in his van, stepping on everything, and was like "hope I never see that with Amazon!"

    I spoke to Amazon customer service last night and they were very helpful with getting new sets out to me, BUT, they didn't really address the quality or damage otherwise (as far as letting the hub know or something). There are so many distribution hubs that it's probably a lost cause. They used to have "rate our packaging" but I haven't seen that in awhile (maybe I just don't notice it).
  25. Scope J

    Scope J Senior Member

    The bubble packs don't cut it!

    had a very expensive book
    get damaged, they had a replacement
    order on that expired.

    I miss the days when they shipped
    in cardboard boxes and the items
    shrink-wrapped on a flat piece.
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