Amazon Prime Day 2020 - Oct 13-14

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    I tried out a pair of AirPod 2's and even with some aftermarket cover/hooks, I can't get them to fit my ears well enough to have decent sound quality. So I got these for $34.xx

    Waterproof, wireless charging, touch controls.

    Also got some FDA approved KN95 masks for a little over $2 each (10 pack), not for everyday use, but if I ever need to fly or otherwise be near crowds indoors and want more than everyday protection. The link will lead to an aftermarket seller for $26.xx, but Amazon themselves sells the same for $20.xx though delivery might be a little longer.

    Finally, got an Alexa smart plug for $5 - this may be an Alexa/Echo only deal. This is my second one. My first one is used outdoors to turn on/off a patio light when my dog goes outside to do his business. The light out there isn't switched from the inside, so being able to voice activate that light is handy. Not sure what I'll use the second one for - maybe my lava lamp!
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    I didn’t purchase any of the Prime Day specials, but combined a $10 Whole Foods credit dedicated to Prime Day with the 3-for-2 offer in order to pick up some oddball items. An old Gene Wilder movie, Cat Stevens’ Teaser album, and the Jerry Garcia Live with John Kahn acoustic. Total $22 after the credit and discount.
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