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  1. Firstly this may not be music related though many of us still buy LPs and CDs.
    I try to avoid Amazon though sometimes needs must.yesterday I ordered an LP,the last one in stock and today I received it.Packaging was a flimsy paper bag and needless to say the cover was in a bad shape
    I contacted Amazon and after a brief chat I was offered a full refund,when I asked about how I could return the record,I live 5 miles from one of their Distribution centres I was told I didn't have to and just keep it.
    Within minutes the money was in a Amazon account linked to me.
    Who takes the hit on this?
    Surely it must be open for abuse.
  2. Boomy

    Boomy Senior Member

    Don't they take the hit? Don't they buy those in bulk? I think at this point it's like pennies on the dollar for them for how much actual revenue they bring in daily.
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  3. blackstar

    blackstar Senior Member

    I guess they want to avoid the costs for handling all the returned goods, especially when they can't sell the returned product because it's damaged.
  4. Boomy

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    I have on a occasion returned Amazon product to a UPS store. If the UPS stores Amazon return section looks like a crapshow, I could only imagine what a returns center at an Amazon DC looks like.

    You're right, they don't want broken stuff thrown in the pile.
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  5. Im not sure about buying in bulk for this record,its from a very small label and the artists are quite unknown,my worry was that Amazon would just back charge them.
    It is packaged by Amazon as I can tell on the labelling so it is their fault though the reason I try to avoid buying from the big boys is that they tend to bully the people below,Amazon can write off a few quid but not others can.
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  6. Myke

    Myke Trying Not To Spook The Horse

    We’ve got a UK thread starter, and a German and a US customer here.

    Each of these Amazon sites handle things as they want. Sometimes differently sometimes the same.

    I experienced keeping the item with a refund and I’ve experienced returning it to a UPS store.
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  7. kwadguy

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    Cambridge, MA
    Amazon knows exactly how many times they've given you a refund and not required you to return the item. That's a courtesy that is available a limited number of times per account, for items with a limited cost.

    Don't get used to it, because very quickly the number of times allocated for your account will be exhausted and you will always have to return the item after that.

    It's the same thing with courtesy price reductions when the listening price of something goes down after you buy it.

    Amazon will, at their discretion, give you the price difference a small number of times. But after you use those up, no go never. I roll my eyes when I read that people are calling about a $2 reduction, because that burns one of those very few concessions that they're going to make for your account.
  8. Zumbi

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    I remember when I bought the Rush vinyl record reissues, back in like 2015 or whatever. Half of the records I got for free, because they were damaged when I got them due to poor packaging and I refused to go back to post office.

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