Amazon Retires Music Storage

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussions' started by snowman872, Apr 4, 2018.

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    I've been using Amazon Music for several yrs now. I listen to stuff in the cloud on my stereo sometimes thru an app on my Roku device hooked up to tv. Line out from tv to receiver. Also have Kindle Fire.

    CDs I have downloaded into cloud will not play now from Roku app. Only music I purchased thru Amazon. Why even show all the CDs I've downloaded if they aren't gonna play 'em? They will play directly from Kindle Fire just not in this new Roku app.

    Guess I'm repeating stuff everyone knows. Bummer. Any other streaming services out there any good?
  2. mark winstanley

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    streaming is a trap and will always disappoint
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    Probably so
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    Absolutely so. Just because a famous celebrity, politician or other mainstream public figure praises streaming doesn't mean it should be the only choice. Due to its influence and reach, mainstream media is also to blame and I've noticed that people (especially in America) easily fall for peer pressure and the notion that everyone who still buys CD or vinyl is a luddite.
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    I figured if anyone would keep their service fully operational it would be Amazon. What they did has caused me to never trust any online service again. Sure I can keep what I already have uploaded. (Amazon says, but who really knows longterm). Being Amazon I figured this was a safe lifetime solution. Fortunately I have it all backed up off-line. No more relying on 'others' for storage. I wonder if they realize the damage they have done with some customers losing confidence likely for life using ANY type of online service for anything.
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    The face of a man who cares?

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