Amazon to (temporarily) STOP stocking vinyl

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussions' started by Brendan K, Mar 18, 2020.

  1. Exactly.
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    Can we save the COVID-19 stats/talk for the other thread and focus on Amazon?
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    Thanks... I'm keeping a list offline so please keep posting and i'll add to the list, then repost at some point.
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    Will it be a separate thread so everyone can find it?
    Maybe a temporary sticky even? Gorts?
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    Yea, I'll post a new thread with title along the lines of "Stores to support during the crisis...."
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    If only. Even the RSD thread is now an offshoot of the official COVID-19 thread.
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    Thanks for mentioning Electric Fetus. They are offering free mailings and discounts on gift cards.

    I'm not sure why people support Amazon and the oligarch who runs it verses a store like Electric Fetus. I buy a lot of used CDs and frankly brick and mortar store always have inexpensive CDs (as compared to Ebay and Amazon). I sometimes pay a bit more for a new CD, but it tends to even out when I buy quantities and receive a discount on entire purchase.
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    My stack of that is about 2 miles tall, so I'll be fine. But the urge to add to the collection is strong; this will be good for me to break my habit of buying faster than I can listen!
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    In my area they are offering curbside service, like a drive thru, call in your order and pick up at the curb. :thumbsup:
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    My problem is I have no local indie stores so online it is.
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    What else is there to say? Amazon is not going to reinstate and restock vinyl until COVID-19 retreats. It's a one sentence thread if you like.

    Unless you want to talk about the obvious- not everything that's discontinued is going to be reinstated and perhaps this is it for the category. Months from now when this is over, some pencil pusher at Amazon is going to run a list of non-essential categories ranked by volume, prioritizing what products to bring in as stock levels on the virus-related products subside. That may take a long time.
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    If you have nothing constructive to say, maybe save it?
  16. Exactly. It’s a part of the discussion. In fact it is the discussion or there’s not much to discuss.
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    It's probably pre-mature to say that Amazon will never stock vinyl again, but this crisis is going to last a long time, so vinyl/CDs will not be Amazon offerings for a long time. I would guess many months.

    There are plenty of 3rd party sellers and indie stores who could really use the business anyway.
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    From the Consequence of Sound article:
    "The coronavirus already cost vinyl dealers its best day of the year,Record Store Day,which was postponed from the spring to the fall."
    This just in-June 20,the reset date for RSD ,is officially the first day of summer(Northern Hemisphere edition). First day of fall is Sept. 22.
    Also,presuming that the advanced date of RSD is costing vinyl dealers is about as accurate as much of the "science" going on in this thread about germs on cardboard. The biggest minus with the June 20th date is that,should folks return to a regular schedule,people will be in motion-schools changing,vacation season,folks shaking off the restrictions going on now and whatever disposable income is available after lost wages and potential medical bills,buying necessities,etc. It is the time with the most sunlight,so if there would be just one thing to look forward to,lots of natural light is kinda important to one's psyche.
    Add to that,spending on non-essentials:"support your favorite artists by purchasing vinyl and merch" seems to be a foolhardy way when saving for the next rainy day may be the next thing to do when things get back to normal.Got a lot of disposable income?Look around. There are lots of folks on this planet carrying on a bit extra baggage due to this virus with few stepping up to even their troubles. If all one can bitch about is the difficulty of buying more stuff,these are troubling times way beyond the headlines.
    Maybe send a few bucks to Alex Young,who wrote the article,for a copy of The Elements of Style by William Strunk Jr. & E.B.White(fun fact-that "little book" turns 100 this year).
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    Can't believe my joke here was deleted as it was deemed off topic. What is the topic here? And what is there to discuss? A fact as put forth in the original post. Anything beyond that, unless your Jeff Bezos chiming in, is pretty much off topic!

    As a matter of fact, this thread hardly belongs in Music Corner. It should be in a forum called Distribution Corner. Since we don't have a Distribution Corner forum might I suggest Off Topic?
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    Oh no... I can't buy Bozo's overpriced defective records..... what will I ever do?
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    Well, not that I didn't believe you guys, but I checked and yes - Amazon UK is offering books and music at Prime deliveries of one week from now.

    So basically, I'm going to have to figure out how to cancel Prime. What's the point of having it at that point? First World Problems....
  22. MYKE

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    Easy, it's one click under Your Prime.
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    This will be "withdrawal" of the highest order. Of course I'm being...what's that word (??)...oh yea.."facetious"; but I gotta say, the way many guys (and some gals) look forward to their sports/golf/whatever on the weekends, I look forward to record hunting. Even if I end up empty handed, it's all about the "process".
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    Indeed. In a world where everything is a click away, the entire process gets lost. For some they see that as an improvement, fine tuning of the process. But like you, I enjoy the search, and why would I want to refine it, make it quicker?

    I've had this discussion with others who are all about streaming. Music has never been only about the music for me. The search, the seeing something for the first time. The paying for it. Holding it, putting it on for the first time - all that history goes with that one recording. It's never just the music. That's like saying having a Porsche is all about ashtray.
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    In my wants list on Amazon uk all of my pre-order cds are now showing as “We don’t know when or if this item will be back in stock”. It looks as though, understandably, they are taking the same approach to cds as they are to lps.

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