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Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussions' started by Scott McBride, Aug 2, 2019.

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    I buy a lot of records, a lot of them thru Amazon. But...I don't have Prime. I can't really tell from the website, so I'll ask here: Does Prime ensure release day delivery? Currently, I receive new releases nearly a week after the actual date. No big bother most of the time, I guess. Also, I've noticed recently a more haphazard means of shipping. Some records are appropriately packaged in a vinyl mailer. Great! Others are just tossed into a bigger box together and left to rattle around on the way to my address. Nothing tragic so far, but certainly there is potential. Discuss.
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    Yes, Prime does typically ensure release day delivery, as long as you order somewhere around two days prior to that release day. This can be affected, however, by factors such as insufficient on-hand supply. It should state on the product page what the current situation is as far as their stock and availability, when the item will ship, anticipated delivery to your address, what your deadline is to order to ensure release day delivery, etc. Additionally, you should get e-mail notifications letting you know if the situation changes, for better or for worse.

    And yes, I have had the same issue you have (along with many others I've noticed) as far as inconsistent vinyl packing. It doesn't seem like you get any special treatment in that department if you have Prime, either.
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    You will get a notification via e-mail if they can provide this service. Prime is now 1 day (if available) so, on a Friday release you'll get it Saturday. If you want the fast delivery Prime is worth it. But since you generally are spending over the free shipping threshold for records YMMV.
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    I've had Prime for years, but won't buy vinyl from Amazon, because of the inconsistencies. I expect my vinyl purchases to be sent in an album mailer, and protected sufficiently for their journey.
    I also don't care how easy returns are, as anything past opening my purchase, and putting it on the turntable, to listen to, is more than I care to deal with.
    I can purchase my vinyl online this way, because I have enough other sources that can accomplish this easily.
    Our own members in the classifieds, most sellers on Discogs, Bull Moose, Import CDs, Barnes & Noble, Sundazed, Craig Moerer, Acoustic Sounds, and Music Direct.
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    I have never had an issue with amazon delivery in regards to time of delivery for new releases or the condition of the records coming in. They usually put them in their own album mailer and then placed in a larger box with air puffies. that's how all of my direct amazon orders have gone, but the amazon partners is a whole other story. I once had one mailed in a box made of like 12 of pieces of cardboard, meticulously taped together which probably took as much time to make as it would have taken to go to the store to buy a proper mailer. amazing.
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    my brother works for amazon....I would never buy a record from amazon
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    I've been a Prime member for at least 10 years. In my own experience, the "guaranteed 2 day shipping" has fallen off a cliff in the last couple years. I dunno if it's the local post office (I moved about 5 years ago) or the fact that Amazon sells everything to everyone all the time now but, where I used to receive purchases in 2 days, I rarely receive anything in fewer than 3 days now. This includes new releases. Your mileage may vary.
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    I was thinking about posting this article, too; it was the first thing I thought of. OTOH, though, I literally have no idea whether Amazon uses the same distribution system as the indie stores in this thread. They may be f'ed up in their own special way.
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    I believe it is the same supply chain system that is used by Amazon as well (I read that from one of the senior members on this forum itself but cant find the post now).
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    Amazon does occassionally screw up on preorders. The Beatles mono vinyl preorders being a notable instance where people who bought after release day were receiving theirs well before I got mine.

    However, if you're wondering whether Prime is worthwhile...I'll point out that today I got a notification for a Prime vinyl sale and I got some incredible deals. Kinks Village Green 50th vinyl box for $30, Buffalo Springfield vinyl box for $20 and some Neil Young and Rolling Stones live box sets or double albums for under $30.

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