amazon - vinyl orders are packed only in thin plastic or paper bags

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussions' started by Andrea_Bellucci, Jun 25, 2021.

  1. Andrea_Bellucci

    Andrea_Bellucci Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Hi Guys!

    This is very strange but it happend three times to me in the last month:

    I purchased about 30 vinyl from amazon DE in the last two years. There were always packend in nice - quite thick - special cardboatd.

    Now I got two in simple plastic bags - so no real protection for the cover.

    Even worse this week. It came in a simple paper bag. The cover was damaged and I had to return it.

    This time I didn't order a replacement, because last time also the replacement came in a plastic bag.

    To make it clearer: these are the bags were they usually send cloth in. There is no extra protection, the vinyl is simply put in it.

    There is just a thread about this in a german forum. Some guys tried to email and called the customer service. They were friendly and apologized but the replacement were always send again in plastic or paper bags.

    Has this also happend to amazon US or UK?

    This is really annoying, because sometimes they are the only ones (here in Europe) who have some stock left so I can't order on jpc or ebay.

    I'm curious about your recent experience.

    Bye Andrea :wave:
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  2. DK Pete

    DK Pete Forum Resident

    Levittown. NY
    I’ve yet to experience something like this but thanks for the heads up. The next time I order an album I’ll be giving a concurrent call to customer service and make a point about this….they’re usually very cooperative and understanding…we’ll see what happens.
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  3. KAJ1971

    KAJ1971 Ex-burger flipper/Sapper/book seller, Reg Nurse.

    That’s why I don’t use amazon.
  4. DK Pete

    DK Pete Forum Resident

    Levittown. NY
    They’re normally very good, though. Their packaging was pretty bad going back many years ago but I haven’t had a complaint in quite a while.
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  5. ODShowtime

    ODShowtime Swirl Life

    Yes it's happened to me in the US recently but since the records weren't damaged I let it go.

    I'm thinking since Amazon controls much more of their distribution these days and many of the items are somewhat local when you order them, Amazon is able to handle them more gingerly thus this lesser packaging is all that's needed.

    I'm trying to convince myself that this is ok since my annual Prime Membership fee just hit my account. They never warn you since people would think twice and maybe cancel.
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  6. Lanark

    Lanark Forum Resident

    Bath, England
    This happened to me, they promised to "fix the source issue and send a replacement"
    The replacement was sent in another plastic bag (both copies were damaged).

    I think this is down to the shortage of cardboard, but Amazon's inability to find some work around for the problem is pretty weak, I too have just stopped buying any vinyl from Amazon.
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  7. Multiple Offenses

    Multiple Offenses Active Member

    I've had this happen a few times. In each case I returned the damaged item and tried for a replacement. Sometimes the packaging was improved and the problem was solved, other times not. The last time this happened, I spoke to Amazon helpers who assured me they'd attach a note to the replacement order/s, but it didn't help. Three times, same flimsy packaging, damage escalating with each order. Who knows if a "note" was even attached, let alone what good it would do.

    The weird thing is, sometimes the Amazon packaging for vinyl is really good -- mailer, placed in another box, padding. Other times, I get the above. There's no rhyme or reason to it.

    And of course, you never know how the package is being treated while in transit.

    I've had mostly good transactions so far, though.
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  8. Andrea_Bellucci

    Andrea_Bellucci Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Hi Guys!

    Yeah, I also stopped buying vinyl from amazon.

    Earlier this week I got a "normal" cardboard package. I think it was old stock (2017 reissue) and was pre-packed in 2017. So, I got lucky this time.

    Bye Andrea :wave:
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  9. Classicrock

    Classicrock Forum Resident

    South West, UK.
    Has happened to me on 3 or 4 occasions this year. Most covers were damaged and had to return for replacement.
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  10. Gareth John

    Gareth John New Member

    This happens in the UK too. I recently bought a couple of albums. One came with the delivery stickers stuck to the cellophane wrap - no protection at all. The plus side was the delivery driver knew it was fragile and it was delivered unscathed.
    The rest came in paper bags. I swear it looked like a bag poppadoms are delivered in. The vinyl was damaged. The other parcel containing anti slip mats came in a huge box, braced with thick paper for padding. Unbelievable. The replacement came today, again in a paper bag.
    Amazon need to have a word with themselves.
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  11. thetman

    thetman Forum Resident

    the last vinyl I bought from Amazon were actually packed properly in LP boxes.
    Its been awhile since I ordered any vinyl from them but I took a chance and was happy it arrived in proper packaging. not saying that next time it could be the total opposite.
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  12. pumpkinman

    pumpkinman Senior Member

    My last LP from Amazon also arrived in a plastic bag. Fortunately the was no damage. If this continues I’ll shop elsewhere
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  13. Tullman

    Tullman Senior Member

    Boston MA
    I received a double lp today. It was in a lousy bag. The cover had a bent Corner. WTF? This was a$42 record. Eff Amazon.
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  14. neubian

    neubian Forum Resident

    Apison, TN
    In my experience, if the record came in a plastic bag and came from a certain warehouse, all the replacements will also come the same way.

    I have had it happen twice (I buy a lot of records via Amazon), and replacements came the same way, so for those records, I had to buy them elsewhere.

    I figure that for the records that come in a plastic bag, they are prepared that way further upstream so when they arrive at the warehouse, the workers just pull it, place a label on it and ship it out.
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