American counterparts of British bands

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    For the Animals I see the Rascals as closest in their R&B influences, blend of soul and rock, and the introduction of psychedelic influences later on.
    Both groups had big hits with both outside material and self-penned songs. Both groups had members in the band as talented and important to their success as the lead singers.
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    New England
    America - Prelude

    Dino Desi and Billy - Beaky Mick and Tich etc.

    Damned - Dead Boys

    You can do this. Just stay away from the A list.
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    They are both disliked by me so there is that. :D
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    In reverse order, so British Band, who had a few Counterparts US Bands:

    Echo & The Bunnymen—A Post Punk Version of The Doors and The Velvet Underground.
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    Britain, Europe
    James Taylor is definitely America’s Paul McCartney, to an almost comical degree.
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    David Hasselhoff / Jane Birkin
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    Trying to see this but can't.
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    Dire Straits as the British version of Creedence Clearwater Revival

    4 piece guitar based bands (at least in the beginning) with a dominant brother that wrote and sang lead on all of the songs
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    None of the above.
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    I like Pavement, but they are just a band influenced by The Fall. It makes no more sense to say that they are the "American Fall" than to say Shakin' Stevens is the Welsh Elvis.
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    When I first heard "The Boys Are Back in Town" I thought it was an early Steely Dan song.
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