American counterparts of British bands

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Hombre, Aug 27, 2020.

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    If we expand the theme to solo artists, here's an obvious one,

    Elton John---Billy Joel
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    9in that case....RUSH>THE MOODY BLUES.....
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    Very good example
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    I'll say this; reading the top of the first two lines of the post by the OP, you're right.

    I wasn't thinking of soundalike myself.

    I'll leave it there.
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    That’s magnanimous of you. Thanks.
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    what do you want me to say? fair enough?...I meant what I said. ; )
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    When I saw Black Sabbath in Hawaii in 1971 they were billed as England's "Grand Funk" !! I'm not quite sure why they did that...Apples and Oranges, but both are fruits so I guess I can see how.


    The Remains / Dave Clark 5
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    Paper Lace = Bo Donaldson & The Heywoods
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    The Flying Lizards - Devo
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    No comparison for me.
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    You saw Sabbath in Hawaii in 1971?, i am not often impressed but that is great :pineapple:
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    I would say the Doors are more comparable to the Animals in terms of music and style. The only main difference being that the Doors wrote most of their own material.
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    Mexico is in North America.
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    This is better than the Aerosmith comparison.
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    Although Devo and the Flying lizards did not sound alike, they both had their first albums in the late 70s

    Their first singles made the charts and were covers of very popular classic songs

    They each had a very unique sound like no others at the time
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    Beatles UK = Eagles US.

    2 guys responsible for writing 90% of the music? Check.

    Band writes and performs own material? Check.

    Band sells a gazillion albums and dominates the Top 40 for 7 years? Check.

    Bands Top 40 hits work your way into your cerebellum to the point where you know the melody and lyrics whether you like it or not? Check.

    Band blows up right after new decade starts? Check.

    Flame away.
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    Yes and this has already been discussed....a long time ago. The ideology is the same.
  19. Crimson Witch

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    Cream <> Mountain
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    Felix says yes.
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  21. OnTheRoad

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    I was lucky to see several good ole classic shows when I was young. I know all the nostalgia freaks say the mid teens are the years that linger longer than other times of one's life...and to be certainly rings true in my life. Hawaii, great bands, first girlfriends, first bunches of stuff in life. I'm dysfunctional today because of the incurable nostalgic angst i can't shake. No psychologist can cure it, I can only accept the face, and do, but can't let the feelings of anguish go. I remember so vividly the concert, even though it was the first time I got stoned...I was still aware and the impression in my mind in intact. I recorded the show too, but the tapes have long disappeard. Holy grail material.
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    Green Day I think have a lot of reasons for being the American version of Oasis. I shall give some bullet-points as to why I think this is the case:
    • Both bands emerged from the underground and into the mainstream in the year 1994, GD with the album Dookie and Oasis with Definitely Maybe
    • At that, both Oasis and Green Day went from being totally unknown by the world at large, to No 1 in their respective countries overnight.
    • GD and Oasis made bold claims, which they never quite lived up to. Oasis made statements lauding themselves the next Beatles/Stones/Pistols/goodness knows what else, meanwhile GD kept bragging about how punk-rock they were, despite neither band achieving the magic of the real thing
    • Both were fueled mostly by media hype.
    • GD and Oasis both produced music that was poppy, and punk-influenced in some way.
    • Oasis, like Green Day, were successful on the other side of the Atlantic, but not nearly as much as they were in their home turf.
    • Both enjoyed the crux of their success in the mid-1990s, before re-emerging with a succesful hit in the mid-2000s, GD with "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" in 2004, and Oasis with 2005's "Lyla".
    • Neither band were any stranger to... borrowing... riffs from the bands and artists that they idolised.
    I shouldn't think Noel Gallagher will be particularly fond of this comparison, but that doesn't stop it from being the case, does it? :D
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    The term was counterparts, not cheap hack imitators.
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    Beatles—-America . George Martin produced them both and there is his influence heavy on both. See Holiday for an example of his flourishes.

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