“American Graffiti” a montage of music and some classic performances

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Logan5, Sep 3, 2008.

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    Quite possibly, my favorite movie. In prepping for a viewing of the VHS in a few days, I'm putting together a playlist of the songs and would like to include "Gee." Can anyone tell me the two songs it should be placed between? Can't seem to remember. Thanks! :)
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    I'm answering myself...lol. I just watched the tape much sooner than expected and, as others here stated, it's very early on and can really get lost in the dialogue. For anyone interested, it's between Sixteen Candles and Runaway. :)
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    I remember skipping school to see this movie . It was the coolest movie of the day . The first movie with real music .
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    Part of the reason for this is 1962 wasn't ancient history in 1973. It was still a fresh memory. That's one of the main reasons the film feels so accurate in general. It would be a lot harder today to pull off a film set in 1962.

    On a similar thought, the cultural and aesthetic differences between 1962 and 1973 were quite vast, and Lucas and team went to great lengths to accurately capture the feel of 1962. Imagine today making a film set 11 years in the past, in 2000. It wouldn't take nearly as much effort to do so. Excepting the fact that computers have gotten sleeker and handheld communication devices are everywhere now, clothing styles and other aesthetics haven't evolved all that much.
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    Very good point - and extra points for your cool KEWB avatar.
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    In 1973, the fifties nostalgia thing (ie Sha Na Na) was still a 'thing.' It was wonderfully cagey and wise for him to set the film at the end of the greaser era--Milner's fall from glory. He is an anachronism like the Mod in Quadrophenia. Lucas shows us the character that was becoming a cultural cliché (the greaser, hod-rodder) and shows him as a dinosaur. A real guy, not bad or good (yes, he has that heart of gold that Hollywood requires), but his comfort zone has shrunk and soon it will be gone.
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    So true!
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    Surprised nobody mentioned Harrison Ford as Bob Fala. "My name ain't nobody, dork."
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    Not to mention Suzanne Sommers as the blond in the T-Bird
    Plus, Kathleen Quinlan and Kay Lenz.
    Also, I saw this in 1973, and to this day it's easily one of my Top 10 films of all time.
    Plus, from the first time I saw this, I fell in love with Cindy Williams and how she looked.
    She never really looked this cute later on (Laverne & Shirley, etc) but I've watched the film
    probably 30 times, and I still am intrigued with her in this film.
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    Ford also reprises his role of Bob *Falfa* in the sequal, but it's just a "blink-and-you'll-miss-it" cameo.


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