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Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Dacar92, Apr 16, 2018.

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    I have finally set up my music room in the basement. After my records sitting mostly idle for the last 20 years I have broken them out again. I am using my old equipment, a Yamaha receiver/amplifier and my Technics record player. But since these are 40 years old (and still working by the way!) they don't have the modern connections of today. No USB input, no audio jack, etc. I am trying to find a way to connect a phone to play music off the internet. I know it is compressed and lower quality but my son asked, so why not try to help him. He is getting into my "old" music and vinyl so I want to encourage him.

    Anyway, I have a cable with an audio jack on one end and RCA composite connectors on the other. I can connect a phone thru that to the auxiliary input on the receiver. But it need amplification. It's not loud. My question is what limits do the composite connectors have on the back of the receiver? I have a pre-amp I was using to record vinyl to the computer. Will this be too much for the connectors on the receiver? I don't want to blow out my connectors and then have no aux input. Thoughts?
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    Don't connect the phono preamp. It's for phono only. You might use it with your turntable in through the tape loop and you can compare it to the phono section built into your reciever to see which you prefer the sound of. As for the phone, yes, you can just use the headphone out on that and connect to your aux inputs on the receiver. It isn't loud because you have two volume controls, one on the phone, and one on the receiver. What you need to do is to set the receiver volume control to about a 10 0'clock position and then start turning up the volume on the phone until it is loud enough as you might get from the receivers tuner at the same volume level on the reeiver. You can again switch back and forth between inputs to know when that is accomplished.
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    rca to mini jack cable. works fine for iPod hookup.
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    Thanks guys. I'll check it out tonight after I get home from work. Sometimes you don't think of the obvious.

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