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  1. tvstrategies

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    Hi all, I’ll be in Amsterdam this coming week and will take a few hours record shopping. Been to Concerto, but wanted to try somewhere different. Currently on an ECM vinyl kick, so a good reasonably priced used shop with jazz would be nice. From what I find online, Record Friend and Backbeat look good. Anyone have further suggestions? Thank you! (I was hoping to resurrect a similar thread from a few years ago but it was closed)
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  2. ABBDutchFan

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    Last time i was there i really liked this one:
    Amstel Antiques & Records (information in English)
    It's in walking distance of Concerto.

    I would also recommend the following:
    Most independent recordstores made a brochure / leaflet with all their addresses and their location shown on a map.
    So go to the counter of the first store you visit and ask / look for that leaflet.

    Another recommendation is not an independent store but the last "megastore" still in business in Amsterdam:
    • FAME Megastore
    • Oosterdokskade 67
    • 1011 DL Amsterdam
    • 020 521 36 66
    The store is located inside the Mediamarkt megastore and in walking distance from the Central Train Station.
    They have always lot's of items on sale. Big CD, DVD, books and vinyl selection. Lot's of boxsets in stock.
    Go to a store clerk and ask for a discountcard which gives you a 10% discount!
  3. ABBDutchFan

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  4. UglySickJoker

    UglySickJoker Forum Resident

    The Netherlands
    City Records
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  5. Martinev2

    Martinev2 Forum Resident

    Waxwell records has some good finds but to be honest I find the Amsterdam shops a bit expensive. Recordmania at the Marie heinekenplein
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  6. UglySickJoker

    UglySickJoker Forum Resident

    The Netherlands
    It’s not a bit expensive, it’s Expensive with a capital E!
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  7. Martinev2

    Martinev2 Forum Resident

    True, the time I found Rolling Stones and Prince albums for Just 2 euro's is over. I havent been buying records as often as I used to because of the prices.

    Sometimes there are some good fairs around
  8. I'm planning a trip home next year and my base will be Tilburg where I hope to find a few shops, but I'll watch this thread as well.
  9. Martinev2

    Martinev2 Forum Resident

    Should be much cheaper in the south
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  10. tvstrategies

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    Thanks everyone! Additional suggestions still accepted ;-)

    Any record fairs this weekend or early next week? In Amsterdam or den Haag?

    The south of Amsterdam or the south of NL?

    Thanks - I’m attending a meeting at Heineken Exp. this weekend. So I will make extra time !
  11. Martinev2

    Martinev2 Forum Resident

    21 september at the RAI in Amsterdam. I always find something and its still normal prices (depending what you are looking for) as it has sellers from accross Europe.

    The day after (22nd)we have the recordfair in Ijsselhallen Zwolle xxxl edition (never been there though) its aprox an hour by train. But I guess that would be too late?

    Sometimes there are recordsellers at waterlooplein as well. If you are there it never hurts to have a look. Its near the shop Recordfriend.

    South in the country I meant. South of Amsterdam is expensive, period.
  12. tvstrategies

    tvstrategies Multicast is dead Thread Starter

    Well, right place, wrong time. I’ll be at the RAI on-and-off from Friday through Monday. IP-video, not analog vinyl. Shopping day on Tuesday (including jenever - The only kind you can get in the States is low-end Bols. I like Zuidam Rogge and Wynandfockink Superior) then home on the 18th. But I really appreciate your other suggestions and will try a few of them. Thank you
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  13. Martinev2

    Martinev2 Forum Resident

    Oh that sounds really interesting. Its near Heinekenplein anyways. Recordmania has a bargain basement.

    I recommend Second Life Music at the Prinsengracht 366 though. I forgot about that one! The owner is really nice.
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  14. Martinev2

    Martinev2 Forum Resident

    Let us know what you found. And enjoy your stay in my hometown
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  15. Bedlam Inside

    Bedlam Inside Member

    United States
    Newbie here but planning a visit to Amsterdam in the near future. Some good suggestions. Will look them up.
  16. mantis4tons

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    Denver, CO, USA
    You might find some interesting offbeat jazz titles at Red Light Records. I also really like Vintage Voudou, which is right next door.

    I was pleasantly surprised by Platypus Records during my last visit - I happened to walk by it on my way from Red Light Records to Rush Hour, and they had the best selection of cumbia I've ever run across.
  17. Bedlam Inside

    Bedlam Inside Member

    United States
    Thanks for the info. Will make a note and give them a try. Just had to Google 'cumbia'! Sounds interesting!
  18. somnar

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    NYC & Amsterdam
    Another vote for Record Mania. Not a revelation, but they have some interesting things. Backbeat is also a good store.

    As much as I like Concerto in theory, I don't often find what I'm looking for there anymore. Not a bad place for exploring, though.
  19. dlemaudit

    dlemaudit Forum Resident

    France, Paris area
    i was in sunny Amsterdam yesterday . Always a pleasure to visit Concerto , such a nice store with good vibes and an excellent coffee shop .But , those prices !!
    they have always been expansive but new stuff ( vinyl and CD) is in average 30 % more expansive than in Paris or London , and i mean Brick and Mortar similar kind of stores , in cities where real estate is definitely not cheaper than Amsterdam .
    you can still find some good deals in second hand but this is scarce
  20. norfenden

    norfenden Well-Known Member

    Hi guys,

    I'm gonna be in Amsterdam for the first time in April...

    FYI: I'm predominantly in to classic singer-songwriters, indie, classic rock, smidge of prog... I like my secondhand records to be in the best condition - so I'm not one for spending hours wading through cheap vinyl in the hope of scoring something... I'm more of a "show me the good stuff" kind of guy when I walk in to a shop, then appreciate a well organised section not full of charity fodder... I also pick up new vinyl on occasion.

    So far on my list;

    Definitely; Distortion, Concerto, Zap, Recordfriend, Record Palace, Second Life Music and Homesick Records - apparently there's a whole floor devoted to Bob?!

    Maybe; Backbeat (is this more 50/50 shared space with CDs?), Amstel Antiques (is this like a bargain basement, well thumbed?!), Fame (is this a bit like Fopp? So new vinyl, CDs, DVDs, books etc?), Flesch Records (any good?), Velvet Music...

    I've only really got one full day to whizz around... Any advice welcome!
  21. Popmartijn

    Popmartijn Forum Resident

    The Netherlands
    I was here last Saturday, as I was in town a bit early so decided to give it a look. It was a sad affair. The music section isn't any bigger than in a regular home electronics shop, let alone a real record shop. Almost no stock at all, not even of (relatively) new items. They seem to have a better selection at the mega record fair in Utrecht that is held twice a year than in their actual shop.
    In short, don't bother going there. Real record stores in Amsterdam are more interesting.
  22. Johnny Ryall

    Johnny Ryall Forum Resident

    Last time I was there they had some weird bootlegs I have never seen anywhere else.
    I remember seeing counterfeit represses of Swans, Hellacopters and more.
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