Amy Grant- Greatest Videos 1986-2004

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    The Amy Grant DVD Greatest Videos 1986-2004 is how you do a DVD music video collection right! Here's what's on it:

    1. The Next Time I Fall - (with Peter Cetera)
    2. Stay for a While
    3. Lead Me On
    4. Baby Baby
    5. Every Heartbeat [7" Body & Soul mix]
    6. That's What Love Is For
    7. Good for Me
    8. I Will Remember You
    9. Grown-up Christmas List
    10. Lucky One
    11. Say You'll Be Mine
    12. House of Love - (with Vince Gill)
    13. Big Yellow Taxi
    14. Things We Do for Love
    15. Takes a Little Time
    16. Simple Things

    Bonus Remixes:
    1. Baby Baby [7" No Getting Over You mix]
    2. Baby Baby [7" Heart in Motion mix]
    3. That's What Love Is For [7" single mix]
    4. Good for Me [7" Good for You mix]
    5. I Will Remember You [Rhythm remix]
    6. Lucky One [remix]
    7. Big Yellow Taxi [The Paradise mix]

    Bonus Videos:
    1. House of Love [Classic Philly Soul mix]
    2. House of Love [Classic Philly Soul mix - Alternate version]

    Amy's Commentary
    Personal Playlist feature

    You get a lot of music videos, bonus remixes (love those) and two bonus videos, plus commentary. It's a pretty great value even if you're just a causal fan of Amy's- it's selling used for under $10 on Amazon Marketplace and elsewhere.
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    I couldn't agree more, Paul! And listening to Amy's commentary is like having her hang out in your living room. She's so candid and reveals some really interesting facts about the creation of those music videos. It's a darn shame this wonderful collection, done 100% right, went out of print so quickly. It's a definitive release from an artist who rarely delves into the past and opens the vaults to repackage archival-quality releases that commemorate her decades-long career. I'm so grateful A&M put this DVD together with the full support of Amy and her Team!
  3. ky658

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    Miami, Florida "Wise UP"???
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    Was not familiar with this. Just ordered. Thanks for the bump.
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  5. BradOlson

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    Wise Up came out in 1985. You can find the video on the Find a Way LaserDisc.
  6. Song4U

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    It’s also on the VHS tape too.
  7. BradOlson

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    That too. BTW Amy fans, keep your LaserDisc and VHS equipment for the older videos.
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    Are the songs in 5.1?

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