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"...And Justice" (Metallica) JPN CD, 25dp WOW*

Discussion in 'Third Party Sales & Auctions' started by crispynz1, Jan 14, 2008.

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  1. crispynz1

    crispynz1 Forum Resident Thread Starter

  2. Bertly

    Bertly Senior Member

    This one's a promo.
  3. hushypushy

    hushypushy Active Member

    San Jose, CA
    Does promo really mean anything..? I guess you get the neat numbered promo card.

    I paid $12.99 for my 25DP, it has an obi and looks and feels like it came out of plastic wrapping the day I bought it. (What I mean by feels is that the plastic feels brand new, not worn. New case maybe?) I don't have that little promo card though...
  4. Bertly

    Bertly Senior Member

    I don't know, but DCC promos carry a premium.
  5. crispynz1

    crispynz1 Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Not $734 though :confused:
  6. LeeS

    LeeS Martini Time

    Wow. :eek:
  7. KeithH

    KeithH Success With Honor...then and now

    Beaver Stadium
    With all due respect, these promo CDs are much ado about nothing. You get a sticker on the back insert or back of the jewel case and a stamp on the plastic ring. Otherwise, same disc, same mastering. Furthermore, promo discs are generally not rare in Japan. I have a few, and it's neat when you find one, but it's hardly worth getting hysterical over.

    $734. I wonder if that's more because it's sealed than because it's a promo. Could be that both factors were at play, but I have to believe it being sealed was a major draw. Metallica collectors are rather intense.

    For the record, I found an EX copy of the 25DP disc in the bins last year for $8. No OBI strip, used, and not a promo. Hence, it's worthless. ;)
  8. JayB

    JayB Forum Resident

    Maybe the promo version of Justice actually has bass! :laugh:
  9. drbryant

    drbryant Senior Member

    Los Angeles, CA
    Holy smokes. That is INSANE.
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