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Andwella's Dream - Love and Poetry... Best CD version?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Jae, Aug 29, 2007.

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  1. Jae

    Jae Senior Member Thread Starter

    I picked up the JapanVinyl (IIRC) copy of Andwella's Dream's "Love and Poetry" a year or so ago...dreadful. I've never heard a CD that had as much NR applied to the point that the whole thing had constant swirl.

    I "upgraded" to the Green Tree release...better, but not great.

    Now I see it on "Lightning Tree Records", with four bonus tracks that are not on the earlier releases.

    Does anybody know what the quality of this CD release is like? Does it beat the others? Or do the extra tracks compensate?


    (PS: I just want to say that since finding this forum a month or so ago my wallet has been constantly open, LOL!)
  2. GeddyLeeFan

    GeddyLeeFan Active Member

    I only have the Lightning Tree reissue, so I can't comment on how it stacks up to the earlier CD's, but it's obviously a NR'ed needle-drop. It doesn't sound terrible, but... As for the bonus tracks, the two single-only tracks are great, but the two alternate versions are disappointing. They sound pretty much like the regular album versions.

    Here's a short FLAC sample of 'The Days Grew Longer For Love'. If you amplify the silent section, just after the acoustic guitar intro, you'll clearly hear the NR at work! :-(

  3. gottogo99

    gottogo99 Forum Resident

    I have one of the unauthorized versions, on the "Fingerprints" label. It is obviously from vinyl but doesn't appear to have any NR. Has two pretty lame bonus tracks from a 45 which aren't on other issues (you're not missing anything).

    I love this album and was considering upgrading to either the Vinyl Japan or Lightning Tree issues. Looks like maybe they aren't upgrades. I was hoping those were from master tapes but then again I seem to recall certain CBS UK masters burned up in some fire.


    PS Comments from Australia, Sweden, and USA. What would we do without the 'net?
  4. glea

    glea Forum Resident

    I've got the Lightning Tree release. Seems to sound fine to me. I wish I would have bought and original, or many originals when we used to see them in the cheap bins all the time... it was sort of a joke. "See anything good?" Andwella...hahaha for 99 cents apiece It could have been worth checking it out
  5. Jae

    Jae Senior Member Thread Starter

    Thanks! Definately brought back memories of the JapanVinyl release. I think I'll pass.

    :eek: :cry:
  6. mark kirk

    mark kirk Forum Resident

    I just picked up the new release from Sunbeam Records today and it sounds amazing! I'd venture to say it's from the master tapes as it's most definitely NOT a needledrop this time... although I don't see this claim in the liners. But it IS pristine.
    This new version includes eight bonus tracks this time 'round (my previous copy was on Reflection with only two extra tracks ('Every Little Minute' & 'Michael FitzHenry').
    This new version has:
    Mrs. Man (45 A-Side)
    Mr. Sunshine (45 B-Side)
    Every Little Minute (45 A-Side)
    Michael FitzHenry (45 B-Side)
    Take My Road (alt. mix)
    Man Without A Name (alt. mix)
    Paradise Isle (2008)
    Miles Away From My Baby (2008)

  7. gottogo99

    gottogo99 Forum Resident

    Wow, yet another release. Can anyone compare the new Sunbeam to the previous Lightning Tree? I would think Sunbeam is a digital clone of Lightning Tree and others, since it has the same bonus songs, but you never know until you check.
  8. Jae

    Jae Senior Member Thread Starter

    I have them all; all sound like they are from the same source (clicks/ticks in same places etc). The Sunbeam sounds somewhat identical to the earlier "VinylJapan" release (see my comments above); a definite needledrop with heavy NR. I no longer have my VinylJapan copy to compare for certain.

    The "Green Tree" release has the least NR used overall. Here's an identical sample from the quiet intro of track 1 (play loud or with headphones to hear) for you to compare:

    Days Grew Longer
    Green Tree

    You can hear the Green Tree release faded out and back to "hide" the vinyl noise, whereas the Sunbeam (and VinylJapan) release just NR'ed it to death.

    IMHO the Green Tree has more surface noise but overall sounds ever so slightly better due to the less NR artifacts. It does, however, fade tracks out early to a light buzz (which you can hear in the sample). The Green Tree does however use NR on the intro of track 3 and it sounds like, well, not good.

    In the end, neither are perfect, which is why I have kept both.

    As you stated the master tapes of this album no longer exist; all copies seem to come from the same Dave Lewis owned needledrop.
  9. Jae

    Jae Senior Member Thread Starter

    Oh, the Sunbeam release does have far superior art though - 10 pages inc back cover scan (albeit "cleaned up") and Dave Lewis liner notes from 2009.

    *Should have said above "I've had them all" as I've got rid of the VinylJapan release. I don't have the Lightning Tree release, but I recall from the above earlier post that is sounded very much like a clone of the VinylJapan release.
  10. gottogo99

    gottogo99 Forum Resident

    Thank you very much for the detailed info. I spent some effort and money tracking down the Lightning Tree version once I learned it was out of print. I have some consolation that this new, cheaper (than what I paid), version isn't any better.

    On the other hand, this album deserves to be in print 40 years after its release. I think it's that good.
  11. PixieStix

    PixieStix Forum Resident

    The other Andwella albums sound good. Bass is a little boomy but nice.
    They kinda remind me of The Band.
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