Andy Gibb - Any Favorite Songs?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by twistandshout, Jan 4, 2018.

  1. twistandshout

    twistandshout Forum Resident Thread Starter

    New Jersey
    Anyone like Andy Gibb or have a favorite song of his?
  2. Chemguy

    Chemguy Forum Resident

    Thicker Than Water. Barry at his best.
  3. jeffmo789

    jeffmo789 Give The Gift of Music!

    New England
    Big fan here, and my favorites are the three title tracks, "I Just Want To Be Your Everything", "Why", "Words and Music", "Love Is Thicker Than Water", "Warm Ride", "Desire" and "Waiting For You".

    Most of those involve one or more of his brothers in songwriting and/or backing vocals.
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  4. Juggsnelson

    Juggsnelson Senior Member

    Long Island
    (Our Love) Don't Throw It All Away is my favorite Andy song for sure!
  5. twistandshout

    twistandshout Forum Resident Thread Starter

    New Jersey
    I also like Shadow Dancing and Everlasting Love and of course I Just Want To Be Your Everything
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  6. driverdrummer

    driverdrummer Forum Resident

    Irmo, SC
    Everlasting Love is just wonderful.
  7. twistandshout

    twistandshout Forum Resident Thread Starter

    New Jersey
    "Don't Throw it all Away" and "Thicker than Water" are also great songs.
  8. John Adam

    John Adam An Introvert In Paradise

    "Why" from Shadow Dancing has always been one of my favorite Gibb songs. Barry and Andy made a good team!
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  9. beccabear67

    beccabear67 Musical Omnivore

    Victoria, Canada
    Have to go with Flowing Rivers which he also wrote...
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  10. beccabear67

    beccabear67 Musical Omnivore

    Victoria, Canada
    Second favorite is I Can't Help It with with Olivia...
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  11. RandyP

    RandyP Forum Resident

    This is probably my favorite Andy Gibb song of all.
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  12. ibekeen

    ibekeen Forum Resident

    Did you know that Andy Gibb only made three studio albums? I just recently realized that and was shocked that there were only three.
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  13. SixOClockBoos

    SixOClockBoos The Man On The Flaming Pie

    When I first got into vinyl, I took a few records my dad had kept over the years. He kept a copy of Shadow Dancing and it was one of the first LP's I had. I don't think I ever played the album in its entirety, but I remember liking "Shadow Dancing" and I really liked "An Everlasting Love"
  14. feinstei9415

    feinstei9415 Forum Resident

    South Bend, IN
    "An Everlasting Love", especially when accompanied by this video.... That song title was his epitaph as well....

    I hope that treatment for the depression that Andy suffered from has progressed and improved so that no one has to go through the hell that Andy went through....
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  15. beccabear67

    beccabear67 Musical Omnivore

    Victoria, Canada
    Three albums and two non-album singles (four singles if you don't count a hits compilation). :D

    The way I remember it he went into TV and got hooked up with all the cocaine party types. :sigh:
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  16. Black Thumb

    Black Thumb Yah Mo B There

    Reno, NV
    "I Just Want To Be Your Everything" and "(Love Is) Thicker Than Water" are two of my favorite pop singles by anyone. Ever.

    His last major U.S. hit is often overlooked, and it's fantastic:

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  17. Michael

    Michael I LOVE WIDE S-T-E-R-E-O!

    "I Just Want To Be Your Everything"
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  18. greelywinger

    greelywinger That T-Rex Guy

    Dayton, Ohio USA
    Always like Melody from his 'Shadow Dancing' album.

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  19. John Adam

    John Adam An Introvert In Paradise

    I think he could of had a return to form in the latter 80's had he lived. Not a fan of this video montage, just wanted to post this recording from mid 1987.

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  20. bare trees

    bare trees Forum Resident

    Thicker Than Water
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  21. tommy-thewho

    tommy-thewho Forum Resident

    detroit, mi
    Another vote for "I Just Want To Be Your Everything".
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  22. bosskeenneat

    bosskeenneat Forum Resident

    It seems there was a vicious backlash against the Bee Gees as a whole sometime in 1980-81, right at the bursting bubble of disco. Donna Summer, A Taste of Honey & Chic took bad falls also. Andy was another to be swept away by the tide. That said, put my vote in for "An Everlasting Love". Still a good record.
  23. Monsieur Gadbois

    Monsieur Gadbois Senior Member

    West Coast
    I love this performance by the Bee Gees where they paid tribute to Andy at the midpoint.

  24. Bobby Morrow

    Bobby Morrow Forum Resident

    I love Andy's 3 albums, with Shadow Dancing being my personal favourite. Don't know if I could pick a standout song, though.. Although I'm a big Olivia fan, I'm not especially fond of his duets with her. Agree with others that Time Is Time is great,

    Glad I picked up the studio albums on CD when they were in print.:)
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  25. Sytze

    Sytze Forum Resident

    I know next to nothing about Andy's work, but as a kid I got the 'Desire' single for a present, and I still have it. It's a pretty good song.

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