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    We’re making a run north into Michigan on Saturday and was curious if anyone could provide some insight into Ann Arbor’s record stores. I see three listed when I do a Google search. I am looking for used records to browse through, is it worth the time to drive the extra few miles to browse or not, even if I don’t buy? Classic rock, jazz, vocal, Seger (hometown boy), etc. what I am looking for. (We have to go to Canton, MI in a couple of weeks, is it worth waiting to visit anything in that area instead?)
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    I used to really like Wazoo Records when I lived there, but that was decades ago. Maybe they've gotten better, but a hint about browsing there if they are are skin color focused as they used to be: Look for albums by black people in r&b and jazz and albums by white people in rock. I still remember with some bemusement finding records by Hendrix in soul and finding disco records that were much more in line with r&b in the rock section simply because the covers had white people on them.
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    Heres a few that I like to go to. I live in Plymouth Mi. Very close to canton. They are in the opposite direction from going to Ann Arbor but about the same distance from Canton. Both Stores I am suggesting with have better pricing than going to Ann Arbor and I think better for finding a better feel for what Detroit has to offer.

    R&B and Jazz
    Street Corner Music
    Located in: Lincoln Shopping Center
    Address: 26020 Greenfield Rd, Oak Park, MI 48237

    Rock, R&B, and Jazz
    Peoples Records
    Address: 1464 Gratiot Ave, Detroit, MI 48207
    They have a second location (but the first location has a better selection)
    Address: 20140 Livernois Ave, Detroit, MI 48221

    R&B and Jazz
    Hello Records
    Address: 1459 Bagley Ave, Detroit, MI 48216

    Good Luck :)
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    Is Hello Records close to Corktown, maybe a block or two south of the road that will take you close to Joe Louis? I think I was there many moons ago ..... sounds familiar.
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    Too late for your visit I'm afraid, but for Ann Arbor I would never pass up a chance to spend a couple of hours (easily) at Encore Records. Wazoo, Underground Sounds (just down the street from Encore), and PJs are also good to visit while in the area.

    Vinyl Hub shows these and others around the area. VinylHub

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