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    I have a clearaudio concept MC that has been retipped by Andy at needleclinic. He did a fine job btw. The cart is really the only holdover in what has been a near complete system overhaul within the last year.

    My system now:

    Nottingham 294 with Notts 12" arm
    Musical Surroundings Nova II phono Preamp
    Nuprime DAC10 (line pre and dac)
    Van Alstine Synergy amp
    Philharmonic BMR speakers
    Rhythmik E15 subs x 2
    Clear Day double shotgun speaker cables
    Audio Art IC3se ic's
    GIK room treatments

    The system has never sounded better and the concept MC is no slouch. So how much better would one of the following carts be (or would they just be different)?

    Audio Technica Art9 - same price range as the concept MC but it's the darling of the day and supposedly competes with carts 2 to 3 times it's price

    Charisma mc2

    Charisma reference 1 or 2

    Kiseki blue NS

    Ortofon Cadenza Bronze

    Clearaudio Charisma V2 MM - $2000 for an MM? My curiosity is peaked

    Let me stress that I do not want in any circumstance to sacrifice natural organic timber and warmth for analytical scrutiny. Detail and warmth are both nice but I'll take a little extra warmth and a little less detail if need be.

    So, how much improvement to be had with carts in this price range?
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