Another music label switching to CD-Rs?

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussions' started by Free_Hat, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. Free_Hat

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    Van Isle
    Anyone here have any recent CDs from Mode Records? Just received 2 brand new sealed Morton Subotnick albums direct from Amazon CA, both CD-Rs. Professionally stamped full color labels, no matrix #s, data side has that characteristic watery-tint CD-R look. No mention of CD-R in Amazon's product listing or on packaging.

    Couldn't find any info on the Mode website. (Interesting catalogue BTW...)
  2. Platterpus

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    Sorry to hear this. That's pathetic. I've been interested in those Subotnick CDs myself for a while. Forget it now. I'll look for used copies that are real CDs.
  3. bubba-ho-tep

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    Looks like Sierra is also moving to CD-Rs.
  4. Free_Hat

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    Van Isle
    In light of the current discussions on this topic in other threads I figured this one needed an update.

    I contacted Mode and the customer service guy was great. He explained they do manufacturing runs of 1000 for all original pressings and only CD-R for reissues. He also said some of their titles are likely to never sell enough to need a reprint, so if you order directly from them an email inquiry beforehand would help determine if you're getting an original pressing.

    Apparently their CD-Rs are being done by Naxos/Nimbus. This suggests we may eventually be seeing more CD-Rs for classical music…
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  5. SimonSaysCake

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    Thanks for the update and Naxos label info. Man this state of affairs sucks. :shake:

  6. rararabbits

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    Just received a big order from / Collectables and about half the discs (Dion, Soul Survivors, Claudine Longet, more) were CD-Rs. The insert in the Claudine disc looks like someone hand-cut it with scissors, and none-too-adeptly at that. Another Paypal dispute, another site I won't be ordering from again.

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