Any experience with PA broadcasting of music in school (AKA “PA radio”??), in the days of old?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by ParloFax, Apr 16, 2018.

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    My wife, and even my kids now in their early 30s, tell me they’ve never experienced at all this extra-curricular activity, but myself I’ve seen this all through high school (grades 9-12), then in junior college (CÉGEP, in Quebec), so covering the year span 1970-76. I have even hosted a prog-rock show there myself... Once I realized that no one was listening, I figured I was much better off joining back my chums at the cafeteria where all the fun was taking place.

    There is a French language sitcom for teens re-running here on cable these days – it was made in the late-90s; pretty darn funny in its first seasons – based on such a closed-circuit radio setting in high school, quite “grunge”-oriented, but with lots of old vinyl LPs still lingering on in the back of the picture, called Radio-Enfer (radio from hell)... So I didn’t dream any of this!

    I don’t know much technically about the stuff we had, just that IIRC, both booths had big Lenco turntables and “professional looking” control desk, microphones and headgears. And of course a rather large record collection.

    That thing was manned pretty much full-time, especially in high school.

    So remember, this thread is not about the big, real, serious hertzian college radios, just the cheap, closed-circuit kind ones, where they (me included) probably forgot to turn the switch to mono most of the time to broadcast the stereo records!

    And did you get exposed to any particular music through this outlet?
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    Back in my Junior year (1975) I jocked on Friday afternoon lunchtime on KLHS (Lynbrook High School).
    It was an actual Low Power FM station, probably around 50 watts, radius was about 2 miles. There is a park
    across the street from the school where my friends hung out during lunchtime, and they would listen in
    their cars or on a portable radio. It was fun, but I really didn't have the "pipes". No engineer, I had to run the board
    and the turntables alone.
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    Yeah, we had this. (We had TV too and made a daily news short- a lot of work). I remember the teacher that supervised the "radio" thing wouldn't let me play Traffic, cause he thought it sounded too much like Procol Harum, which he hated.
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    That's quite in the tone, yeah, and it's pretty good. It likely predates our French show. I would post clips but the ones availble are rubbish...

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