Any good inexpensive CD players still in production?

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by thatguy1976, Jun 17, 2017.

  1. triple

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    Zagreb, Croatia
    This Ifi purifier, is it used with a wallwart power supply? The one from Ifi?
  2. gd0

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    Repeated for emphasis. The Best budget solution.
  3. ChuckyBuck

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    I've recently had 2 NAD lower end CD players. They both had Chinese made transports that were very noisy. I suspect these are common across other brands. For something inexpensive I will now stick with HDD/SSD based solutions.
  4. gd0

    gd0 Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies

    Golden Gate
    ^ Also good.
  5. Gibsonian

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    Yep has walwart power supply. Ifi much more expensive than the DVD player but worth it I think if you are using outboard DAC.
  6. Bathory

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    had bad time with yamaha cd s300. loved sound, didnt like reliability ( dead in 12 hours)
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  7. triple

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    Zagreb, Croatia
    Thanks. Don't understand why they didn't make it use a battery though.
  8. Tim Irvine

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    I got a low end Cambridge and like it ok but I mainly listen to CDs for background music. Debussy or Mose Allison piano music would be good examples. Also fine for housecleaning music like Back in the USSR.
  9. Maggie

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    The overwhelming majority of CD consumers will have their needs met by DVD/Blu players, game consoles, and PC optical drives. Problems with playing back CDs will only arrive when optical discs for movies and games go the way of the dodo, and when computer optical drives are no longer being produced. Considering that you can still buy a new external PC 3.5" floppy drive for $20 on Amazon, almost 20 years after the last time any data was distributed on such a disk, I would say that it will be a long while before CD-compatible drives are completely unavailable and we have a serious problem.
  10. jemraid

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    Hello all,

    I must thank you for this thread I found it after a Google search and was really surprised to see the posts about cheap DVD players.

    My old but modded Philips CD723 kept saying 'This disc has not been finalised' when I tried to make a CD myself. Looking at other forums I was told that it was the cheap CD-R's I was buying. We have a DVD/HDD recorder/player I put one of the 'cheapo' discs in it and it worked perfectly.

    I bought an LG DVD player this morning for £35.00 ($45.68) I was a bit concerned about it not being connected to a screen, took it into my music listening room (at the back of the garage) switched it on, bunged in one of the 'cheapo' CD's and it played it straightaway and I soon found out that the numerical buttons on the remote would find the various tracks.

    Then the sound, well I thought the Philips was good especially after modding it but the LG knocks spots off it. Bass lines I'd never heard properly before and a much better sound stage, overall the sound is more accurate, easy and transparent.

    Recently I'd had a good improvement through making Mick Feuerbachers two transistor LM3886 amp: Mick Feuerbacher Audio Projects

    My Frugel Horn Mk3's sound even better now.

    I'm really grateful
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