Any good record stores in Dallas??

Discussion in 'Music, Movie and Hardware Store Guide' started by Tony Caldwell, Mar 14, 2002.

  1. Admerr

    Admerr Well-Known Member

    Ft. Worth definitely has better shops. I recently stopped by Panther City with a buddy that lives close to the shop. Very clean and organized store and the guys running it are very knowledgeable and helpful.

    Dallas shops just seem to be very frustrating to me. Spinster might be my favorite but I don’t get over there that often. I’m closest to Good Records and 14 Records (which is always a very odd experience). I’ve been going to Good the longest and always have a good chat with their staff. Inventory can be really hit or miss though.

    Like others, I only check the “collectibles” section at Josey but prices are usually ridiculous. Last time I was in they had recent MoFi releases $10-20 over retail. Titles still in stock on MoFi’s site. I guess they think some people are too lazy to check?
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  2. markaberrant

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    Regina, SK, Canada
    As someone who travels a fair bit, and has been record shopping for 25 years, the stores in Dallas are pretty weak in general.
  3. n.phelge

    n.phelge Forum Resident

    The drive to Docs is now about 10 minutes shorter for me, but I haven't found anything to purchase in the last five or so visits - I'm guessing the move increased their customer traffic and the good stuff doesn't last.
  4. Claxton

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    Fort Worth, Texas
    I’d agree. Got a hefty sized gift card to there for my birthday last year and it took multiple trips to run through it. The used selection doesn’t seem as great as it once was, and the prices have crept up. I still love ‘em, but it’s just not as easy to find an awesome deal these days.
  5. Admerr

    Admerr Well-Known Member

    Interesting. My friends that live on the Ft. Worth side have the same feedback. Used inventory hasn’t been as good since the move. I’d say Docs is still better than Dallas offerings.
  6. Jgirar01

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    Dubai, UAE
    I have bought some good stuff from Josey and I like the staff there. Last time I went to Docs I didn’t find anything at the new location. Been back in Dallas three months and it’s pretty slim on used vinyl. Used to be Half Price Books was decent but been in two this week and full of beat up crap at near mint prices- wow not sure what their strategy is. Need to check out the other vinyl stores in Fort Worth.
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  7. Admerr

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    I agree about the staff at Josey. There’s one guy I always stop and chat with that was originally at the old CD Source on Greenville. I’ve been buying from him the better part of 20 years. I just don’t agree with their pricing. Dallas shops seem to take the current discogs prices and add an additional 10-15%.

    Half Priced Books was great 10-15 years ago but you hit the nail on the head. Beat up used vinyl for M/NM prices. I spoke to an ex-employee that confirmed management caught on to the vinyl resurgence and sent out a mass email about raising prices.

    I did stop by Good Records yesterday and they seemed to have loaded up new inventory again. Pretty solid selection but used stuff is still so-so.
  8. n.phelge

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    Stopped by HPB mothership yesterday since they said were expanding their vinyl section. I didn't really see a change in size, but they had an LP 'New Arrivals' area in the shelves and the clearance section on the lower shelf was totally refreshed.

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