Any good record stores in Dallas??

Discussion in 'Music, Movie and Hardware Store Guide' started by Tony Caldwell, Mar 14, 2002.

  1. ToddH

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    Mansfield, Texas
    forever young is the biggest store in the area but they are also the most expensive. For CD's search through the various half price books stores. There are a bunch in the area. There are more used CD's in the various half price books than at Forever young.
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    Thanks, good to know. I haven't been impressed with past Half Price books when it comes to newer CDs but I'll check out the ones around here. I'm tired of Amazon's sending damaged product so the OCD part of me prefers to check before buying for digipacks or boxes.
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    Tyler, Texas
  4. ToddH

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    Mansfield, Texas
    yea half price books wont have new cd's. If you are looking for new cd's forever young has everything.
  5. Daddy-O4

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    I'm also a CD only shopper and have had good success at several places in the area:

    Half Price Books - this chain has over a dozen stores in the area. Pros: discs are in the cases and can be inspected as you browse. Large selection. Prices are fair overall ($5-6 for single CD is typical). Fairly large $2 clearance section that I often find quality items in. Inventory at the flagship store in Dallas turns over pretty quickly. Cons: The selection is not typically well curated. It's not unusual to see 12 copies of Eagles GH in the bin, for example. They don't have a buffer so the condition can vary widely.

    Movie Trading Company - Another large chain under the Vintage Stock family of stores. Pros: Large selection and not a lot of duplicates. All locations have high quality buffing machines. They will buff it for you at no cost at time of purchase, if needed. Prices are fair ($4-8 is typical). Cons: cases are shrink-wrapped so you can't inspect as you browse. They will let you open it up and inspect used cd's if you bring them to the counter and ask though. Inventory doesn't turnover as quickly as HPB. Clearance section is small and there's almost never anything worthwhile - even at 99 cents.

    Josey Records - Focus is on vinyl, but the store is so big that the CD selection is also very good. Pros: Discs can be viewed as you browse. Standard pricing. Large $1 clearance section. Condition is consistently above average. Cons: Due to vinyl emphasis, the CD inventory doesn't turnover very quickly, but they do have a new arrivals section, so that helps.

    Recycled Books - Interesting store in downtown Denton, TX. Pros - they only accept/buy "scratch-free" discs, so the condition of the CD's is by far the best in the area. Standard price is $5 for most CD's. Discs are in the cases and can be viewed during browsing. $2 clearance section. Cons - Emphasis is on books and vinyl and the CD section has shrunk of late...;-(. Inventory turns over fairly slowly.

    FYI, Bill's Records, which has been around Dallas for decades, is now closed as the owner, Bill Wisener, passed away...;-( At the Kessler, a Public Outpouring of Grief For the Late Bill Wisener - D Magazine
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    Those in the area that know: What happened to Bill's place, and more to the point, his inventory?

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