Any Recommendations for Blue Light Blocking Glasses?

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    or general thoughts on their effectiveness, based on your experience?
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    If you can wait Philip Zepter will start production soon Tesla Light Wear.
    They are only in the world with patented fullerene glass.
    I have one of them (prototype) and I love them.
    My eyes are much more relaxed after hours and hours of work in front of the monitors.
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    The BBC did a indepth documentary on the subject of blue light glasses/lenses last year and the claims some large optitions in the uk were making to sell people coatings and lenses they didn't need.
    They did loads of testing and found so called blue lenses don't make any difference what so ever.
    It's just away to fleece the general public of more money.
    They are still at it.
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    @PhilBorder I had/have an issue with night driving glare sometimes and from being on the PC for too long. I found Soxick HD glasses work incredibly for this problem. They aren't expensive but effective for my needs. Very effective but you have to allow your eyes to adjust when first putting them on I find. Keep in mind there are a lot of naysayer opticians regarding these as well but I was desperate and so glad to have found the relief I required.

    What I learned about these glasses is that an optician can make them for you as well with better fitting frames of your choice if you desire. Basically they're a light yellow colored lens with somewhere around 15 - 17% polarization. If you go this route though do not just get the polarization as an add on layer but built right into the lens itself.
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