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Anyone else got burnt with bootleg TV Show DVDs?

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by schugh, May 4, 2021.

  1. schugh

    schugh Forum Resident Thread Starter

    I've sometimes seen comments in the Amazon reviews about someone receiving pirated/bootleg versions and always wondered how can that be.
    Well apparently it can be. I just got burnt on two sets.
    Both Shout Factory sets. The complete Jeffersons box and All in the Family box.

    And the big lesson for me is to verify these types of purchases right away after receiving them instead of leaving them on the Shelf. I got the Jeffersons in Dec. 2018 and All in the Family in Sept. 2019.
    I didn't get to them till just now. Finally decided to copy them to put on my personal plex server (not shared with anyone).

    One hint was the DVD cases were not up to the standard I was used to from Shout Factory sets.
    I was copying the Jeffersons and the second hint that something was off was when the size of the discs showed as single layer 4.7 GB. But I just shrugged it off. The third hint was when another piece of software said the video was processed with DVDFab. Again I just though, hmm...oh well. Maybe that's how it is?

    But one of the episodes didn't rip properly and I was playing it just to see and at a certain point the video breaks up and there's a scene from Mr. Ed showing up in between George Jefferson talking. Well at that point I knew something was up!

    But too late.

    I checked a few other sets that have been sitting for over a year from Shout Factory and thankfully those are all OK.

    Anyone else get burnt?

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