Anyone have The Beatles Ed Sullivan Anthology 1964-1970 on dvd?

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Beatlelennon65, May 7, 2003.

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    I saw this title at the local mom and pop store and was wondering if I should get this or the box set from Canada. The quality look ok but I was hoping the box set would be better. I am really only interested in the Beatles parts of the shows. Anybody have both and care to compar the two? It's either get this one for 25 or buy the box set for 50.
    Also, they had The Beatles Down Under with about 7 songs on it. I think a couple of the songs were from another concert. This dvd was about 1 and 1/2 hours and had some other footage of non concert stuff. Is this worth buying? It didnt seem like there was much in the way of concert footage, so I didnt buy it but I may have to go back. This one looked like it featured Ringo, but I was thinking he was sick on that tour. I think this DVD was from the first tour. Any help please??!!
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    Ringo rejoined them for the 6-17-64 show in Melbourne, which was taped and shown on Australian TV as The Beatles Sing For Shell, which I'm assuming is where the live concert footage you mention came from. Clips from the show appear on Anthology, including an EXCELLENT version of "You Can't Do That".

    Now, you do realize that the DVD's you're talking about here are bootlegs, and not official product, right? Okay then...

    Not familiar with the "Canadian box set", you mention, are you talking about the legit Andrew Solt release with the complete '64 and '65 Sullivan's? Those are great quality, but as you say, they include all the other acts and such. They're likely not going to get any better than that. That said, most of the Sullivan stuff has been circulating in pretty decent quality for years. It's hard to say though, because pretty much anyone can get a copy of this stuff and make a dub, and there are so many versions out there, of varying quality, that one guy's copy could be horrible, another's could be pristine, and they both could have the same packaging. Frankly, I wouldn't be surprised if bootleggers don't start copying the Beatle clips from the legit DVD's for their versions soon, if they haven't already.

    My advice is, get a look at the product before you put down any money. And not just one clip, either. Have them skip around to different parts of the DVD (some unscrupulous dealers will cue their video to the best quality clip, giving you the false impression that the entire program looks that good). If you find the quality acceptable, that's what you should base your decision to buy on. However, keep in mind that these are bootlegs, and if you have any qualms about putting down money on them whatsoever, pass on it.

    You always seem to get another chance at this stuff, if you're not certain about these, chances are it'll come around again at some point.
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