AP Blue Note SACD Complete List?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by jriems, Feb 11, 2019.

  1. jriems

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    Does anyone have an accurate, complete list of the 50 AP Blue Note SACD releases broken down into the first and second sets of 25 each? If so can you please post it here, or provide a link to a resource that has such a list?

  2. tlake6659

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    This is only showing vinyl, but I think the sets were released the same way in batches with the same titles:

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  3. jriems

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    Thank you. I was able to compile a complete list of both sets from those links. The first set only shows 24 titles and is missing Grant Green - Green Street (process of elimination), but the second set of 25 is listed in its entirety (in stock, limited stock, backordered).
  4. Blair G.

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    I’ve got 49 of them and it’s killing me to be missing that one last disc
    While I was concentrating on slowly buying the “limited stock” titles one of the “In Stock” discs that I figured was safe, Blue Train, went straight to back order status in the Fall of 2017.
    They say another press run will happen, but 16 months have passed so I’m a bit worried
  5. jriems

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    Wow. I was just looking at that today and wondering how long it had been on backorder - 16 months sure doesn't seem good. :(
  6. DeRosa

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    It's interesting, I consider it mis-information in that article regarding mono vs stereo tapes:

    "The truth is, every Rudy Van Gelder Blue Note session after October 30, 1958 was recorded in Stereo only."

    The much more likely story that explains the history of this debate can be found here:
    How They Heard It – Blue Note Records and the Transition from Mono to Stereo

    Basically, until Rudy Van Gelder moved into his new studio and started recording in July 1959,
    the previous sessions were monitored in mono (one speaker in the studio). The tapes of those sessions recorded at Hackensack
    between Oct 1958 and the move to Englewood Cliffs in July 1959 experimented a lot with different positioning of the instruments.
    But clearly, it was mono that took precedence, and to say those sessions were "recorded in stereo only" is really false.
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