Aquaman (new 2018 DC film)

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    Apples and oranges, I think... Justice League was a messy and troubled production behind the scenes from ambitious beginning to ignominious ending... what seemed initially like a slam-dunk turned into a total clusterfudge, it lost money, got a lot of people ultimately fired, and single-handedly sunk the DCEU as originally envisioned. It appears to me that WB cut that film loose as a lost cause before it even hit theaters and the running time mandate from Tsujihara was so they could likely squeeze in as many showings per day as they could in a desperate attempt to get as much money back as possible before actual word-of-mouth on the film torpedoed it. They could have pushed the release date back a few months if they were confident enough of fixing it, with Snyder's tragedy-motivated departure, and Whedon's eleventh-hour hiring as director as a result, giving them sufficient cover to have made such a move had they chosen to do so ... the fact they didn't is telling in itself.

    Aquaman, on the other hand and by all accounts, was a smooth production, and this time, the suits were confident of what they were seeing.

    I'd rather have a coherent film never mind a longer one... Justice League felt like it had been edited with a meat cleaver; the narrative was an incomprehensible shambles that had gaping holes large enough to sail an aircraft carrier through; I'm absolutely certain dollars to donuts that is not the film that Whedon - had he not been handed a crippling mandate regarding running time - wanted released into theaters.

    Honestly, if WB went ahead and approved the home release of Whedon's 'director's cut' - Frankenstein creation that it was! - I'd actually be tempted enough to give it a whirl... just out of interest to see the difference, and I'm sure I wouldn't be alone... it might even end up being a surprising little earner for the studio... just look at how many units Oliver Stone's various cuts of Alexander shifted on disc - over a million, by most accounts - and Justice League is an immeasurably more prominent IP than that underrated and unfairly-demonized historical epic (for the record; Stone's initial three-hour theatrical cut is still the best version in my humble opinion)!!!
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    Aquaman is swimming in it, $748.8 million worldwide to date.
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    I got asleep at the cinema when I went to see it. I haven't felt like "re-sleep" it again.
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    Gee, this is a bit unprecedented...

    "It has come to my attention that some folks are getting harassed by some fans for not liking AQM," he tweeted Sunday afternoon. "Please don't do that. Not the kind of support I want."

    'Aquaman' Director James Wan Asks Fans to Stop Bullying Others for Disliking Movie

    Note that the film just hit $750M worldwide and is expected to hit $1 billion in a few weeks. I have no idea why crazy fans can get so hostile: keep telling yourself... "it's only a movie."
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    Kev's usual 'loving' review.....warning: cuss words abound!
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    As Aquaman races towards $1 billion I bet they’re kicking themselves they didn’t hold off on releasing “Solo,” Until Christmas. It shows there was plenty of room for teen movie alongside Mary Poppins, which isn’t a teen movie.
  7. But it still has to be a pretty good film and SOLO wasn't.....
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    And the latest from Hollywood Reporter:

    'Aquaman' Box Office Heads for $900M-Plus in Splashy Win for Warner Bros., DC

    The superhero tentpole finished Sunday with a shimmery global total of $748.8 million, guaranteeing that Aquaman will fly past $900 million by the end of its run and become the biggest Warner Bros./DC title since Christopher Nolan's third Batman pic, which earned $1.09 billion in 2012, not adjusted for inflation.
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    Thanks. That answers one of my questions (#4).

    My other question - If they could swim like fishes, why did they need to ride fishes?

    My son (17) rated it equal with Wonder Women as best DC movie.
    I though it was pretty good, but that Wonder Women is much better.
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    And the latest industry news is that Aquaman is on track to make at least $900 million worldwide, making it the biggest Warner Bros. film since The Dark Knight Rises, which is remarkable:

    Aquaman, starring Jason Momoa in the titular role, has already surpassed the entire lifetime gross of fellow DC pics Man of Steel ($668 million), Justice League ($657.9 million) and Suicide Squad ($746.8 million), and will soon overtake both Wonder Woman and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ($873.6 million), not adjusted for inflation.

    'Aquaman' Box Office Heads for $900M-Plus in Splashy Win for Warner Bros., DC

    Whether people like the movie or not, it's making a lotta dough -- I think it's fair to say nobody expected what is basically a C-list superhero movie to do this well.
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    Wonder if folks going to see it think it's a Marvel film.
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    Momoa does look a lot more like Sub Mariner than Aquaman, doesn't he?
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    Ballsier, that's fer sher.
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    Holiday season helps.
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    Not seeing a resemblence to Namor. Namor always looked like an angry Mr. Spock.

    Again, Momoa’s Aquaman looks a bit like the (comics) reboot from the 90s — and later the JL/JLU animated series. Long hair, beard, often shirtless. He hasn’t lost his left hand and had it replaced with a harpoon yet. Give it time. :)
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    No, I doubt they do. Aquaman was already in "Justice League" and people aren't so clueless that they just blindly see every comic book movie as part of the MCU...
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    while i liked this and have seen a few times , i still like WW better ...this was still good , and probably better then 90% of the Marvel films
  18. Guy Smiley

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    To each their own but, the scripting of Aquaman was pretty lousy, IMO. Again, good fun, but not a great script.

    Given the sheer diversity and quality of most of Marvel’s output, from the first Iron Man all the way up to Infinity War, I can’t possibly agree with this. But, hey, glad you liked it that much!
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    mmm, not really. Has Sub-Mariner updated his look since the 70’s? He looked like a dorky elf in fishscale briefs the last I saw him.
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    At least he's got brown hair and is swarthier than the Arian looking Aquaman.
  21. GodShifter

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    Can’t argue that
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    Definitely. Momoa was excellent in Conan The Barbarian, wish they would make more of those films with him.
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    'Aquaman' has an actual song written and recorded by an Aquaman superfan named Craig Marshall. The artwork for this album was done by Spencer Gibb, son of Robin Gibb from the Bee Gees.
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    When Jae Lee (Marvel Artist) drew him, he looked EXACTLY like Momoa!
  25. GodShifter

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    After a bit of research, you are correct, sir!
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