Arcade Fire - Everything Now (2017 album)

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by LarsO, Jun 1, 2017.

  1. DorothyV

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    Cleveland, Ohio
    Arcade Fire have become similar to Radiohead for me in that: I really enjoy their music, but I can't stand the band members or their most ardent fans because they are, in my opinion, too pretentious.

    For this reason, and because I have difficulty separating the band from the music, I can't seem to really enjoy live performances by them. But, listening to their records, or recordings of their live performances, is a whole different, and enjoyable, experience.
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  2. countingbackward

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    Montreal, QC
    Followup on the live show...without giving away any secrets...the show was absolutely incredible. The energy of their early shows in small venues has finally been scaled up to arena size. This was my 10th concert of theirs, and it was as good or better than every one before - from cool stage setup to setlist to pacing, the combination of the energy of old and new, it was incredible. Every song was a high-point for me. This was perhaps partly on account of lowered expectations from what I considered to be a lackluster (by AF's standard) Reflektor tour.

    Caveat...I was at the front of the floor, on the soundboard side of the stage, a spot which contributed to the awesomeness of the evening.
  3. dobyblue

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    Have listened through about four times now in the car to the CD, not a fan of Arcade Fire's except for perhaps "Rebellion (Lies)" but a buddy got multiple copies of the CD with his concert tickets and gave me one...I'm really enjoying it! Love the way the last track kicks back into the opening track, don't have any tracks through four listens through that I'm skipping yet...great stuff.
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  4. Pretty.Odd.

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    New York, New York
    Seeing them at MSG this coming Tuesday and I've never seen them in concert before. Extremely excited.
  5. andres lira

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    lima, peru
    I'm still not sold on the record but i've bought my ticket for their show here in december. Hopefuly we'll get a Funeral heavy set list.
  6. Show #1 of 3 this tour for me is tonight in Philly - Preservation Hall Jazz Band opening. Stoked!!
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  7. forthlin

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    Just the opposite for me. Reflektor and the new album just don't work for me but seeing them on videos (on a big tv) are really cool. In the meantime I'll keep trying with their new music, sometimes things just take a while to click for me.
  8. Excellent show on Sunday night - I too won't give anything away yet for anyone going but the flow throughout was just spot on: didn't stop dancing all night!

    The setlist took in big chunk of the new album but also a pretty nice selection of "hits" from the other four as well (though I would practically sacrifice a digit after 10 years of seeing them to hear anything from the EP live, nevermind some deeper cuts or B-sides, but that's the typical lament of any diehard fan).

    Looking forward to Thursday's show in Atlanta to confirm some of my impressions but I certainly had a ball and it is more than worth seeing them this go-round if anyone's possibly sitting on the fence about getting a ticket. Speaking of, the feeling does seem to be that a confluence of pricing (too high and zero need for $275 VIP tickets), scalpers up snapping the presale tickets and the "meh" reaction to EN left a *lot* of unsold tickets out there - if you're looking to go, lots of cheapies on StubHub and some venues themselves have released tickets (at face) within the first 10 rows in the center 100 sections. Folks up in the 200s were getting upgraded to fill in the gaps around the Wells Fargo.

    Also amazed to say that I was far from one of the oldest folks in there! Though one 20-something across the aisle from us high-fived me a few times for my (cough) enthusiasm.... I'm sure I looked like a nut to many but what the hey. Had to do my part!
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  9. CBM

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    Washington, DC
    This happened to me Saturday night in DC. We were in the 200's. About 5 minutes before AF were set to go on, an usher came to our section with about 30 tickets and asked if anyone wanted to move down. We ended up in the 10th row. Amazing. This is the 3rd straight tour I've seen them on and I loved this version. Good set list. Great production--lights, video, stage in the round, etc.
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  10. Fishoutofwater

    Fishoutofwater Forum Resident

    Love them live: cant stand them on cds; awful sound
  11. Veltri

    Veltri ♪♫♫♪♪♫♫♪

    I was surprised to find close seats a week before the show after having checked a month earlier when the close seats were sold out. I'm guessing they were released from unsold VIP or band guest seats.
    The new songs translated well to the live performance; they fit right in with the older ones.
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  12. DorothyV

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    Cleveland, Ohio
  13. fourfeathers

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    Toronto, ON
    They may not be filling arenas to capacity, but hooo mama are they ever putting on a hell of a show. Caught one of the two tour-closing Toronto shows and it was one of the most uniformly positive concert-going experiences I've ever had. Perfect setlist pacing, a hell of a stage show, a splash of humour, and NON STOP grooves. Takes a hell of a band to get the entire arena on their feet all night. Not many bands are doing arena rock spectacle better than Arcade Fire right now!
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  14. gfong

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    Ontario, Canada
    Saw them Wednesday Nov 1st in Windsor, Ontario. Excellent concert, lots of energy and emotion with great song selection from all releases. With respect to the thread, the tracks off of Everything Now translate better in concert than they do on the album. Few songs I thought were weak I now listen to more because of the concet.
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  15. I have never danced so much in my life (and I danced a lot during the Reflektor tour) - only breather I took was during " We Don't Deserve Love", and even that was only for a minute tops.

    No doubt Scott Rodger lost his job as manager in part for the inarguably botched tour planning but no fault can be laid at the spectacle of - and performance by - the band imo: the shows were simply *superb*. So happy to have caught three shows on this tour (last one this past Monday in Chicago) and am honestly in withdrawal...already jonesing for the next go-round in 2020/21.
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  16. SoundAdvice

    SoundAdvice Forum Resident

    15k strong in Vancouver that stood for the full show. He did make that attendance remark at that show.

    I do have to admit that I find Win's ego a distraction.
  17. Neonbeam

    Neonbeam All Art Was Once Contemporary

    It's going to be interesting to see how this album will fare in "Best of 2017" polls. Suddenly a lot of people seem to find it less off putting as in July:evil:
  18. George Co-Stanza

    George Co-Stanza Forum Resident

    This could be good for them. They seemed like they got big heads after the Grammy win for The Suburbs, so maybe this will give them a humility and get those super creative juices flowing again to where they give us another great complete work, instead of another album with some great tunes and some crap tunes that aren't worthy of their name.
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  19. Hmmm - it's actually a very good album if one can get past their "what *I* think Arcade Fire should be"-ness.

    Any and all are entitled to that feeling - more than understandable - but there's really a lot more there there than it seems.
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  20. SoundAdvice

    SoundAdvice Forum Resident

    The "Crowds half size as this in cities 3 times as large" paraphrased comment at the show I attended seems to be a Vancouver(15k) vs. Dallas(5k) reference. Metro populations are 2.4mil vs 7.2mil, respectively.

    Note how the low numbers happened in Texas/Quebec, both places which figure strongly into the band's personal history.
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  21. 200 Balloons

    200 Balloons Forum Resident

    That's why it’s at 66 on Metacritic and 2.51 on RYM? Critics and fans are all just too stupid to recognize its hidden depths? Give me a break. They already made the transition on Reflektor, anyway. People get it. They just don't like it.
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  22. Neonbeam

    Neonbeam All Art Was Once Contemporary

    Metacritic isn't really able to show what people think now. It's a collection of vintage reviews. As for RYM.... give me a break. The end of the year polls will be more revealing than any of them.
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  23. George Co-Stanza

    George Co-Stanza Forum Resident

    I think the problem is that many reviews on sites like RYM are knee jerk reactions, and most people aren't going to go back and listen to it if they do not like that much at first, much less go back to the site and change their vote. Not saying that is why this album doesn't have a high score, just that online sites are now filled with knee jerk reviews and ratings (good and bad).

    For me, my opinion on this album has stayed pretty consistent:
    -it has higher highs than Reflektor and lower lows
    -doesn't touch their first three albums
    -those highs are some of their best songs to date, and those lows are some of their worst songs to date
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  24. No one (except you) called anyone stupid...

    But almost all the negative reviews complained about how the band sounds phony with its continued dabbling in beats and electronic sounds (because I guess doing it once was supposed to be enough - shouldn't they be over it now? More hurdy-gurdy and accordian, please!). And the tired bemoaning of the fact that the band no longer had the ability or interest in eliciting euphoria like the 12-year-old Funeral did for its 12-years-younger audience, many of whom seem to insist that the band - any by extension, they, when listening to the band - stay stuck back in 2005. What exactly do those complaints convey in any meaningful sense about the album besides "I don't like it so therefore you shouldn't either"? The few critical "deeper dives" have mainly been to fault the album's marketing and what people perceive of as hypocritical anti-consumerism messaging in their lyrics. Really?

    Nevermind that regardless of what you think of some of these songs, Win has not sounded better in his life (or Regine for that matter - and their vocals on "We Don't Deserve Love" might be the best joint performance they've done), they get brownie points in my book for putting together a thematically-cohesive collection of songs and it is a sonically fantastic-sounding album. And just oodles of hooks (which of course one may not like) but again, I give anyone credit that creates something that just burrows into your skull and roots around - the particular piece or style of music in question might make me want to bang my head against a wall *but* it's obviously going to resonate in a way that flighty "here this second, gone and forgotten immediately afterwards" music doesn't.

    One thing to say Everything Now isn't one's cup of tea (and yes, a lot of people obviously don't care for it - so what: a lot of people care for Ed Sheeran...and?). But this
    is a sentiment that been used them with respect to every album since Funeral. There's not one that most fans or critics consider "filler-free" (if one's prone to labelling music that way) and doesn't have stupendous classics surrounded by tracks that people consider "not worthy". "The Well And The Lighthouse"? "Half Light I" or "Rococo"? "Joan of Arc" or " You Already Know"? Heck, even "Haïti" for that matter? So yes, certainly "Infinite Content" can go in that pile too but I dig all of them (well, bar "You Already Know"!) within the context of their respective albums. It's hardly like every album has been universally considered great by any stretch - even with The Suburbs, it too got its share of complaints for being too long (yet another sign of the band's pretentiousness!) and to be fair, many of its tracks do not really work outside of them being part of a whole.

    Perhaps it's a sign of growing pains re the new album for both band and audience alike - is this the musical identity they will stick with for a while or will they morph again? And will audiences stay with them (their live audiences certainly will but who knows about in general)? We'll have to wait another 2-3 years now but it will be very interesting to see what direction they take after this "setback" (which to be honest, I think is vastly overblown).
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