Are CD cleaning machines recomended?

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by DK Pete, Feb 28, 2021.

  1. Doctor Fine

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    Noxon metal polish is very fine grit liquid and will help restore to playability lightly scratched discs that are troublemakers.
    I use clean toilet paper the cheap kind with no perfume in it---just nice clean paper.
    That and some Noxon does the trick for most CDs that are becoming unplayable due to too many error corrections and scratches.
    Mequires makes a real useful hand polishing kit for plastic headlights.
    It saved my 20 year old BMW headlights by removing the years of abrasion with sandpaper and then polishing the plastic to like new status.
    Some CDs won't play reliably with truly deep scratches.
    I use the Mequires on those as a last ditc h effort to revive them.
    So in my experience if a simple surface scratch is messing up the fidelity you can polish away and get it back to playable without much difficulty.
  2. DigMyGroove

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    I’ve used Meguire’s cleaner and polish on severely scratched CDs with mostly positive results. The need arose back when we were borrowing lots of CD audio books from the public library for our kids. As you can imagine, most discs were severely abused. I was usually able to get the disc back on track with a bit of effort.

    For slightly dirty thrift shop CDs, I spray on some eyeglass lense cleaner solution and lightly wipe.
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  3. Valkenburg

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    I have one of these. Bought it years ago to try and repair a scratched disc. Didn't work.

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  4. Robert Godridge

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    I have the same question, but some caviats

    I'm totally blind: Is there a machine that you pop the disc in and it cleans it automaticly?

    and, will it make ripping my 8000ish cds quicker if they've been cleaned? I don't mean the ones I myself bought new as I know they're near mint, but the second hand ones... Ripping in EAC.
  5. bamaaudio

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    Blu rays are so much easier to clean fingerprints and light debrit than cds and dvds. Without the built-in protective polish, I'm often kind of nervous to even wipe them with a new microfiber since it can still end up scratched.
  6. Carl Swanson

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    I have one of those cheap Aleratec machines I got for repairing light scratches, and the cleaning pads to a really great job, much better than my former method of alcohol spray and soft cloth.

    Repair cycle is 2 minutes, but cleaning cycle is only about 20 seconds.

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