Are Speakers Corner LPs Worth The Money?

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussions' started by Spotmaticfanatic, Jan 17, 2019.

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    No, I'd had so many problems with faulty pressings in a bunch that I felt snake bit and just stopped ordering for awhile. Another one was the Impex stereo 33.3 of Legrand Jazz had a scratchy noise maker mark. I loved both those titles but never went back in for The Clown. Recently I found a nice OG 6-eye of Legrand Jazz so I feel OK with it and probably won't pursue another Impex.

    Good news is the last 2 new LP's I received were perfect, both Blue Note Tone Poets,Kenny Burrell and Wayne Shorter ETC.

    How about you? Did you get a replacement on The Clown?
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    I am really happy with the last several SC titles I got, mastered by Kevin Gray, they sound great. Only issue I had was with the Roach/Hasaan title that has a bad piano that was used in the recording, but other than the issue with the piano, the record sounds really good otherwise. Just not an album I would want to listen to in my sweet spot though.

    I had issues with the Impex "Legrand Jazz" 33 as well. So I called and spoke to the return guy, believe his name is Evan and asked if they would open up the replacement and make sure there was no issues with it before they sent it. They were very kind to do so for me and everything turned out fine...glad your recent Tone Poets were good.
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    There must be problems with the recent batch of Legrand Jazz. My copy doesn't have the issues others have reported, but I bought it some time ago, probably at least a year ago if not before.
  4. I just listened to a couple of George Benson reissues on Speakers Corner. They sound fabulous and I only wish labels like Mofi would wise up and start making authentic reproduction labels like these guys.
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