Are there plans for 50th Anniversary John Lennon / Plastic Ono Band? What should be on it?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Lynd8, Oct 27, 2019.

  1. Lynd8

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    New York
    "Imagine" gets the glory but I think I play this one more often. 2020 marks the 50th anniversary. Has their been any word on a deluxe release? If they do it, what could we expect? What do we want??

  2. Adamjames

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    There has been no word but Yoko is not in good health now and I’d think a double fantasy box set as there is so much material such as demos and outtakes so if we get anything next year I think it will be the 40th anniversary of that album and johns passing
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  3. crossroads69

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    I am a big fan of the album and play it more than any other Lennon record. So I would love to see it being celebrated.

    However, it’s 11 track album with hardly any overdubs or production. We’ve got 8 session outtakes on Anthology, another 11 on Home Tapes, 7 on Acoustic and possibly few more. So what’s left to be added as bonus content?

    Yoko could choose to do another remix like she did for Imagine. They could possibly find more outtakes but might be scraping the bottom by now. The Classic Albums documentary could be made available in HD....

    Another option is to include Yoko’s POB as well and session outtakes from that record. Add in Cold Turkey and Instant Karma sessions?
  4. slowhand1964

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    Can't wait to hear how the remasters bring out subtle nuances missing on the original version..

  5. DTK

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    Keep Power To The People and Do The Oz the hell away!
  6. :yawn:
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  7. Lynd8

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    New York
    You have some good points here. I guess I enjoy the books much that came with the "Imagine" set, I was kind of hoping for a re-release, but I do have the recordings you mention here.
    I'd kind of maybe settle for a Double Fantasy box if they included all the stuff that came out on "Milk and Honey" too. Double Fantasy already had it's "stripped" version a few years back, I still vote for POB!
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  8. sekaer

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    Bring it
  9. Lynd8

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    New York
    I guess I'm not alone in thinking they were awful for bonus tracks a few years back. I'm almost always a fan of bonus stuff, but these two were the exception. This is a very special album and those just don't fit in.
  10. TaumpyTears

    TaumpyTears Forum Resident

    Down under
    I love the Peter Cobbin remixes from 2000 except for his mix of God. The original is perfect.
  11. Arthur Pewty

    Arthur Pewty Forum Resident

    Definitely should include the 10 minute Shep Pettibone dance mix of My Mummy's Dead.
  12. Kassonica

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  13. revolution_vanderbilt

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    Well, I think they have properly reassigned those tracks to the Imagine era now as they appear on the Ultimate Imagine set. I believe there was an intentional choice made to put out the 2000 remix of Imagine sans bonus tracks on purpose because of it's stature, leaving those songs to instead get oddly placed on POB. And in the end, most of his singles, as remixed for that campaign, didn't wind up as bonus tracks at all, but instead appeared on the Working Class Hero comp.

    The full sessions for three have been bootlegged: Love, Hold On, Remember. There are also a few other outtakes and demos out there in the wild, along with a healthy serving of officially released outtakes spread over Anthology, Acoustic, and Home Tapes from the 2010 box.

    One of the highlights of the Ultimate Imagine set was hearing tracks without overdubs, just the raw performances. With POB, there isn't much to strip away. An extra guitar here, a second vocal there. Still, there are other good performances still unreleased, like the rock n roll medley (of which only a small portion, Honey Don't, has been released on Home Tapes) and things like the full version of Remember. But all in all, we've gotten a lot from this period already.
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  14. writteninwater

    writteninwater Forum Resident

    Not sure if it is the right album to release more of with. It would ruin the "all meat, no fat" concept that Lennon was so proud of to have achieved with it.
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  15. AFOS

    AFOS Forum Resident

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  16. AFOS

    AFOS Forum Resident

    Personally would also prefer a 40th anniversary edition of Double Fantasy. A limited edition CD with all Lennon tracks would be fabbo
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  17. Irish-Matti

    Irish-Matti Forum Resident

    How about just letting the album speak for itself; but releasing it only on super-premium audiophile Reel to Reel tape.
    Archival limited numbered edition of 1,000 sets.
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  18. MikeP5877

    MikeP5877 Non-essential

    I already have four copies. No more please.
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  19. joeislive

    joeislive Streets Ahead

    Was hoping for a POB “Ultimate” set similar to last years Imagine, but like others have pointed out, don’t see what else can be included that isn’t already available. They could do a new mix, which would probably seem unnecessary. But I wouldn’t at all mind a set with all the outtakes gathered in one place with a nice book like the Imagine book. That said, I’m more looking forward to a Double Fantasy set hopefully combined with Milk and Honey. Really, John’s solo catalog is small enough, they could and should do “Ultimate” editions for all of his albums.
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  20. crossroads69

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    London Town
    I love the 2002 remix, that’s how I first heard the album and it’s my go-to mix. Love the clarity on it, especially John’s vocals and the drums.

    I know there were moments such as the one in God where the mix difference didn’t go down well with many of you. However, I had never heard the original and so it’s never bothered me.

    I think Yoko likes the remixes, she’s always talked about putting John’s vocals with best clarity. So I feel an Ultimate Mix may be coming.
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  21. slowhand1964

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    Temecula, CA
    LOL! Good one sir
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  22. Dr. Robert

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    Certainly there'll be a Plastic Ono Band... Dressed Up, as was the case with Double Fantasy
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  23. These tracks are in the Imagine Ultimate box set already.
  24. classicrockguy

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    Livingston NJ
    What is going on with Yoko? Never heard any ill health stories until now ??
  25. Spencer R

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    Oxford, MS
    If I were in charge, I’d put out a 50th anniversary three-CD digipack as follows:

    CD one: John Lennon Plastic Ono Band

    CD two: Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band

    CD three: Give Peace A Chance b/w Remember Love

    Cold Turkey b/w Don’t Worry Kyoko

    Instant Karma b/w Who Has Seen The Wind

    Mother (single edit) b/w Why
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